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  1. [SECRET]


    those present:

    The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher MP
    Prime Minister

    The Rt Hon Wlliam Whitelaw
    Secretary of State for the Home Department

    The Rt Hon Lord Carrington
    Secretary of State for Foreign and
    Commonwealth Affairs

    The Rt Hon Sir Keith Joseph MP
    secreatary of State for Education and Science

    The Rt Hon James Prior MP
    The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

    The Rt Patrick Walker MP
    Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

    The Rt Hon George Younger MP
    Secretary of State for Scotland

    The Rt Hon Humphrey Atkins MP
    Lord Privy Seal

    The Rt John Biffen MP
    Secretary of State for Trade

    The Rt Hon Norman Fowler MP
    Secretary of State for Social Services

    The Rt Hon Baroness Young
    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

    The Rt Hon Norman Tebbit MP
    Secretary of State for Employment

    The Rt Hon Sir Goffrey Howe QC MP
    Chancellor of the Exchequer

    The Rt Hon Francis Pym MP
    Lord President of the Council

    The Rt Hon John Nott MP
    Secretary of State of Defence

    The Rt Hon Michael Heseltine MP
    Secretary of State for the Environment

    The Rt Hon Nicholas Edwards MP
    Secretary of State for Wales

    The Rt Hon Patrick Jenkln MP
    Secretary of State for Industry

    The Rt Hon David Howell MP
    Secretary of State for Transport

    The Rt Hon Leon Brittan QC MP
    Chief Secretary, Treasury

    The Rt Hon Nigel Lawson MP
    Secretary of State for Energy

    The Rt Hon Cecil Parkinson MP
    Paymaster General

    he intended to make a statement in the House of Commons that
    afternoon about the allegations of criminal sexual misconduct made
    against persons employed at or otherwise connected with the Kincora
    House boys home in Northern Ireland. The accusations now being
    investigated by the police included suggestions that security in the
    Province might have been compromised by the use of blackmail
    against those concerned. He proposed to announce that the
    Government intended to set up a public inquiry under a High Court
    judge once the police had completed their investigations into the
    alleged offences and any subsequent criminal proceedings had been
    concluded. The precise form of the judicial inquiry would be
    decided at a later date. The Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster
    Constabulary (RUC) would also invite Her Majesty’s Chief
    lnspector of Constabulary to arrange for another Chief Constable
    to investigate the handling of the affair by the RUC.

    The Cabinet Took note.

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