David Cameron, Warwick Spinks and the ‘gay witch hunt’

On 8th November 2012, at the height of the speculation surrounding the BBC’s Newsnight programme which was set to name a paedophile politician, David Cameron was confronted with a list of alleged paedophiles by Philip Schofield. This obviously caught Cameron off guard, and his resulting slip was more revealing than he intended. He said “There is a danger, if we’re not careful, that this can turn into a sort of witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay”.

This baffled the majority of viewers, who were in no doubt about the difference between ‘gay people’ who are interested in sex with other adults, and ‘paedophiles’, who are interested in abusing children.

It could be that the ‘gay witch-hunt’ remark revealed the Conservative Party’s strategy for dealing with the hugely damaging revelations that were about to come out following Tom Watson’s PMQ. UK politicians have been well aware of the Elm Guest House paedophile ring ever since the news of the police raid first broke in August 1982, and some were aware of it long before that. They are also aware of other politicians implicated in child abuse scandals which may also come to light if police officers working on Operation Fairbank and Operation Fernbridge are allowed to do their jobs without outside interference. David Cameron will be aware that Elm Guest House was visited by male politicians, and also that it advertised its services as a ‘gay sauna’. This has already been exposed as a lie by the Exaro website and the Sunday People. Elm Guest House was catering for male paedophiles masquerading as gay men, the ‘Spartacus Members Welcome’ sign used in advertising and on the front door of the guest house was a code meaning sex with children was on offer.

The roots of this situation in which paedophiles were hiding under the ‘gay rights’ banner started in the mid-1970s, when the Paedophile Information Exchange, who wanted the age of consent reduced to 4, somehow managed to infiltrate the gay rights movement, who had the wholly reasonable aim  of reducing the age of consent to 16, on equal terms with heterosexuals. On 26th August 1975, the Guardian ran this piece about the Campaign for Homosexual Equality voting to give paedophiles a bigger role in the gay rights movement.


I’m sure that the Campaign for Homosexual Equality weren’t speaking on behalf of all gay people in accepting paedophiles into the gay rights movement, and I’m also sure most were disgusted by this stance as this letter to the Observer (dated 27.4.80) demonstrates.


The gay community were well aware that Spartacus catered for paedophiles, therefore anyone visiting a guest house that advertised’Spartacus Members Welcome’  was highly likely to be a paedophile. If any more proof is needed that Spartacus was a paedophile organisation by the early 1980s, see this Guardian article from 1984, which describes Spartacus as the ‘international paedophile information network’.

My suspicion is that the Conservatives’ strategy for dealing with the fallout from Operation Fernbridge will be to place themselves as the defenders of gay rights, and accuse anyone wanting arrests of Elm Guest House paedophiles of homophobia, as the venue was allegedly a ‘gay sauna’. I sincerely hope this backfires, and judging by the reaction from the public to the ‘gay witch-hunt’ comment, I think it will. This would also explain the Conservative’s promotion of gay marriage, something which has alienated many loyal Tory voters.

There is one person who agrees with David Cameron, and that’s convicted paedophile Warwick Spinks.


  1. Liz727 said:

    What we know (and David Cameron hoped we were too stupid to) is that most paedophiles are not gay but pose as happily married men – like those in his party and ALL political parties. Bet your bottom dollar they are most certainly “all in this [one] together” if nothing else.

    That “gay witch-hunt” remark was so glaringly obvious from the minute it left his lips at to what their stance was going to be: Make it a “gay” thing so homophobia – so successfully trotted out on many other occasions to quell the masses – could be utilised once again as a cover up for this disgraceful, seedy behaviour by certain members of our governments, past and present, who DARED lay down the law and tell us what to do whilst behaving like vultures.

    No, it is most certainly NOT going to work this time.

    Especially now he has tried to equate paedophilia with being gay, even the gays are furious!

  2. Liz727 said:

    And yes, while everyone in the country was scratching their heads wondering why Cameron was pushing gay marriage so hard – the public, all the gay people I know, even his own party – it is oh-so-obvious now.

    And it still won’t work.

  3. murunbuch said:

    Very interesting, I wasn’t aware of Plummer. There’s also PIE founder Ian Campbell Dunn, who has an award named after him that’s given to Scottish MPs who champion gay rights.

  4. milo said:

    good article munch bunch!

  5. A great article- crystal-clear clarity and reasoning. Superb.

  6. “Especially now he has tried to equate paedophilia with being gay, even the gays are furious!”

    that is a good thing, the public in general has to unite and stop being taken for a ride, and bring these evil souless characters down once and for all.

  7. PAN reports that 22 CHE members backed the PIE four on trial

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