1. @murun its utterly tragic reading this and seeing the reference to spartacus as being a ‘gay guide’ when in fact it wasnt at all…there were two publications PAN and SPARTACUS newsletters..well we’ve got one now, am trying to find the other,
    i see gojam has posted the bail document for haroon kaisir and the nature of the offence (disorderly house)

  2. murunbuch said:

    Spartacus was a gay guide when it started in 1969, but under John D. Stamford’s ownership it turned into a guide for paedophiles. This is confirmed by a letter to The Observer from April 1980: https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/old-ideas-about-gays-27-4-80/

    In October 1984 The Guardian refer to Spartacus as “the international paedophile information network”: https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/pie-man-legal-move-17-10-84/

    More on Spartacus here: https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/category/spartacus/

    • @murun ok , ive been going through the PAN files , it seems that deputy editor left and was replaced later on..or there was a falling out, also they acquired another distributor or company..if you are squeamish i will dig my my through them and report back with stuff i find that might help..if thats ok with you.

      • murunbuch said:

        My main problem is lack of time, so would be grateful if you can post anything interesting you find.

      • @murun ok mate i think i;m subscribed to a newspaper archive i think..btw are you on good terms with gojam..i knw theres a battle going on there all the same if we could pool resources it wouldl help maybe..

      • mataki said:

        There is an american connection. Massive paedo ring….

      • @MURUN and all..im posting this link here..on the face of it , it seems unrelated as its to do with hillsborough, however it does suggest collusion between number 10 and south yorkshire police..were they not involved with jimmy savile?


        “The documents are evidence of Thatcher’s cosy relationship with the police, especially the South Yorkshire force who were dubbed “Maggie Thatcher’s Bootboys” for their role in the 1984 miners’ strike.

        Former Home Secretary Jack Straw said: “The Thatcher government, because they needed the police to be a partisan force, particularly for the miners’ strike and other industrial troubles, created a culture of impunity in the police service.

        “They really were immune from outside influences and they thought they could rule the roost and that is what we absolutely saw in South Yorkshire.”

      • @murun and all..humble apologies for overposting ..umm came across something quite odd just now.in connection to ‘spooks’ posting dissent on activists websites etc and govt gateways..in the item it mentioned this

        gateway-202.energis.gsi.gov.uk Google: HHj Christopher Vosper

        so i did so and came across this item:


        where i am reading that the ‘predator’ was found guilty however “Judge Christopher Vosper, sitting at Swansea Crown Court, had ordered the jury to return not guilty verdicts on one charge of indecent assault with a child, between August 1983 and August 1984 and another of indecent assault between August 1988 and 1989.
        Both of those were alleged to have taken place against the same victim.
        The jury then returned two verdicts of not guilty on two charges relating to another victim, finding Sturley not guilty of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and another charge of causing or inciting the same child to engage in sexual activity.
        Judge Christopher Vosper told Sturley he would be facing a prison term when he was sentenced at a later date.
        The judge ordered a pre-sentence report to be prepared by the probation service.
        “It can’t affect the type of sentence but it might be relevant to the length of sentence,” he said”

        ummm any ideas what may or not be going on here?
        is it possible that bloggers on anti paedo blogs may be targetted by ‘unseen forces??

  3. chess said:

    This is utter tripe about MPs not having a 24 hour subsistence rate high enough to allow them to stay in decent overnight accommodation. The truth of the matter is that for civil servants, there was a higher overnight rate allowed for stays in London. I guess that some used the full allowance but others would have looked for cheaper digs – and any remaining balance would be undeclared and untaxed pocket money.
    The system changed eventually and from that time only receipted actual expenses were reimbursed.
    Now, I was a young and poorly paid civil servant in those years and if I could find clean and tidy, non-gay-brothel digs with a decent breakfast and still stay within my subsistence limit, I’m sure those clever old MPs could too.
    Unless it was their choice to stay in a cheap gay brothel and pocket the excess subs.
    They must think we’re bloody daft to believe their piffle. Some of us were there and we know they’re employing selective memory!

  4. @murun copied from aangirfan blogsite:

    Anonymous said…
    I was a postman for several years
    we deliver literally thousands of kiddie porn in brown plain envelopes, one of our postmen kepta tally of who recieved these, teachers social workers and an evangelical preacher who was famous for perversion.
    he went to the police who told the Royal mail he was about to whistleblow. several of the men watched as the two managers stuffed his locker with peoples mail, when he came in in the morning they grabbed him and said he wa sgoing to prison, he said if you do this i will tell on who gets all the boy porn trough the post, social workers even a manager here, they sacked him and no more was herad of it

    • @CHESS yes i downloaded them all a short while ago..i fw to murun, needleblog and david hencke..ive been going through them…im trying to find back copies of spartacus mag..aangirfan references then + photos of covers..ive found link to 1982 copy in respect to hong kong (lists of places in HK that are ‘safe’ to visit) the front cover fits with same type style as ones on aangirfan page..some pages on PAN have been redacted for copyright reasons..they are in PDF and html OCR plain text..

  5. look ive found more stuff on this vosper thing::


    where i am reading that this judge is handing out lighter sentences..

    “Dont be shy lets get all this out into the open.


    You are being allowed to judge child porn cases Christopher Vosper qc yet 98% of people on our poll disagree with your moral judgement on animal neglect/satisfactory farming methods which is alarming enough ! How different is your view on child pornographers to other peoples I wonder ?

    Heres your latest judgement on an EX DYFED POWYS SPECIAL POLICE OFFICER charged with assault and child pornography.
    Well he is out on bail !!!!!”

    ok lets read that walesonline case:

    “Sentencing, Judge Christopher Vosper QC said: “The offences committed between August and October 2004 carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

    “I don’t intend to deal with you as a dangerous offender but a message has to be sent out to people who may be looking to purchase material of this kind.

    “In total, there were 104 images at level four and 15 at level five showing the sadistic abuse of children.”

    Cook was jailed for four months and put on the sex offenders’ register for seven years

    Judge Vosper also disqualified him from working with children and ordered his psychiatric report be sent to the prison doctor.


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