1. Bishop Brightly said:

    Now that helps a lot. Big piece coming soon.

  2. chris46 said:

    You are aware that Paul Rhinehart (of RAWRO investments) real name was Nicolas Rowe, brother of John Rowe, a friend of Carol Kazir who tried to buy the Video conference suite/sauna at the guest house to run as a franchise.Rowe had told Carol he worked for MI5 and had shown her his Thames House pass. John Rowe is the “Dear John” referred to at the top of the CGHE newsletter, agreeing to pay for the advert for EGH.

    • murunbuch said:

      No, I wasn’t aware of that – thanks

      • chris46 said:

        Hi muran
        sorry about delay, just worked out how this dashboard works!! John Rowe was a close freind of the Kazirs and put them in contact with both the Monday club and Spartacus. He was a close friend of Peter Glencross and a member of PIE. His brother Nicolas ( there were 3 brothers and a sister) ran RAWRO investments Ltd which owned the infamous “Night Sauna” as well as others, also owned some gay night clubs. These were fronts for rent boy rings often involving young boys and the Night Sauna made porn videos as his brother John did in the “video conference fac ility at EGH! Most of the boys involved were in care or on the run from care.

      • chris46 said:

        hi muran
        I should have added John Rowes business partner in porn was a guy called Clive Thomas, a south african. The address given on his visa application was: 15 Tower Buildings, 26 Plein Street, Johanusburg RSA.

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