‘The Brighton Beasts’

A sickening attack on a boy of six in 1983 still didn’t make Leon Brittan clamp down on the Paedophile Information Exchange, an organisation that wanted the age of consent reduced to 4 years old, and ran a ‘contact page’ so paedophiles could network across the UK and Europe.

The boy was abducted by three men and sexually assaulted, then dumped in the street. The police questioned PIE members in connection with the attack, but the crime remains unsolved to this day.

The Daily Express, which sold 2 million copies a day in 1983, backed Geoffrey Dickens in his campaign against PIE, and ran a series of front pages about the Brighton attack. Over 1 million people signed a petition demanding legislation to make paedophile groups such as PIE illegal, but Leon Brittan refused to do anything. Thatcher’s government were happy to wage war on whole communities, yet seemed unable to deal with a few hundred paedophiles. Why?

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  1. Dopey said:

    Thanks very much for all of the news reports about this sickening crime Murun.
    Almost just as sickening is the totally cold, emotionless and sneering way Frank Torey wrote about this at the time too, in a PAN newsletter.

    Frank Torey (real name Francis D Shelden, a dangerous paedophile himself and wanted by the FBI) was running PAN as “principle editor”..

    He had to say as follows:

    “The only revealed facts about the “Brighton assault” are that a certain un-named 6-year-old boy left his home for a
    local shop late in the afternoon of August 14th and was discovered ten miles away some 5 or 6 hours later missing his T-shirt and crying. He was taken to a hospital, where he was examined and released the next morning to his mother. The boy has a speech impediment. The Brightonpolice say he was abducted by three men in a car with a foreign license plate. No suspects have been arrested. Although dark hints about terrible things happening to the boy have been put into circulation by the media (the Brighton police have been surprisingly professional and non-sensationalistic), no specific allegations have ever been made, other than to claim the lad had been “sexually assaulted”, which in the case of a 6-year-old, could mean anything from puttig a hand on his shoulder with alleged sexy thoughts in mind to actual anal rape.
    The most specific claim we have seen was contained in a letter to us by Ralph Alden of London (see PAN 11, page 38 ff & P.A.N. 14, page 29 ff), long a paedophile target of the Catford police people; in questioning him as to what he was doing on the night of 14 August, Det/Insp Brown said “the assailants” had buggered the boy and pissed in his mouth. However, when one reads in the same letter that one Det/Insp Hill from the same station told a mother that he would have her children taken away from her unless she swore on the witness stand that Alden had tried to “buy” her son from her for sexual purposes (a lie, and thus perjury), one wonders what degree of confidence one should put in this story.”

    • @dopey yes i am aware of these PAN items .with regard to Ralph Alden being arrested for the brighton offence..in fact it now makes sense as ralph alden was connected with catford gay youth organisation along with Ted or Rupert Beach who is described as a very large fat man which fits description in the newspapers ..
      In fact beach appears in PAN issue again being watched by police with peter hayman
      In a public toilet

      I notice obscene publications got involved too ..ironic as ralph alden along with other PIE members were rainded by obscene publication squad .
      It now begs the question why they let alden
      Go ? His gay youth job meant he worked with police and if it was him who worked alongside steven smith at home office then that might explain how he got access at orchard lodge secure unit in anerly where he attempted to kidnap a boy from there.

      This brighton beast case seems to be have re enacred by daniel handley murderers years later ..fortunatley in this case the child survived ..

      I note the description of this crime in PAN was graphic ..something only the abusers would know ie alden and co..

  2. along with ralph alden was ted or rupert beach which fits the beergut descriptionsd very well..

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