The Spartacus paedophile network was exposed by the Sunday People in February 1983

Elm Guest House adverts in Capital Gay mentioned a ‘Discount for Spartacus Members’, which is thought to have been a coded message to paedophiles which meant sex with children was on offer.

Spartacus started out as a mainstream gay organisation in 1969, but by the time John D. Stamford took over it was catering for paedophiles. This is evident from these newspaper cuttings from the 1980s:

A letter to The Observer from 1980 describing Spartacus members as ‘a minority within a minority’

A Guardian article from 1984 referring to Spartacus as “the international paedophile information network”

– The Sunday Times ran a story exposing Spartacus in 1986 called Scandal of Britons who buy young boys for £3 a night.

But the Sunday People were the first paper to run a story on Spartacus in February 1983, just eight months after the Elm Guest House raid. This makes it clearer than ever that visitors knew exactly what to expect when they went to Rocks Lane. The ‘I was there for adult gay sex’ excuse isn’t going to fool anyone.


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  1. ***Thornton, David*** Capital Gay
    Thornton, DC Ron Richmond CID suspended, now at Hammersmith,
    (were they brothers??)

    Harry Coen and ***David Thornton***, himself a sub on various titles, retired to the Côte d’Or region of Burgundy in 2005. There they pursued the gentle pastimes of writing, playing music and turning a huge cow pasture into an English garden. Their small patch of vines provided sufficient even for two well-trained thirsts.

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    I was involved with Terry dwyer back in the eighties I think I can help you with information as to what happened to him

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