1. I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

    Thank you murun for correction on my last comment. I fully appreciate how important it is to be 100% accurate with our facts.
    It was already a very long comment and I was trying to bring it to a close.
    I have been researching the facts for many years and knew that John Whittingdale became Brittan’s special adviser for the first time in 1985 a few months after Brittan was moved from the Home Office ( interesting political manoeuvre in its self given what he had been presented with ).
    I should have stated that but the point I was making that given their combined knowledge and political/ personal awareness of the seriousness of the Dickens dossier at the time, Whittingdale knowing by now that his brother was a major player in PIE and organised paedophile networks,when they joined forces,albeit in a different Department, just months after the presentation of Dickens’s allegations, I would have been surprised if it hadn’t come up in conversation given the alleged closeness of ministers and their special advisers.
    Sorry for not being more specific.
    The main issue in an argument as to why John Whittingdale is such a key person to write to and demand answers from today remains that as Chair of what has become in the last 3 years one of the most powerful weapons of an investigative Parliament he took a very active and high profile stance over other institutions failing to act in the face of a dangerous paedophile within the BBC/NHS/ guest of prime minister at Chequers for 13 years/ regular guest at Balmoral and we must demand he and his all party Committee now adopt the same exacting standards to how this obvious cover up was allowed to continue

    A starting point would be how many referrals did he make to Police/social services over 30 years when he knew ( as evidenced in letters written by Napier) that Napier was in professional contact with children and since Napier has returned to live in the family home with their mother was he aware of his contact with Sherbourne School pupils up until the Mirror featured it a few months ago

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