The Lambeth Police Station ‘Sex Chamber’

The Mirror have reported on the cover-up of an investigation of a paedophile ring in Lambeth council children’s homes. It’s suspected that the reason for the cover-up was the involvement of politicians, including at least one MP.

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There’s another reason why Scotland Yard were so keen to close the investigation down.

In November 1997 the South London Press ran a story about a ‘sex chamber’ hidden in the basement of Lambeth Police Station with bedding, a red light, and a manacle. Was Lambeth Police Station being used by the paedophile ring to abuse children and produce child pornography?


  1. Wow that is disgusting! Right under their noses too, did they know about it that’s the big question? xxx

  2. Tammy Imholt said:

    Why is this almost completely over looked? Oh yeah, money. Disgusting, horrid, shameful & evil! Every one should be out raged about this & stop turning a blind eye. The so called “top” countries are a joke to stand idlely by & let this continue. You men out there all came from a grandmother, mother, maybe have a sister & maybe even a daughter. How can you ignore this? How can you sleep @ night? How can you think that it’s not yours, so what? How dare you as an adult not do everything that you can to end this nightmare for these young girls & boys. If it’s because of money, greed / lust then you have already begun to sink to the deepest hell that awaits you.

  3. I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

    It might seem as if things have gone quiet but when the big arrests take place and there is a proper inquiry in to why the dead paedophiles like Cyril Smith and Peter Morrison and Peter Hayman were protected we have to believe that this will all come out and those responsible will be identified
    We are in the process of organising a seminar/ conference by invite only of police officers/social workers/journalists etc who were closed down in the 80’s and 90’s and would now be prepared to repeat the stories they wanted to tell
    It’s feels like it is taking for ever but we’ll get there
    Good luck for 28th

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