1. Paisnel, a respected building contractor who died in 1994, terrorised the island by abducting and abusing children in St Martin, where police are excavating the Haut de la Garenne, now a Youth Hostel.

    He would assault children in their bedrooms in the dead of night and threaten to kill them if they told anyone.

    A guardian of several foster children, he was obsessed with black magic and wore a rubber mask and nail-studded bracelets during his attacks.

    Known as the “Jersey Rapist” and the “Beast of Jersey”, he was caught aged 46 and found guilty of 13 counts of assault, rape and sodomy.

    He also visited the orphanage, where he was known as “Uncle Ted” and would hand out sweets and toys in order to groom unsuspecting children.

    Police searching seven sites at the site where the remains of a child were found said they were focusing on a bricked-up cellar.

    But they said there is “no evidence” at this stage to link him with the Youth Hostel remains or a suspected paedophile ring at the centre of the investigation.

    Detectives said a sniffer dog specially trained to locate human remains had identified a number of hotspots at the cellar within the former care home.

    Officers were alerted to the site, which also used to be an orphanage, after a child abuse investigation was launched last November with allegations dating back to the 1960s.

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