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This nasty piece of paedophile propaganda was written by social work consultant Peter Righton, and was published by the influential Social Work Today magazine on 15th February 1977. Righton uses the column to set out his stall, if not as a paedophile then as someone who sympathises with them, and to propagate the lie that child sexual abuse is beneficial to the child. Unbelievably this article didn’t damage his reputation, he continued to be a successful and highly respected social work consultant until his arrest for importing images of child abuse in 1992.

How many ‘like-minded individuals’ (i.e. paedophiles) connected with Righton having read this article? Righton secretly established a paedophile network that preyed on children in schools and children’s homes across the UK. The original police investigation in the early 90s was closed down and the original evidence is now being investigated by Operation Fairbank.