Azimuth Trust was linked to French ‘boat schools’ paedophile ring

The Azimuth Trust was a charity that took children with special educational needs on sailing holidays off the coast of Devon and Cornwall. It was founded by Paedophile Information Exchange member Dr. Morris Fraser, and was used as a front for a paedophile ring “with international connections” to abuse boys. Naked photographs were taken of the boys which were published in the Azimuth Trust’s magazine and sold to other paedophiles.

Dr. Morris Fraser was linked to fellow PIE members Peter Righton and Charles Napier, and was part of a powerful paedophile network that preyed on vulnerable children in schools and children’s homes across the UK. The Azimuth Trust featured in the BBC documemtary about Peter Righton, ‘The Secret Life of a Paedophile‘.

Fraser and the Azimuth Trust were also “heavily linked” to Ecole en Bateau, a French ‘boat schools’ scheme that was also being run as a front for a paedophile ring. Ecole en Bateau was founded in 1969 by Leonid Kameneff. THe case eventually came to court this year after a delay of 19 years. Kameneff was found guilty of the rape and sexual assault of children under 15 years old, and was sentenced last month to 12 years in prison. The case didn’t make the UK papers, but you can read a report in French here

Apart from the obvious similarities betwen the two organisations, Dr, Morris Fraser was a child psychiatrist, and Leonid Kameneff was a child psychotherapist, and both used their professional status as a cover for abusing children. This connection between paedophiles in England and France was very likely to have been established via the Paedophile Information Exchange’s contacts page.

Dr. Morris Fraser worked as a child psychiatrist in Belfast in the 1970s at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. The Kincora Boys Home paedophile ring was operating throughout the 1970s. To date his name has never come up in connection with Kincora, but it would come as no surprise if the current police investigation found that he was involved. He was a career paedophile and had been investigated for offences against children as early as 1973, as part of a paedophile ring abusing boys in a house in New York.


  1. @murun lets not forget ted heaths sailing trips with small boys just off jersey..

  2. chess said:

    And the current court case against a former BBC (?Radio 4) presenter, due to come before crown court next month. He was also said to be part of the Azimuth Trust abuse network. It would be naive to think that these incidents are not linked, in spite of those who still maintain that there were/are no CSA networks.
    I was not aware that Fraser had been linked to the Long Island, New York case, so thanks for that extra information. He spread his tentacles wide.

    Of this unsavoury bunch, I wonder who’s still alive and would willing to cough up? Napier is said to still live in Dorset, the BBC man – who else, I wonder? Can dream, can’t I?

    • murunbuch said:

      Clifford Luton was also BBC Northern Ireland correspondent in the 70s

      • chess said:

        Small world, eh?

  3. chess said:

    Regarding links between the Azimuth Trust and this French sailing school, Ecole de Bateau, run by psychotheraist Leonid Kameneff
    Paris Match reports on March 2013 that Kameneff was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for his role in abusing youngsters who attended this school.
    He was convicted of rape and sexual abuse of minors under 15 years.
    He appears to have professed remorse

    The article refers to 3 unnamed co-accused, two of whom were sentenced to 6 and 5 years imprisonment (third was acquitted).

    ‘The penalty is similar to requisitions. On Wednesday, the Paris prosecutor’s office had requested that Leonid Kamenev was condemned 10 to 12 years in prison for the facts alleged against him, rape, attempted rape and sexual assault on children under 15 years. The verdict Friday after nearly ten hours of deliberation and the septuagenarian was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Two of his co-defendants, his second on the boat and in the alternative education project, were sentenced to six years and five years of firm prison sentence respectively. Their co-accused, a former student who was a minor at the time, was acquitted. “This is a great victory for the plaintiffs who have been waiting 19 years now. They heard the words guilty, it was their only satisfaction, “said the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Eric Morin, after the verdict.

    The trial began on March 5, and the main accused has once again admitted the facts to the nine victims, former students aged 33 to 46 years today-thirty former students boat had filed a complaint but the facts were prescribed in their cases. “I am not in a position to ask for forgiveness, said Leonid Kamenev at the bar on Friday. Forgiveness, it does not ask, it’s awards. […] I realized gradually during the trial of the suffering I caused, and I hope that this recognition will help all these men, young men, rebuild. ”
    The “family naturism”, assured Kameneff

    Leonid Kamenev had already confessed last week, according to the testimony of one of his victims: “I felt his great suffering, distress and guilt and I would like to unload. I understand everything he said, I take everything as a whole. “He had the second day of the trial, which began partial confession:” I was perhaps on the other side of the line without m ‘ accountable. I have been reprehensible actions certainly, but it was not the attraction pedophile. ”

    The septuagenarian, a former psychotherapist, had founded the school by boat in 1969. This innovative educational project aimed to discover the world of youth aged 10 to 15 years, mostly boys, while studying the “Karrek Fri.” All, spending long periods away from families in an environment as described for “libertine”. In his book “Pupils without apron,” Leonid Kameneff explained his vision of the relationship between adults and children, whom he considered “equal”, “I see no objective reason for the prohibition of sex with children. We quite violent in the name of education. Sex, it would still be more affectionate. “Nudity on the boat, Kamenev called it” family naturism, without sexual connotation. ” However, the Assize Court stated that “the pedophile attraction Leonid Kamenev was well before the school boat and events of May 1968,” says “Le Parisien”. “Rape and sexual assault committed on very young boys for more than twenty years do not fit at all in the context of an allegedly permissive era, but in the context of a deviant sexuality,” she concluded.’

  4. chess said:

    Something else I read about today regarding csa in yachting circles, HdlG in Jersey, possible links with Islington homes, is here.

    Police Officer Lenny Harper from Jersey wrote
    ‘Former Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, the senior police officer in the Haut de la Garenne abuse inquiry said, “We know from court cases and statements made to my team [during the 2008 inquiry] that children in Jersey care homes were ‘loaned out’ to members of the yachting fraternity and other prominent citizens on the pretence of recreational trips but during which they were savagely abused and often raped.

    That, and much more, is on this page

  5. gojam said:

    Hi Murun. I just found a connection for Dr Morris Fraser and Kincora. But it is very tenuous.

    Page 292 (Hardback) ‘Who Framed Colin Wallace’ by Paul Foot.

    Typed note “Some off the cuff information on TARA for the press.”

    Text concerned TARA, McGrath and Kincora.

    Hand written note at bottom of page

    * ‘Ulster’s chlidren of conflict’. New Society 15 Apr 71 (Then circled with arrow pointing at date) Dr M Fraser RUH.

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks, yes that was a book written by Fraser, I’ve found a couple of reviews of it. Also look out for the name Roderick Fraser which he sometimes used.

      • @murun i liked paul foot him and i spoke a few times..oddly enough i am trying to move home…to richmond upon that weird..i was around that area about same time the trouble was going on ..but just visiting friends..

      • The conflict. Book appears in Google book search i Also came across it as well as gojam and it made me wonder about fraser and kincorra. Its a bit uncanny do you think…

  6. Jimmy Savile would have known this lot of Azimuth paedophiles, Frazer and the rest of them. My god this is massive?! There must be a godfather type figure running the whole world paedophile rings, just one man or woman? I think the police know who this person is. But their not telling. My theory is that there are pirates involved old pirate family’s who still fly the scull&crossbones.

    • Boats in jersey Boats in holland yachting trips. Out of sight out of mind


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