1. I was in Langton House from 1983-1987 to which drugs were given out like sweets weather or not the resident wanted them.
    Over the years there has been 4 police investigations and each was dropped like a stone.including the latest started in 2011.
    In 1991 Rosie Barns MP went to the house of commons requesting for the residents to give evidence into treatment such as abuse.
    Virginia Bottomley stated there are no plans for any investigation.
    It is believed that this decision was in an attempt to silence the victims therefore no police investigation could take place.
    I have been brought up to believe that if someone hurts you then you can turn for help but clearly not in the case as she was the minister of health therefore wanted to protect AMI Healthcare and their staff

  2. Owen said:

    langtonhouse2013, I guess that you are the author of langtonhouse2013 blog. The blog’s a bit difficult to navigate but I found a lot of very disturbing background information about the physical, sexual and mental abuse of children and adolescents at Langton House while it was operated by the AMI Healthcare company that led to Rosie Barnes’s request to Virginia Bottomley, the Secretary of State for Health. There are also mentions of the improper administration of dangerously high levels of medication by inadequately qualified and supervised staff.

    In 1989 NAYPIC carried out an investigation on the basis of complaints of abuse it received but AMI Healthcare ignored the findings.

    In January 2014 a petition was started at the GoPetition site challenging Virginia Bottomley’s decision to refuse and not refer the allegations to the police. It referred to the failure of AMI Healthcare to record complaints of abuse and the failure of the police to follow up numerous reports. The main aim of the petition was to challenge Virginia Bottomley refusal of an inquiry and to urge for the victims to have the opportunity to give evidence so that the abusers could be brought to justice.


    It sounds as though the failures of AMI, Bottomley, the Department of Health and the police would bring Langton House within the scope of the Goddard CSA Inquiry. Hopefully that will provide some explanation for the ongoing lack of accountability of AMI and ts successors, BMI Healthcare and
    General Healthcare Group.

    Simon Collier, who was the director of Langton House, continued to work for AMI and its successor companies after Langton House closed, becoming BMI’s Legal Officer and eventually the Group Chief Executive Officer until he resigned in 1913. According to the information at http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Stephen-Collier/648877356 he worked extensively with the Department of Health on the framing of care standards and was a member of the National Patient Safety Forum.

    Given the way BMI has become responsible for a very large chunk of NHS provision it’s impoprtant that the history of medical abuse at Langton House is cleared up and along with it the allegations that medication was used as a punishment and a threat and perhaps as an accessory to child sexual abuse.

    • I am the author of langtonhouse2013 as well as the owner of the petition.
      Stevens story is based upon my true account of the abuse I received and what I had witnessed.
      I can only apologise to the fact that my site is hard to navigate as this is due to WordPress always updating its services.

      • Owen said:

        langtonhouse2013, apologies, I wasn’t meaning the navigation comment to be a personal criticism, just that without a timeline of posts in the sidebar it’s a bit hard to get to posts from Home.

        The story of Langton House under AMI operation sounds horrific. It’s difficult to understand how the Department of Health could have failed to act after being informed of such extensive improper administration of medicines to children and adolescents.

        In the last properly LH-related posting on The Needle blog on 10.8.2013 Chris Fay reported that Dorset police would be carrying out an investigation into criminal allegations allegations of historic abuse at Langton House, which he suggested might be the last chance to finally achieve some justice. Did anything come of this investigation or is it still ongoing? Your posting of the Petition suggests that nothing much resulted from this investigation.

  3. Owen said:

    The Needle blog carried various posts about Langton House. Mary Moss and Chris Fay’s NAYPIC report “The Therapy of Fear” is at https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/greenwich/the-therapy-of-fear-a-report-on-complaints-received-by-naypic-from-young-people-in-adolescent-psychiatric-units/

    Other posts by Chris Fay are at
    https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/laqngton-house-the-true-story/ – “Langton House: the true story”
    https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/langton-house-a-tale-of-international-corporate-greed/ – “Langton House: a tale of international corporate greed”

    “Steven”, a former resident, posts at
    “Langton House – Steven’s story”
    with discussion/argument in the Comments sections

    The various Langton House-related posts at The Needle can be called up at https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/?s=Langton+House

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