Hunt for revenge killer of pervert (10.1.92)

Evening Standard, 10th January 1992

IN HIS lifetime he led scores of teenage boys into the world of sordid sex.

Now police suspect a terrible vengeance has been exacted on Malcolm Raywood – the man whose exploits inspired the TV documentary Johnny Go Home.

Raywood’s savagely slashed body was found a week after he was murdered on New Year’s Eve in a half-way house for ex-offenders in Islington.

Police have appealed to London’s homosexual community for help in catching the killer of the 58-year-old man, whom neighbours claim ‘had a string of young male visitors’.

With few clues to go on, Det Supt Terry Mansbridge said: ‘There’s nothing really, except for the degree of violence used. But homosexual murders are often very violent. We could well be looking for a rent boy here.’

Raywood had a series of convictions for sordid acts against teenagers and was a prime target for a revenge attack. When jailed for three years at the Old Bailey in 1986, the judge remarked that ‘no teenage boy was sexually safe’ from him.


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