The Dirt Book: How the sexual abuse of children is used for political gain

In 1995, the BBC showed a Michael Cockerell documentary called Westminster’s Secret Service about the role of the chief whip, whose task it is to ensure MPs attend important debates and vote as the party leadership desires. It was revealed that the chief whip kept a little black ‘dirt book’ which contained information about MPs, and this was used as a method of political control.

Tim Fortescue, who was one of Ted Heath’s whips from 1970-73, said:

For anyone with any sense, who was in trouble, would come to the whips and tell them the truth, and say now, I’m in a jam, can you help? It might be debt, it might be…..erm……erm, a scandal involving small boys, or any kind of scandal in which, erm er, a member seemed likely to be mixed up in, they’d come and ask if we could help and if we could, we did. And we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points……., and if I mean, that sounds a pretty, pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then, he will do as we ask forever more.

In short, the chief whip would cover up any scandal, even if it involved “small boys”, child sexual abuse, child rape, whatever you want to call it. They wouldn’t report the crime to the police, although they may use their contacts with the police to make sure to make sure the matter went no further. This means that a paedophile would be the ideal candidate for promotion within the party, easily blackmailed and bought, loyalty and discretion guaranteed.

An example of how the dirt book may have been used is the case of Sir Peter Morrison, who was Conservative MP for Chester from 1974-1992, as well as being Margaret Thatcher’s Parliamentary Private Secretary. Morrison has been linked to a notorious paedophile ring that sexually abused children in North Wales care homes. Chris House, who worked as reporter for the Daily Mirror, twice received tip-offs about Morrison being caught abusing underage boys which resulted in just a police caution, but libel threats stopped the newspaper from running the story. Peter Connew, the former editor of the Sunday Mirror, said “such was the hush-up that nobody could get hold of a log of the arrest”.

Edwina Currie, who was a Conservative MP at the time, said “Peter Morrison has become the PM’s PPS. Now he’s what they call ‘a noted pederast’,’ with a liking for young boys; he admitted as much to Norman Tebbitt when he became deputy chairman of the party, but added, ‘However, I’m very discreet’ – and he must be!”

It seems possible that Morrison was given the job of PPS precisely because he was a paedophile; the party had ‘dirt’ on him so they could rely on his loyalty. Morrison was an alcoholic, famously incompetent, and often found asleep at his desk, so I can’t think of any other reasons for his promotion to PPS. Not a thought was given to the poor children who he abused, and nobody in his party went to the police to stop him committing these crimes. Edwina Currie was quite happy to save this ‘gossip’ about child rape to boost her book sales.

If an MP’s ‘indiscretions’ became too public to cover up, they were demoted or exiled to an obscure position. Mike Hames, who was head of Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Branch, talked of a raid on a brothel during which a man in pinstriped suit announced that he a cabinet minister. “That was before the end of Communism and, through a politician friend, I informed the PM, Mrs Thatcher. I noticed that the man, a junior minister, was quietly dropped later in a reshuffle.” 

Elm Guest House would have been well known to Margaret Thatcher, having been raided by 60 police and then covered up by the DPP and the Attorney General, who stopped the press from reporting on it. It is thought that at least 7 Conservative MPs were visitors to the paedophile brothel. Were any of these MPs later promoted to ministerial positions?

Ted Heath is credited with introducing the dirt book:

The most significant changes in the role of the whips appear to have taken place during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Heath as chief whip from 1956 to 1959 brought a new professionalism to the job; he was the first holder of that position to routinely attend cabinet meetings,although neither he nor his successors have been full cabinet members. More significant was the way he systematically gathered information about every member of the party, and developed the art of using this to maximum advantage. He was after all responsible for piloting the Conservative party through the Suez crisis and its turbulent aftermath. When Edward Short became Wilson’s chief whip in 1964 he found that it ‘had been the practice to keep a “dirt book” in which unsavoury personal items about members were recorded’, and he immediately ordered this to be discontinued. It is probable that such stories arose simply out of the thoroughness with which Heath and his successors had gathered information. Heath himself explained his professionalism: ‘I acted on the principle that the more you know about the people you ae speaking for, and the more they know about you and what you are being asked to do, the better.’ (extract from ‘Churchill to Major: The British Prime Ministership Since 1945’ by
Donald Shell)

So the chief whip would proactively look for ‘dirt’ on MPs, not just wait for them to get into trouble. This might explain how the child abuse campaigner Geoffrey Dickens MP was so quickly exposed for having an extra-marital affair after he named the paedophile diplomat Sir Peter Hayman.

Although the Labour chief whip, Edward Short, claims to have discontinued the dirt book system, it seems obvious that both Labour and the Liberals would have continued to use it. The Liberal MP Cyril Smith would have needed his own book given his record of child sex offences stretching from the 1960s to the late 1990s, which makes it all the more staggering that former Liberal leader David Steel claims never to have received a complaint about him. Smith, as an Elm Guest House visitor, a friend of Jimmy Savile, and an associate of both Peter Righton and Sidney Cooke, would have been impossible for the chief whip to control, as he would have been able to bring most of Westminster down with him.

Fleet Street also have their own version of the dirt book, used to exercise control over politicians. What other explanation could there be for the Sunday Times/News International not using the leaked Operation Ore list, despite there being enough VIP paedophiles on the list “to fill newspaper front pages for an entire year”?

  1. @Murun you raise an important point that an national security..since MI5 ppl plus top VIP connected to number 10 were present at Elm guest house then an issue regarding national security would be important..any claim that maggie wouldnt have known about what went on there seems absurd..btw ive posted some links to archives..Docs on P.I.E and CGHE of which membership list file is ‘closed’…still puzzled what ‘how to get money from GLC and left wing councils’ pamphlet was all about…any ideas?

  2. @murun a bod from Tory GLC name was also on Elm Guest house list..curioser and curioser..

  3. liz davies said:

    What chance did any of us have trying to expose these crimes over the years? 30 years on and I feel sick reading how so many in powerful positions were comfortable to cover up the horrors committed against children. All of us who have been struggling to protect children have been endlessly vilified but thank goodness now there are so many so determined to see the truth come out. Everyone who covered up and colluded has an opportunity to speak out now and say what really went on. We will surely listen. There are many in the Islington story and still I do not know if they were involved in abusing children or were being blackmailed / threatened or were ignorant and incompetent. Now is the time to put the record straight.

    • @liz davies there are a number of us determined to get to the bottom of all the moment i am trying to look into what happened to a 6 yr old dutch killed by paedophiles whilst making a child sex film..

  4. Well there we have it – tacit admission that that is how a system of government ‘works’ and not just in this country as this ‘model’ of parliamentary behaviours is rolled out across the world. How we were so naive to believe that the ‘Right Honourable’ Gentlemen (and Women) of Parliament were working and voting for their constituents, when it is now obvious to everyone that they vote in such a way as to benefit a particular agenda. ‘Free speech’ ? rubbish ! ‘Democracy’ pah ! and as for our government having the gall to complain about corrupt voting practices in other countries of the world !!!!
    All I can say is ‘Pot calling the Kettle Black’ !
    PS. On another note it shows that we have not really moved on from the corrupt practices of Ancient Rome, Feudal Italian Renaissance states or Elizabethan England ! How on earth do we fight these inherent wrongs ?

  5. Kittiwake said:

    Thank-you for this. It’s one of the most illuminating pieces I’ve read on this issue. There’s no reason to think they’re not still carrying on in the same way. After a time these sorts of practices become a normal part of the culture, in this case of parliament, and anyone who knows anything realises they’re implicated if it blows open. We have to show them this is not normal, and something which must be rejected by all right thinking parliamentarians. Only then will the culture change.

    • @murun i didnt know where to post this so ive put this here hope you dont mind, its something rather odd i think you will agree tell me what you think…

      Real Time detection of childrens skin on social networking sites using MARKOV random field modelling
      BV Amsterdam 2011

      security technical report..

      Quantifying paedophile activity in a large P2P system
      Vol 49 No1 2012
      Elseview Science BV Amsterdam 2013

  6. (The Independent, 1 January 1995, Stephen Ward)

    On 12 July 1964 The Mirror ran the now infamous headline “Peer and a Gangster: Yard Probe”

    “Sir Tim Bligh, the Prime Minister’s private secretary, illustrated how the rumour mill had begun to operate when he sent a note to Douglas-Home on July 18 saying he had spoken to the chief whip, who had heard from two backbench Tory MPs that “Lord Boothby and (Tom) Driberg, (a Labour MP) had been importuning males at a dog track and were involved with gangs of thugs who dispose of their money at the tracks”.

    Bligh, apparently believing the tales, said the information “has been passed on to the Home Office”, and that “the chief whip’s (Martin Redmayne) view remains that if a prosecution was impending and was being held up, it should proceed”.


    “On 21 July the Home Secretary chaired a secret meeting of senior Conservatives to discuss what is now being seen as an impending crisis. At his request, the editor and reporter at the Sunday Mirror were interviewed but said nothing.

    At this stage MI5 was asked what it knew, and said it had nothing on Boothby or Kray. The chief whip said he believed there was a conspiracy between the Labour Party and the Mirror.

    Given a note about the meeting, the unworldly Douglas-Home, out of touch with the subtleties of London gossip, scribbled a note puzzling that if it is politically motivated, why is Boothby involved?”

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks for this, will try to source original Mirror article

  7. Angry Grandparent said:

    Not a thing about Hodge, Mark Trotter and so many others who were covered up in recent times, Hodge a sitting MP was laughingly (if it were anything to joke about) made the first childrens commissioner and in that role she done so much damage by over empowering social workers to protect themselves and their brood.

    33 of Britains top paedophiles escaped because of Hodge, whether her incompetence or because she was covering for her freemasonic and Rothschilds links

  8. cathyfox said:

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    Dirty Politics encourages child sexual abuse

    • Peter McKelvie said:

      We are now almost 2 years down the line from when I first contacted spotlightonabuse re. Tim Fortescue’s startling admission on prime time TV.
      We are now far better informed how many powerful Paedophiles in or linked to Parliament operated in plain sight, because they felt they were untouchable and above the law

      In the not too distant future I am confident 2 features of the Michael Cockerell documentary will be proven on the balance of probabilities and potentially beyond all reasonable doubt

      The Prime Minister alleged to have introduced the Dirt Book system will be shown to have very personal reasons to have needed a Dirt Book

      Tim Fortescue was definitely filmed in his own home not his parliamentary office for the Cockerell documentary.
      The statue over his right shoulder will prove to be very significant

  9. Daniel said:

    Ken Clarke, who currently sits in the Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio, was a government Whip between 1972 and 1974.

  10. Rusty said:

    Here is the video. The comment is around 23.40 onwards. Worth watching it all to see how corrupt our ‘democracy’ is. Rupert Allason makes an interestng statement that he couldn’t be controlled because he hadn’t partaken of any ‘foreign jaunts’. What does that mean.

  11. Daniel said:

    Also, Fortescue was a Whip between 1970 – 1973, but not the Chief Whip. The two Chief Whips of the Heath Government were Francis Pym (1970 – 1973) and Humphrey Atkins (1973 – 1974).

    • mr cohen said:

      Whips and chief whips almost always end up being “elevated” to the house of lords. £300 per day hush money. The secrets known in the house of lords surpass those known by the devil himself.

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    Everyone needs to know this!

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