1. @murun can you explain this please, it appears in mary moss papers re grafton close/ elm gust house.

    Forydalynclwyd Neil ? Fleur dy Lys Gwent poss link to NW care home – infamous nwales solicitor, largest practice in 2000 but didn’t rep any children. Or do they mean Ralph razor blades?

    does this suggest that elm guest house is connected to NW care homes?

  2. @murun just trying to sort out confusion re monday club/ the monday group

    This is from wiki re harvey proctor (who appears on guest list at Elm GH)

    Having welcomed Enoch Powell’s controversial speech of April 1968, Proctor became an active member of the Conservative Monday Club. He was the Club’s Assistant Director from 1969 to 1971 and a member of its Executive Council from 1983 until he stood down as an MP in 1987.[1] In 1973 he moved to purge members of the National Front from the Monday Club.

    OK.. am puzzled as NF leader appears on Elm GH list..also somewhere i read that peds were everywhere inc NF..

  3. MONDAY CLUB (tories)
    Among sitting MPs who joined the Club after the election and other elections were: *Sir Stephen McAdden (Southend East) *

    Richard Body (Holland with Boston)

    *** Peter Bottomley (Woolwich West)***

    Nicholas Budgen (Wolverhampton South West)
    Timothy Janman (Thurrock)
    Sir Ronald Russell (Wembley South)
    Lt-Col. Colin Campbell Mitchell (West Aberdeenshire)
    Rev. Martin Smyth (Belfast South)
    Robert Taylor (Croydon North West)
    Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield)
    Ann Winterton (Congleton)

  4. Matthew said:

    It would be worthwhile having a look in Bob Crossman’s papers which appear to be archived in the LSE library and the National Archives. The catalogue entry at LSE indicates there is some PIE related material there.

    • @mathew yes i also have visited the LSE archive and other places i came across material about CGHE..
      albany trust archive is another..i note that some stuff appears in closed off sections where certain permissions are needed to obtain this material..very odd indeed..

    • i found this comment on another thread

      The obvious answer is if photographic evidence exists such as in the case of the Elm Guest House. Oh I forgot. One of the officers involved in the investigation (which was disbanded one day before arrests were scheduled) checked the file in 1992 and found all the photos had been removed.
      igiveup says:
      April 4, 2013 at 5:32 pm

      You’re such a cynic Pandora – ‘removed’ (shredded accidentally)

  5. entries about peter righton exist in these archives too

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