‘The Dark Truth About Jimmy Savile’: 1983 Sun interview

This is the full Savile interview from 1983 which was mentioned in a recent story in The Sun, which told how senior aides had warned Margaret Thatcher not to give Savile a Knighthood.

“Mr Savile is a strange and complex man. He deserves high praise for the lead he offers in giving quiet background help to the sick. But he has made no attempt to deny the accounts in the press about his private life two or three years ago.”

The Sun, April 11-13 1983

Savile1 Savile2 Savile3 Savile4

  1. cassandracogno said:

    Looks like this is the article Thatcher’s aides were warning her off with when she kept asking (five times!) for Savile to be knighted?

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