Child sex ring taught victims abuse was natural, court told (12.11.88)

The Guardian, 12th November 1988

A child sex ring abused youngsters then turned them into prostitutes, the Old Bailey heard yesterday. The children were said to have been so successfully corrupted that they believed the abuse was everyday behaviour.
Boys and girls, some only 10-years-old, were subjected to repeated sex attacks over five years, said Mr Michael Hill, QC, prosecuting.

Six men deny a total of 18 offences, including conspiracy to indecently assault young people, conspiracy to commit buggery and taking indecent photographs of children between 1982 and 1987.
Mr Hill told the jury the charges were only specimens. In some instances – including two brothers who are on trial – ‘they turned from being victims into being corrupters themselves’.

The accused are: Alan Delaney, aged 48, a cleaning company director, of Hounslow, Middlesex; Colin Peters, 45, a VAT specialist barrister, of Bayswater, west London; Victor Burnett, 43, unemployed, whose address is being witheld; Ernest Whittington, 64, a council estate orderly, of Harlesden, north-west London; Patrick Norris, 19, and Sean Norris, 18, both unemployed of Kilburn, north-west London.

Mr Hill said that in 1980 a 15-year-old boy absconded from home in Scotland
and hitch-hiked to London. Within 10 minutes or so he had been snapped up by
one of those who prowl in places like Piccadilly Circus. He rapidly became a
male prostitute and went to Peter’s flat for sex sessions.

Delaney was the trainer of a Kilburn football team for which one of his victims played. During Christmas 1981 the boy worked at Delaney’s firm as ‘others were later to do so before they were seduced by Mr Delaney’, said Mr Hill.

Mr Hill said the football player met Burnett through Delaney.

Another victim was said to have been corrupted by Whittington, who allegedly lured boys with chocolate and money for fruit machines. ‘The inevitable happened. These visits gave rise to sexual activities.’

When Peters was arrested at his flat two youths were found in bed, one of them Patrick Norris, half-brother to Sean.

The trial, expected to last until February, was adjourned until Monday. The alleged victims are to give their evidence from behind screens.

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