1. my dear Murun just to let you know i am still a supporter of everything you do..ok? i am on your side mate ok?
    now then i came across something quite curious..i followed it from P.A.N
    …This is the original article (yeah Brighton is mentioned..sound familiar?)

    “also from P.A.N magazine number 3 november 1979

    “BRIGHTON, ENGLAND Boy-love was a ‘hot topic’ at the coincident meetings here of the International Gay Association and England’s Campaign for Homosexual Equality on the last weekend of August. CHE, according to London’s Gay News, ‘ducked one of the most important questions of principle to come up for debate — should the law be involved at all in regulating consensual sexual acts.’ Terry Munyard introduced a motion saying, among other things, that ‘retention of criminal penalties for any kind of consensual sexual act between individuals is a totally unjustified encroachment on the rights of all persons to privacy and control over their own bodies.’ However, as boy-lovers well know, the great majority of gays is terrified that supporting any liberalization in age of consent laws, or even a reduction in the criminal penalties for their violation, will only stir up the Whitehouse-Bryant-gutter press forces against all gays. CHE executive committee member Christian Elliott was ‘outraged’ by the motion, not, apparently, on principle but on just these grounds of expediency. ‘We can’t afford to be associated with paedophiles,’ said another committee member. By a two-to-one vote of the general membership the motion was effectively killed by refering it to the EC ‘for further study’. A more positive position, however, was taken by CHE in overwhelmingly affirming that paedophiles should have a right at least to express their views on adult-child sexual relations without risking jail sentences. ***Twenty-two delegates sponsored a motion demanding that charges of ‘conspiring to corrupt public morals’ be dropped against four PIE men***.

    Ok so i checked out ”terry munyard’ ok i got this stuff…


    yep Mr Munyard is a legal beagle barrister no less…does that make you wonder?

  2. i quote form that same article:

    “Last year’s prosecution alone cost £ ½ million; and the costs of the appeal have not yet been calculated. How paranoid are the authorities in this benighted country that they spend hand over fist to persecute peaceful citizens? Terry is to be commended in his resolve to continue fighting injustice. We will continue to support his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, (which ruled in October 1997 that Britain’s unequal age of consent is unlawful).”

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