Can Tom Watson be trusted?

Ever since Tom Watson’s question to David Cameron about “a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No. 10” , there have been people questioning his motives for raising this issue.

Some say it’s politically motivated, and he only chose Elm Guest House as he knew it would damage the Conservatives more than it would Labour. I can see why people would say that, as he’s a politician so therefore we should automatically question his motives. He also happens to be Labour’s election strategist, so it’s easy to accuse him of playing party politics and saying this is part of his strategy to damage the Tories and get Labour elected in 2015.

Personally, I don’t see how Watson could have raised several historical child abuse cases all at once. He’s faced enough resistance getting Operation Fernbridge going as it is, and Elm Guest House happens to be the one that he was given information on.

Someone claiming to be Tom Watson’s source posted this comment:

“To reassure you everything is good my end. I could not have gone to someone more 100% genuine and committed than Tom Watson . Despite his critics views he will see this through to the end and is not interested in the party politics aspect. Like the rest of us he is committed to exposing the abusers regardless of who they are which party they belong to and also to exposing who has been behind the massive establishment cover – up. Can’t give details but rest assured a small but very trusted group of us have worked behind the scenes with Tom and operation fernbridge continuously since October to progress this. It won’t stay buried this time”

I have reason to believe this person is who they say they are.

Others have attacked him for not going after other child abuse coverups that are thought to involve Labour politicians. Some of the most notorious child abuse cover-ups allegedly involving Labour politicians are Operation Ore, Cullen Inquiry, Holly Grieg, and the Islington Children’s Homes scandal. If we find out that Tom Watson was given hard evidence about these cases and failed to act on it, I would agree that his campaign could be politically motivated.

I agree that we should be sceptical of his motives, and I don’t have any evidence to prove the doubters wrong. But I do think we should give him some time before we rush to judgement.

Elm Guest House clearly needed investigating. The stories of abuse that have come out so far are horrific, and the survivors have been denied justice for 30 years. Although the only arrests so far have been ‘nobodies’, this is  no reason to presume that the VIPs won’t be arrested when they have enough evidence. Again, I’m also sceptical, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Operation Fairbank is an ongoing scoping exercise looking at other allegations of child abuse, whilst Operation Fernbridge concentrates solely on Elm Guest House. I have no information on what Fairbank is looking at, and if it turns out that none of the lines of enquiry implicate Labour politicians, then I will join the doubters and start asking questions about Tom Watson’s motives.

The main problem for me is that Tom Watson is pretty much a lone voice amongst MPs in speaking out about child abuse. We don’t have anyone else, so don’t attack the one MP who appears to be on our side. In six months, we’ll know whether Operation Fernbridge was properly investigated or yet another cover-up. We’ll also know whether Tom Watson is still talking about other child abuse scandals, or whether it’s only the cases that implicate Tories that interest him. I’d encourage people to give the man the benefit of the doubt and wait a while before passing judgement.

In the meantime, there is one thing we can do if we want justice for abused children. If you have concerns about child abuse cover-ups in your local area, write to your MP and demand that it’s investigated. If they refuse to help, tell everyone you know, get on twitter and name that MP and let the public know that they aren’t interested in investigating child abuse.

Yvette Cooper is asking for a new investigation into the Islington Children’s Homes child abuse scandal. Islington Council was Labour-controlled during the period the abuse was happening, and it was led by another Labour MP, Margaret Hodge. A new investigation could be hugely damaging to Labour, so as long as Yvette Cooper keeps campaigning for a new investigation, I think we can strike her off the list of MPs who are suspect on the issue of child abuse.

We need more MPs to speak out about child abuse scandals in their constituencies. It’s up to us to put pressure on them to do that.

  1. Nothing will come of it. Tom isn’t cut out for the job. It doesn’t matter if he is criticised or not. Nothing will change.

  2. Freddy Duder said:

    Excellent article as usual… certainly better to be optimistic and supporting than critical at this juncture~ too many naysayers erode morale and prevent the impetus required for positive change.

    Keep up the good work, progress is slow, but things are happening.

  3. leonard said:

    I don’t agree that the people so far arrested are ‘nobodies’. What you mean is they are not celebrities. Stingemore is clearly a BIG player if the allegations are true, so the idea that we should ignore them just because most people have not heard of the names is pretty daft.
    BTW, the Hollie Greig case is a hoax. It’s been debunked for months now and very effectively too. If you can bear to watch it, go to Youtube and listen to the testimonies of family members who have had their lives destroyed by the lies told by Anne Greig and Robert Green.

    • Brian said:

      Yes Hollie Greig is a hoax.
      David Icke and also Brian Gerrish (UK Column) fell for it . The latter big time!

  4. I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

    Perhaps I need to be more specific about why I believe in Tom Watson. Doubters will still not be convinced I appreciate and I can’t blame them for that. The proof will be in the pudding. In 1994 I took the identical evidence that I took to Tom Watson in October 2012 to a very respected and veteran campaigning MP in the Labour Party (then in Opposition of course ) and although I was accompanied by a very senior police officer our allegations fell in to a black hole and we received no feedback whatsoever for our request for a full scale properly resourced national investigation in to very powerful paedophiles rings. It isn’t 6 months yet since Tom took the very brave step of using a PMQ and we have a very committed full scale Police investigation with the total backing of the Met Commisioner, a very committed news agency,Exaro and social media sites like yours that will not let this die. If the brave people in the Arab world could take on dictators with tanks/machine guns by gaining strength from support on social media sites we can do it against a heavily stained establishment who despite their perceived power will crumble if the majority wake up to what has happened and demand justice. The traditional media aren’t on board for whatever reason but maybe their chance has passed too and they are too close to the establishment in the first instance. Thank you Murun for such a balanced piece on whether to trust Tom Watson

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks so much for posting this, I’m going to make this comment more prominent on the site so more people get to see it. I’d be interested to hear who the Labour MP was and whether they’re giving Tom Watson public support now. Which police force buried the investigation in 1994?

  5. Brian said:

    If Tom Watson really wanted to expose pedophiles in politics then he could start with Harriet Harman. She wants to lower the age of consent to 9 and said prosecutions on abuse should only take place if they “harmed the child”, she also wants to legalize child pornography. Andrew Marr never asked her about that did he!

    What we have here is a mass conspiracy to protect the activities of high level secret society networks that are above the politicians.

    Note: Holly Grieg is a total hoax

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