1. Bishop Brightly said:

    I think its safe to say we can drop all the Carole and harry were innocent patsies crap. They knew exactly what was going on and profited from it.

  2. @MURUN i just watched the ‘boy business’ video you uploaded to youtube. in the video it mentions ‘snuff videos’ and we are told some may have been done on boats..that reminded me of the ted heath story about him abusing boys on his yacht where it is alleged they are killed and dumped into the sea. straight after seeing the ‘boy business’ video i started to watch ‘jimmy savile paedophiles powerful documentary’ the video with bill maloney, where bill says that savile havig been connected to jersey haute de la garenne savile may have been connected to ‘snuff movies’..

    • murunbuch said:

      It’s a tricky one, the ‘snuff movies’ subject…on the one hand there have aparently never been any confirmed seizures of snuff movies, but on the other hand there’s evidence of systematic cover-ups of paedophile investigations and also child murders linked to powerful paedophile networks. These are sick people, if someone’s prepared to film a child being raped then it’s not much of a leap to think the same person would film a child being raped and murdered.

      • @MURUN warwick spinks..its alleged he knew about snuffs and possibly took part..it may not have started that way..kids die through torture by accident / or bumped off so as not to identify abusers..that leads to a convenient method of combining the two..(sick that it is)..

  3. @murun then theres poss ‘ritual’ killing / satanism (i know i would reject that except for north wales document ‘type of abuse ‘black magic’ )

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