Early report on Kincora

This first media report on Kincora was the Irish Times 24th January 1980, this Social Work Today report was a few weeks later, although the home isn’t named in the report, it is clear they are talking about Kincora. (thanks to Lyra McKee for clarification of dates)

Social Work Today, 19th February 1980

SWT190280See also Brian Todd’s letter to Social Work Today in January 1982. Social Work Today was the in-house journal of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and the Residential Care Association (RCA).

SWT120182cMore on Brian Todd and his 1976 complaint about abuse at Kincora:

Social Work Today, 12th January 1982



  1. Lyra McKee said:

    Hey there – going to reply to your other email soon but first media report on Kincora was Irish Times 24th January 1980

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