Southwark Council and Bryn Alyn

Why were the London Borough of Southwark forcing children in their care to relocate to the Bryn Alyn home, 200 miles away in Wrexham, North Wales?

And why did Dennis Simpson, Southwark’s Director of Social Services, think it was “a suitable placement” despite allegations of an assault on a Southwark child by a member of Bryn Alyn staff?

Southwark Council spent £369,000 on placements at Bryn Alyn in 1984/85. Were there really no  suitable options closer to Southwark? Perhaps homes that weren’t infested with paedophile care workers?

Someone needs to put in an FOI request on the minutes of Southwark Council’s Social Services Committee from 1985 to find the outcome of the ‘joint investigation’ between Southwark and Bryn Alyn.

Social Work Today, 1st July 1985


  1. the girl who was in bryn alyen put in by southwark council said:

    it was pure hell to be removed from abuse to be sent in to a whole level of around the clock , abuse and thats what they said was safe , i begged my soilcal worker to get me out of there im talking hell on earth

    • the girl who was in bryn alyen put in by southwark council said:

      i have only just noticed the hollies underneath thats wer i got put after and wer wilson atacked me

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