The Peter Righton Cover-up

Peter Righton after his conviction for importing child pornography

Peter Righton after his conviction for importing child pornography

This is the latest comment left on this blog by the source of Tom Watson’s PMQ in response to an article I posted yesterday:

I can confirm that the closed down Hereford and Worcester investigation of 1994 was re-ignited by Tom Watson’ PMQ last October.
That 1994 investigation began with the Customs/Police raid on Peter Righton’s home
Sadly 20 years on key figures like Righton have died and won’t face the justice their victims deserve
However it is some consolation that with determined policing and social media sites that we didn’t have then a lot of wrongs can now be put right
The public remain poorly informed by the mainstream media about the true extent of powerful people in child sexual abuse but I for one believe things are about to change
Although he didn’t get charged with the offences he committed at least the BBC documentary Secret Life of a Paedophile destroyed Righton’s reputation and left everyone in no doubt about what an evil individual he was – a small but important reward for what should have gone on to be a massive nationwide investigate in to the links and webs we uncovered

We still don’t know who gave the order to shut down the original police investigation. In my opinion that person is just as guilty as Peter Righton and his network of child abusers. The decision to shut it down is likely to have been taken by Michael Howard and/or Virginia Bottomley. Howard was Home Secretary at the time, with overall responsibility for policing, and Bottomley was Health Secretary, with overall responsibility for children’s homes and social work.

Since Tom Watson’s PMQ there has been almost nothing in the mainstream media on the Peter Righton investigation. Thanks to the Sunday People/Mirror, we’ve learnt that ex-PIE treasurer Charles Napier is being investigated, but that’s the only real story in the mainstream media in over 5 months. This is despite the Guardian being in possession of all the information on the Peter Righton network that was given to Operation Fairbank.

If any mainstream media outlets decide to write a story about the national scandal of an organised paedophile network preying on children in care and the subsequent cover-up, here are some links including the original BBC documentary ‘Secret Life of a Paedophile’:

Social work team claims to have found nationwide paedophile ring (3.3.94)

The Peter Righton Diaries

Silence that cloaked child sex conspiracy (27.5.94)

Shadow of the Attic (1.6.94)

An abuse of trust (24.2.94)

More links to articles on Peter Righton

  1. I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

    It would be a start if the BBC agreed to re-run at peak viewing hours The Secret Life of a Paedophile but more importantly Michael Cockerell’s 1995 documentary. If government Whips admitting they do nothing but enter it in to their Dirt Books when MP’s are caught abusing ” small boys ” doesn’t merit full investigation and front page coverage what does
    In a healthy society such coverage surely more deserving than blanket 24 hour coverage with dozens of news teams camped outside when the Queen gets admitted to hospital with the runs. That was on the front page of the national press en masse

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