The source of Tom Watson’s PMQ has drawn my attention to this comment he left on the Needle Blog. Although it’s easy to assume Operation Fernbridge will be yet another whitewash,
this comment from someone who actually knows what’s happening with the police operation seems to suggest otherwise:

Your last correspondent is way off the mark
He or she can come back in 6/12 months and make me eat my words if I’m wrong
The investigations being carried out against “celebrities” by Yewtree team are relatively straightforward and uncomplicated compared with what Fairbank /Fernbridge are dealing with
Trust me Tom Watson is only being discreet and bound by confidentiality sub judice rules at present
You have to realise that we are talking about over 40 years of abuse at the very highest level of British society where senior politicians and their networks have been protected at the highest level by the legal system (Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions level), the security services, senior management in the Police and press controls
This is not going to be untangled overnight
This Police team have to resist the temptation to get quick results to satisfy social media conspiracy theories etc and concentrate on doing what no one has done before i.e JOIN THE DOTS
If done properly and with the evidence really secured it will be a very historic moment and should change our society for the better for ever
Removing control from a rich and powerful elite is not an overnight success story I’m afraid

  1. I agree with this comment. From personal knowledge, Op. Fernbridge is carefully & quietly pulling together information from a remarkably diverse number of sources. That said it is VITAL for first-hand witnesses and victims to speak with the officers. Please – if you are either a witness or a victim – get in touch. You can be sure that this time you will be listened to.


  2. Len said:

    I am struggling to have this amount of optimism. To solve the problem it would take the almost complete dismantlement of most public institutions, including the police. There will never be an admittal of what has been going on as it leads directly to the highest echelon in society and has been part of their ‘customs’ for eons.

    I hope I am wrong but can anyone really see the truth coming out?

  3. chess said:

    I understand what ytou’re saying, Len but all of this is now so out there, will they ever be able to put a lid on it again? We know too much, we can’t unknow it. It all depends on us tapping away and not giving in, nor giving up.

  4. murunbuch said:

    I also understand people’s cynicism given the disgusting history of paedophile cover ups in this country, but we’ve got to keep believing that it will be dealt with this time around. There are too many people whose eyes are open and will never shut up until this is all out in the open.

  5. Outlaw said:

    Well said Murunbuch, right behind you on this as I have been since the beginning.Keep plugging away my friend 🙂

  6. Guilty of disagreeing I’m afraid.

    • I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

      Totally understand your feelings on this
      Just look at complete whitewash of latest report on Yorkshire Police/Savile
      BUT there’s enough of us to not allow these cover ups to continue if we start to believe we now have the power
      Social media outcry can be made into a really powerful force if we stick at it

  7. kaztgray said:

    and yet nobody questions why Operation Screen and Skircoat Lodge do not appear on Hansard, despite the Opertion being rather large-scale late 90’s in Calderdale,
    Could it be because Malcolm Phillips, friends with Rod Ryall, was connected to Righton and they managed to cover up the fact Phillips and Ryall were shipping kids out of Halifax to nonce havens?!

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