1. ironic extract from P.A.N (paedo alert new produced by spartacus int) with regard to children in care..

    Americans seem to object to the dictatorial
    powers of social service agencies in
    atypical families, the English are getting
    more and more vocal in their outrage
    (P.A.N. 11, page 38; P.A.N. 14, page 29).
    Observer columnist Katherine Whitehorn
    cites one case where a Social Service
    employee wouldn’t let a mother visit her
    son in a “care” home simply because the
    social worker felt slighted over some
    missed appointments — and no explanation
    was given to the child as to why he
    had been forsaken by his parent. Children
    taken from homes and placed in “care”
    at present have no “ombudsman” to
    whom they can complain.

  2. this seems to be a running theme in the paedophile world..”uncaring parents” kids placed in care where paedo can offer these poor kids attention and affection..the reality being very very different .ie abuse,torture, rape..

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