Police failed to act on evidence of “powerful paedophile ring” in 1994

A person claiming to be Tom Watson’s source for his PMQ about “a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No. 10” has been posting comments on this blog. As I’ve said before, I have reason to believe they are who they say they are. This is their most recent comment, which shows that police failed to investigate the same allegations in 1994.

Perhaps I need to be more specific about why I believe in Tom Watson. Doubters will still not be convinced I appreciate and I can’t blame them for that. The proof will be in the pudding. In 1994 I took the identical evidence that I took to Tom Watson in October 2012 to a very respected and veteran campaigning MP in the Labour Party (then in Opposition of course ) and although I was accompanied by a very senior police officer our allegations fell in to a black hole and we received no feedback whatsoever for our request for a full scale properly resourced national investigation in to very powerful paedophiles rings. It isn’t 6 months yet since Tom took the very brave step of using a PMQ and we have a very committed full scale Police investigation with the total backing of the Met Commisioner, a very committed news agency,Exaro and social media sites like yours that will not let this die. If the brave people in the Arab world could take on dictators with tanks/machine guns by gaining strength from support on social media sites we can do it against a heavily stained establishment who despite their perceived power will crumble if the majority wake up to what has happened and demand justice. The traditional media aren’t on board for whatever reason but maybe their chance has passed too and they are too close to the establishment in the first instance. Thank you Murun for such a balanced piece on whether to trust Tom Watson

They then added this clarification:

To correct you – the allegations I took to Tom Watson in 2012 and to another MP in. 1994 had nothing to do with Elm House Guest House. I wasn’t even aware of that situation until very recently like the rest of you.The police officers/forces I worked directly with or liaised with did everything in their power to secure convictions on my aspects of this scenario.

I’ve asked them who the MP was, and whether that MP is supporting Tom Watson now. I’ve also asked which police force failed to investigate the allegations in 1994. Updates to follow if more information is provided.

  1. I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

    To correct you – the allegations I took to Tom Watson in 2012 and to another MP in. 1994 had nothing to do with Elm House Guest House. I wasn’t even aware of that situation until very recently like the rest of you.The police officers/forces I worked directly with or liaised with did everything in their power to secure convictions on my aspects of this scenario.

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks. Am I right in saying that the evidence you provided is being investigated by Operation Fairbank, separate to the Fernbridge investigation on Elm Guest House?

    • chess said:

      Thank you so much for bringing this to light.

      “The police officers/forces ………did everything in their power to secure convictions on my aspects of this scenario” ….so I guess that police had tried and failed to secure convictions (regarding completely separate offences).Could you say if this information would have been in the public domain in or around 1994?

  2. murunbuch said:

    Thanks – will update blog

  3. Liz Davies said:

    I would like to draw your attention to an article in the Sunday Times 1.8.93 ‘Child abuse sex ring found’ by Richard Palmer.
    This relates to the Islington investigation.

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks Liz, I will look for that. You don’t happen to have a copy to save another visit to the archives? I’ve already got all the 1992 Evening Standard articles and will be blogging them soon.

  4. madlands said:

    I’m guessing this is someone from naypic?

  5. Liz Davies said:

    I have scanned a copy but it won’t let me paste onto your blog. I have the archive of Islington press cuttings and 8 TV news items (on dvd) . There is a full listing on my website http://www.lizdavies.net (via google) under the heading Media: Print.

    Many of my own publications also cover the Islington story although Eileen Fairweather, journalist, wrote a chapter in Geoff Hunt’s book ‘ Whistleblowing in the Social Services’ at a time (1994) when my identity as whistleblower was being kept secret. The whole story – the book- has yet to be written. I have written a fictional play based on Islington which
    Ken Loach said had to be told as truth not as fiction and he would’nt run with it for that reason.

    I would like to recommend to your followers the drama CARE by Kieran Prendiville (2000) based on the crimes against children in the North Wales children’s homes. It is excellent and follows the story of one young person into adulthood. Someone has kindly put it up on youtube ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Qn2n0fdeI

    I would like to support the comments of the anonymous source of Tom Watson’s PMQ. Everything that is said by this person is absolutely correct and authentic. It is not someone from NAYPIC. I also knew nothing about Elm Guest House at the time of the Islington investigations and I didn’t have contact with NAYPIC other than with their members in North Wales.

    If anyone wants to communicate with me about Islington my email is l.davies@londonmet.ac.uk

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks very much, I’ll check the links on your site. I’ve shared your contact details on witter for anyone with information on Islington. Will reply in full later.

      • liz davies said:

        Thanks so much for tweeting the details but I am not an investigative journalist. I am an academic and former whistleblowing social worker.

  6. gojam said:

    Hi Murun, Hi All,

    Personally, I think everyone who has been criticising Tom Watson MP online over the last few weeks should feel a little ashamed.

    From the comments here, it would appear that Islington was more of a focus than Richmond and Islington was more of a Labour mess.

    I wish others would do as Tom Watson has done and put the politics aside and concentrate on the child protection issues and corruption issues that have arisen.

  7. murunbuch said:

    Liz – apologies, I have clarified this on twitter

    • I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

      Sorry for any confusion I may have caused I have to be so careful about I say as everything I have is with operation fernbridge who we are going to have to trust to get this all out. I do. MP was Joan Lestor now dead. Police I worked with did their best but were told to stop investigating. Who or what gave these orders is subject to current Police investigation We’re all going to have to be patient This is huge could take months at minimum. Keep it alive though you are doing a fantastic job

  8. misty53 said:

    Reblogged this on NO MORE SHAME and commented:
    Its about time that more and more people wake up to the fact that all our Governments have covered up this discusting behaviour for decades!

  9. Maybe the government is working in partnerhood with the Paedophile gangsters, we know the government and the councils are bankrupt, and the peadophile mafia is bunging the government a nice £billion or two for turning a blind eye, this could be why Jimmy Savile was never convicted, because he new the royals and there government was sleeping with the devil, how Savile found out what was going on I don’t know.

  10. I think Jimmy Savile had this country by the balls.

    • Brian said:

      Try this one!

  11. Fail to act comes from instructions higher up in this sick order. Those in higher position do not want to give up power & authourity. The system is diseased, the only way to fix this is to go in & cut it out. by capital punishment.

  12. Azaelea said:

    I think, in my humble opinion, that the Masonic lodge, including the Water Rats, are mostly pedophiles as part of their Satanic worship. Because this echelon of society is largely involved in this sadistic style of religion (and that’s what it is to them) the decent people of this earth will never see justice. Why? Quite simply they have pervaded every top level of Law and Government. Those who do not participate in the “Sick Acts” pledge to conceal the evil committed and usurp the power of the Law to bring any of the real perpetrators to trial and hence their moral and proper punishment. The top politicians are all related and are also related to Royalty (distantly albeit). They are a powerhouse interconnected and if per chance a newcomer should happen along then they are soon brought under control of these sickos. Jimmy Savile was, without a shadow of a doubt, a Mossad agent and worked in conjunction with the top level of the Masons to have politicians et al brought under control vis blackmail. I wonder how many bodies are buried in the grounds at Windsor etc? We will never know because these places are protected. One thing for certain, “they” will throw a few bodies under the bus but the real evil masters will never be brought to book, such as the ex-politician that was arrested for cottaging and gave a pseudonym at the police station; he went on to become one of this country’s most pernicious PM’s.

  13. Brian said:

    David Icke fan club member?

    • Azaelea said:

      If you conduct your own research you can follow the trail- funny how what David Icke said so many years ago about this bunch of toff scumbags is now being quoted by others in the media !! I’m not a fan club member, just a researcher with a bit of nouse and not open to being brainwashed 🙂

      • Brian said:

        With conspiracy theory people believe whatever turns them on.

        ‘quoted by others in the media’ which TV station or newspaper says the Queen worships satan?

        Just because 9/11 was an inside job and the Bilderberg Group set the world’s agenda (conspiracy fact) doesn’t make the Queen a lizard! Imagine walking into a bar and saying that!

        Tony Gosling looks at the facts and is living in the real world. David Icke lives in his own dimension. Have you noticed on all his interviews on the net they all just nod and agree with him! No intelligent people have interviewed him. Just imagine David Icke with Jeremy Paxman on newsnight! I would love to see Icke on question time as we could all do with a good Laugh at the moment. Oh no that will never happen as it’s all a conspiracy.


        Yes I have been brainwashed into thinking that the Queen is human when all the time she is a blood drinking satanic reptile who wants to take over the world!

        Yes I have been brainwashed by all the worlds’ astronomers into thinking that the moon is a chunk of rock when it’s really an alien spaceship!

        Yes I have been brainwashed into thinking that Robert Green is a nut case when all the time Hollie Greig was sexually abused by paedophile gang and the police are covering it all up!

        I am a conspiracy debunker and can be contacted at briansyston@yahoo.co.uk if any one wishes to have a proper adult discussion instead of endless rubbish from the net!

        Brian W

      • Azaelea said:

        Calm down! Where did I mention the Queen? Do I believe that it goes to the foot of Buck House- Absolutely! Like I said, I conduct my own research and come to my own conclusions and if you truly believe that after the cataclysmic explosions at the site of the Twin Towers left a few passports entirely intact in amongst all of the rubble, well what can I say. Not to mention that those shown in the passports were at home in their own countries:) hmm. You words and language seem more like those of a Troll. Please do not attack me. I have my own mind and feelings and I am entitled to think and feel exactly what I want. If you do not like David Icke that’s your prerogative. But you will note that he is one of the very few that Mcalpine has not threatened to sue.

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