Sex ring leader deported (5.1.88)

The Times (London), 5th January 1988

Swiss police are standing by to arrest the organizer of an intenational child pornography ring who was jailed in Leeds yesterday for sexual offences against two young brothers and their friend aged 13.

Judge Raymond Dean, QC, gave beat Meier, aged 41, the minimum sentence and recommended his deportation at the earliest opportunity.

Meier, of Zurich, a self-appointed paedophile counsellor and the editor of Libido, a child sex magazine, was jailed for 18 months after admitting five charges of indecent asault and gross indecency and one of taking indecent photographs.

Judge Dean said at Leeds Crown Court: ‘Your continued presence in the United Kingdom would represent a serious threat to the safety and welfare of our children. This country will be well rid of you as soon as possible.’

A warrent for the arrest of Meier has been taken out by police in Switzerland where he will be charged with serious sexual offences against 12 boys and one baby in Switzerland and other countries.

His extradition, under police guard, is likely to take place within weeks as he has already been in custody for 12 months.

Judge Dean said that the offences committed against three children from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, although serious, paled into relative insignificance when comapred with those crimes allegedly committed by Meier in other countries.

Mr Robert Smith, QC, for the prosecution, said Meier first met one of the brothers while the child sat in his father’s lorry in a Dover ferry terminal car park. Meier wrote letters to the parents and visited their home.

He persuaded the parents to allow him to take the boy, aged 12, to Switzerland on holiday. No offence was committed on the first visit, but the next year both brothers were taken to Zurich, where offences took place.

The brothers’ friend became involved when Meier made one of his numerous visits to England and was allowed by the parents to take the children for short sightseeing visits which involved overnight hotel accommodation. All three children were abused.

Jehovah’s Witness church elders protected a man they knew was sexually abusing his daughters, the Central Criminal Court was told yesterday. The man aged 56, a market trader, of Wembley, northwest London, was jailed for 30 months after admitting indecent assault on his two daughters, now aged 25 and 17.

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