The Peter Righton Diaries

Peter Righton after his conviction for importing child pornography

Peter Righton after his conviction in 1992

The source of Tom Watson’s PMQ left a new comment on this blog earlier today. This might give an indication of the scale of abuse that Operation Fernbridge are investigating. Before the original Righton investigation was stopped in 1994, the Evening Standard described it as “one of the biggest child abuse investigations ever involving police and social services from across the country co-ordinated by Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad. They are investigating a network of gay intellectuals who are believed to have run child sex rings for decades through schools and children’s homes”.   read more

Here’s the comment in full:

The depth of Righton’s depravity and complete lack of remorse, alongside Tom O’ Carroll and Charles Napier, can be witnessed by the totally cold clinical recordings in his diaries where he listed each child at each institution he either worked at or had easy access to through other paedophiles and awarded them scores which signified how far the abuse went with each victim.
20 years on those diaries still make my blood run cold, as he should have spent most of his adult life in prison
As well as Redhill he abused boys at Ardingley College where Jon Snow was abused
The list is very long
These diaries are in the hands of Operation Fernbridge

  1. Fern bridge need to arrest and charge some people soon or the gloves come off.

  2. keeley grogan said:

    all true dirty bastoods ruined my whole life they got away with so much that was all true but made to be lies cause we was disturebed children i cant say bout anyone else but me personly was badly abused taped locked up in snug many off times this case should be re opened so me atleast can get my justice i was 7years old also goin threw amounts off sexual abuse at home then goinback to new barns and got put threw unbeleivable sexual torture and physical and mental abuse,prison is not enough you should all die a horrible painful death or spend a bit off time with me now im an adult so i can show use wat it feels like to be degraded in everyway

    • murunbuch said:

      So sorry to hear this…I hope the case is reopened and you finally get the justice you deserve.

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