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  1. @murun i’ve put this here as its about spartacus support for PIE..your PIE blog has the kinsey paedo stuff which confused me….oh well here goes.

    here is a text extract from P.A.N (paedo alert news-produced by spartacus ie the organisation that was connected to Elm Guest house in Rocks Lane) here you can see that spartacus had nothing but high praise for P.I.E -paedophile information exchange of which peter righton was member no51 ie the guy tom watson referred to with regard to paedos in high places of govt) peter righton->PIE->spartacus->Elm Guest house->P Bottomley (guest) V Bottomley patron of Peter Righton organisation.

    “In the last issue of PAN we published extracts from a long, thoughtful letter from Sri Lanka (PAN 9, page 27). Among other things, the anonymous author was sharply critical of the English Paedophile Information Exchange, and shortly after PAN 9 was published we received an equally thoughtful reply from one of the PIE board members objecting to this piece and confusing the position of its author with our position at PAN. It shouldn’t be necessary to say that we have a much higher regard for PIE than does the writer of this article, that we do not agree that paedophiles should identify with or adopt the psychology of criminals — although it maybe wise to study some of the precautions they take. (The last issue of PIE’s Magpie, No. 16, incidentally, although a bit thinner than its predecessors, is perhaps its very best yet and contains, as well as an up-dating of the O’Carroll trial and imprisonment, one of the most perceptive articles on the situation in Sri Lanka ever printed in the English language. It is impossible to praise too highly this remarkable and courageous publication — and another more modest news letter recently inaugurated called Contact”
    I thought the bit about criminal activity was not only deeply ironic but also taking the piss really…what do you think?

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