1. Ivwas in the vare system 1978 to 1983 and was sexually abused

    • so so sorry

  2. I was in care system from 1978to 1983and was sexually abused . I was in wimberick hey in moreton .. derwent house in west derby liverpool

    • writing on here does help good luck girl

  3. i was physicaly and mentaly abused in st georges approved school Formby. I was made to watch a teacher rape several children..i would be beaten while this thing masterbated.himself .I saw him lift children from there beds who had just arrived and were crying .he would take them to his room and rape them.the youngest usualy that was 1963 to 66 .every single day I have a little cry I am haunted by this .cant forget that dog took away the warmth of my childhood and left the cold. if there is a hell please take him there..he would violently assault me wenever he was on duty.welling up again so thank you if anyone reads this

    • Kaz said:

      Brian honey, I feel for you.
      I too was abused in care. Although, by sounds of it, nowhere near as bad as you were.
      If you want to talk, I can be reached via kaztgray@gmail.com or http://brynalynvictims.blogspot.co.uk/ (sorry Murun x)
      That offer is open to any survivor.
      I have spent many months tracking the progress of these sick scum through the childcare system.
      I am currently about half way through mapping out the abuse in residential childcare 1960-2000, with abusers work histories, contacts etc.
      Any further info anybody can provide will help track them down now, if they are still out there. It may help fill in some of the blanks if they aren’t.

      • thank you we went to court with this beast .during operation care .ther were about 15 of us the judge said because the witneses for him had died it wouldn’t be fair.a lad I spoke to who was in the home with me.commited suicide after I spoke to him.i feel guilty now for opening this horror for him. so sorry colin.wonder how many more have done this .bet thers hundreds,feel so sorry for these guys ..our court case was left on file.hate writing his name .henry or harry Williams.had the nickname of basher

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