MP calls for report on child brothels (14.2.86)

The Times (London), 14th February 1986

A Conservative MP yesterday called on the Home Secretary to prepare a full report on allegations of the existence of child brothels in Islington, north London.

Mr Geoffrey Dickens, MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth, said he had given Scotland Yard information.

It was now investigating claims that such brothels were being run on an estate in the Archway district, he said.

Mr Dickens said: ‘My informant, whose name I shall, of course, keep secret, has told me that some 40 children are involved.

‘He has passed on to Scotland Yard tapes purporting to depict the voices of children clearly taking part in unsavoury activities.

‘Scotland Yard has told me it is treating these allegations seriously. I hope that urgent action will be taken to stamp out this evil trade.’

For the past five years, Mr Dickens has been leading a campaign to stamp out sexual abuse of children.

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