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    In 1968 appeared the first world-reaching “Gay Guide” for gays. Inventor and publisher was John D. Stamford, an Englishman in Amsterdam. In his guide, he claimed to have been involved in the law reform of the 60s in England. In 1973 a “refounding” in Amsterdam, where he could work in the liberal climate unbehelligter for the gay thing apparently. Anyway, he seems to come from districts that have made pursuit of justice for their own homosexual interests and used those of others.

    The company Spartacus has grown up in the 80s to a remarkable small businesses and has also had imitators. Even his staff cleared him in 1986 the computer data, to draw something of my own. At this time, decided Stamford, together with the quite a few years existing gay Bruno Gmunder Verlag in Berlin . “I will travel extensively and explore the gay scene, to forward the information to Berlin.” (Spartacus 1987, p 15)

    At the time, the immune deficiency disease AIDS and its spread has been fighting an issue in this “gay bible” that needed to be printed due to the large scale on thin but firm Bible paper now.

    Thus appeared – after one year interruption – 1987 Guide on and a few years later (1994) he sold it to the publisher.

    At the beginning of Stamford had to rely on the countless tips and information to its readers in the homosexual milieu of the cities. In discreet cases there was an entry of the largest hotels in a city or of toilets, parks and beaches.

    Stamford traveled with his adopted son and friend Rhickie the year by the continents and collected listings and information at the sites. With the collected money he financed the printing and dispatch. Distributed in the world was the guide regularly from Dusseldorf, Gero sales, a heterosexual porn trading company.

    Already in 1977, Stamford complained of pirated editions. Furthermore, the fact that there is discrimination, the kind that either older homosexuals (he was a little older!), Lesbians, or even homosexuals were somewhere suddenly no longer admitted. (This is also visible that lesbians have “co-used” the gay places to part.)

    “Many readers have written to us over the past few years that they feel in certain bars as not welcome, or think certain behaviors are directed against them. Many complain loneliness, stay-bars, rude people, etc. All these people I would say that it also echoes out from the gay scene, as one called. Do not complain that the whole evening no one has spoken to you! Yourself questions rather yourself: Have you spoken with anyone? If you go to a bar to chase the sex and then come out frustrated, so you have only yourself to blame! But if you go there, to give a little of their warmth, a little love other people, you will be surprised what you will received. The more they are willing to give, the more you will receive. ” (Spartacus 1977, p 16-17) Stamford wanted to build a kind of home for gays, where the tracking and lonely come to rest and were able to meet their peers …

    But who was this “Spartacus” ? He was a Roman slave and gladiator of Thracian origin. (Wikipedia) “Plutarch writes that this Thracians had not only a strong body but also a strong mind, well educated and was intelligent, and suspected in this slave a cultured ancestry.” He struggled for several years as a leader with a respectable Annex against the Roman establishment.Because his reign and his wealth was based on military exploitation.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in the fast-paced economic development today to keep up to date the Local, meeting places and information for a “gay world” and bring them to the interested parties. The Internet has become the source for this information for many men. This “world of homosexuals” is no longer found only in the nearest major city, or in distant tolerant countries, but in most cases also in his own front door! The shame, looking to these “other doors” and then enter, is still big! The knowledge to be “the alien cuckoo” in the family, paralyzes many guys and prevents them to lead a self-determined life. The heterosexual life is also open to gays, when they urge their fellow men for acceptance! The gay world is open to all heterosexuals, because if they were no longer abuse the social discrimination as a cover for their own jammed needs! But that would be the collapse of heterosexual facade of our civilization.  

    Peter Thommen (2006/11)

    bestellung@arcados.com Here are the details for Spartacus App dt . NEW from 2012 (opens PDF)

    Supplement dated August 18, 2011

    In recent weeks, a Martin B. has approached me to “research” in terms of John Stamford to. I have quite my reservations about John Stamford and its business practices, or his private life. He is the way, died of a heart attack during a criminal proceeding in Holland in prison. So you can discuss the resume Stamford quite critical, which is also reflected in my text above.

    As I can see on the “Search” work of Martin B., but its results are used to personally hew to the publisher and Bruno Gmunder. 

    Also on gay establishments there is a lot to criticize. , but I refrain from any personal vendettas! 

    It has become customary , the gays not basically to “shake”, this one digs into some “pedophile” pasts to dismantle persons or entities. The alleged child protection and moral finger debunked but whenever ago factual information about homosexuality – especially to children – be warned. (See election campaign in Berlin, 2011) 

    It is the ignorance of children and young people about homosexuality (concerns that many of them in verschiedentlichem dimensions, no matter how they are oriented or) is the basis for sexual heteronomy and assaults. 

    Interestingly, it is mostly to protect society and children against “homosexuality / pedophilia”. But the gay guys nobody protects against heterosexual sexual assaults against bullying and despair, so that not a few ever take my life. (If yes virtually no pity for “the” …)   

    To be fair, it requires the information of all, so that all come to a self-determination in sexuality and even be able to communicate verbally about it. That was always the goal of emancipatory work.

    It can not be that heterosexual children and teens find themselves in their sexuality and their literature, but not gay. I have several children and youth books read lately that have been written by women, from various publishers or self-published. The only YA, where young gay men were not represented “without a torso,” appeared in Gmünd … (Davies: My view of things, 2010)   (using the findings from this reading, I will write something!)

    Interestingly, the observation that adult readers probably come under suspicion of “pedophilia”, but never the adult authors or authors who probably should not only protect the suppression of the lower abdomen in front of it …

    10 years ago, I am at my store itself in a “antipädophile” campaign of the “Observer magazine” advised. Furthermore I will soon write more detail.

    This type of “work-up” will soon increase. interested I’ve been waiting on a “found” photo material of gays demos that run along minors, so you can blame the whole gay movement then, she had abused children.

    It is a failure of the gay movement as a whole, that it has the problems of society with homo / bi-sexual or gay-oriented active children and adolescents never discussed. The accusations are actually levied only against men, women / lesbians are, strangely enough, never the goal. Which brings us to a sexism that is hushed up.

    After all, we should defend ourselves against that guys always thrown in the box with the girls and especially protected as possible, rather than to be elucidated.

    Sexual activity by age 18 and over with children under the age of 16 is punishable (in Switzerland impunity applies to an age difference of no more than 3 years below). In Switzerland, the full sexual self-determination is granted from the age of 16. But to be politically also restricted again (wife wants prostitution of 16-18 also prohibit / back)

    I must also remind you that in Switzerland from 1942-1992 officially was the age of consent for homosexual (w and m) acts in 20 years. We were all so “pedophile”. And although homosexuality was allowed from 20 years, her portrayal was officially banned until 1992.

    To conclude: to ride Whoever believes with dubious (ated) s text, photos and drawings, “antipädophile campaigns,” which dispenses well from personal resentment aware on details – such as detailed information on changing age of consent in different countries …

    Peter Thommen, gay activist and bookseller

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    John D Stanford stood trial in brighton in 1971 for sending obscene material through the post.

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