Ian Campbell Dunn: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Ian Campbell Dunn

Ian Campbell Dunn

If you read Ian Campbell Dunn’s Wikipedia page you’ll find that he was a Scottish “gay rights campaigner”. After his death in 1998, Peter Tatchell wrote his obituary in The Independent, which describes him as “a pioneer for lesbian and gay human rights, remaining a central figure in the battle for homosexual equality – in Scotland and internationally – for 30 years”. His obituary also says that he helped set up the Scottish Minorities Group, one of Britain’s earliest gay rights organistations, in 1969.

What Tatchell’s obituary and the Wikipedia page fail to mention is that Ian Campbell Dunn, along with Michael Hanson, was co-founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange. It was created as part of the Scottish Minorities Group in 1974, the following year it moved to London with a different group of people running it.

The Paedophile Information Exchange, or PIE, campaigned for the age of consent to be reduced to 4, so paedophiles could abuse children without fear of prosecution. It also ran a contacts page which acted as a front for dealing child pornography and enabled members to make contact with other paedophiles. This is how organised networks began, and partly explains how paedophiles like Peter Righton managed to infiltrate children’s homes and schools throughout the UK.

PIE member Peter Righton

PIE member Peter Righton

After PIE officially disbanded in November 1984, Ian Campbell Dunn carried on running the organisation from his Edinburgh flat. This extract is from ‘Child Pornography’ by Tim Tate (Methuen, 1990):

Dunn1Dunn2Until recently there was an award for Scottish gay rights campaigners that was named after Dunn. In 2007 there were demands that the award should be renamed after a recipient discovered that Dunn was a paedophile.

Perhaps it’s time someone edited Dunn’s Wikipedia page to give a more accurate account of his interests. We need to keep paedophiles who posed as gay people completely separate from the rest of the gay community, and it doesn’t help by being in denial about the truth. When writing Dunn’s obituary, Peter Tatchell should have taken the opportunity to distance Dunn from the gay community by being more honest about his involvement with PIE.

  1. jc said:

    The link from the wiki page to Dunn’s ‘Inside Out’ obituary in ScotsGay magazine says, ” He was also a founder member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, not because he was a paedophile, but because he believed in the rights of sexual minorities to organise politically.” Are they being serious? And that was written in 1998.

  2. Bishop Brightly said:

    So has anyone attempted to tell the truth on his wikipedia page?

    • murunbuch said:

      Not that I know of…it does need to be updated to list him as co-founder of PIE.

    • scunnerous said:

      If you check out the History page of Dunn’s Wikipedia page, you’ll find that yes, the truth was there. In March 2007, in an edit which “corrected the libel about PIE”, it was watered down to “alleged” and blamed the “tabloid newspapers” for resurrecting the “libel” on a regular basis. On April 2009 the entire paragraph was removed giving the reason that there was “no substance, no references” but, in fact, there are no references in the entire page anyway.

      Obviously the activists are active on Wikipedia but if they want references there is an article/obituary at http://www.scotsgay.co.uk/io20a/obit.html by an apparent friend and admirer of Dunn, which tells the truth . Of course there’s also no mention on the Wikipedia page of Dunn’s interest (obsession ?) in urolagnia or coprophilia nor his fight with HM Customs to be able to import pornographic materials related to scatology.

      I’m afraid that any attempt to restore the truth to the Wikipedia page, even with the above reference, will only be shouted down by the activists – that’s how it works there – and possibly the.removal from ScotsGay of the above article since the activists control it.

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