1. Lee said:

    Are you sure the man in the article is Savile?The article suggests this person (it doesn’t say it is a presenter) was restricted to boys, when we know Savile wasn’t restricted to boys (or, shall we say, wasn’t restricted to girls). The main rumour I’ve heard of Savile is that he was into “little girls”, that since the 60s/70s/80s.. I find it difficult to believe the heads and writers of the magazine weren’t aware of the rumour of Savile and his “little girls”.They wouldn’t ignore one gender and focus on the other, would they? Also,the person in the article doesn’t seem to have the same level of influence Savile had, and certainly Savile wouldn’t take this type of threat ligthly. he didn’t stop his activities and didn’t disappear into obscurity. IMO, it is another person, may be not a presenter and it’s no Savile.

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