Social Work Today and the Peter Righton letter

Social Work Today was the in-house journal of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and the Residential Care Association (RCA).

Social Work Today published dozens of columns, letters and articles by ‘child care specialist’ Peter Righton throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Righton was later exposed as being part of a network of paedophiles who abused boys in children’s homes and schools across the UK.

In 1992, when the magazine reported on Righton’s trial for illegally importing child abuse material (Boy Photo Number One and Die Sammlungej), they failed to mention his long association with Social Work Today.


The only comment they published on the case was a letter which supports Righton, attacks the trial itself as being ‘obscene’, defends the right of adults to be ‘stimulated’ by child abuse, and asserts that the trade in images of child abuse is ‘a crime without a victim’.

Why would a serious and influential social work journal print this sickening letter without any opposing views? Was Righton the only paedophile that wrote for Social Work Today, or were his views shared by members of the editorial team?

SWT270892The author of the letter, Dudley Cave, was a well known ‘gay rights activist’, or more accurately judging by his letter, a ‘gay and paedophile rights activist’. Peter Tatchell wrote his obituary for the Independent in 1999 .

Tatchell also wrote an obituary for another supposed ‘gay rights activist’, Ian Campbell Dunn, who was in reality also the co-founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange. The obituary fails to mention his long career as a paedophile activist.

See also: ‘Gay rights activist’ Ian Campbell Dunn and the Paedophile Information Exchange’

  1. Mad Eyed Mordi said:

    The Peter Weiermair book of photography mentioned on the arrest report of Peter Righton is currently available via and would probably be unlikely to be prosecuted as obscenity currently. Don’t know or want to about ‘Boy Photo’ or whatever.

    Do you have any evidence whatsoever beyond ‘guilt by association’ that Dudley Cave knew what the extent of Righton’s crimes were? Would it interest you to know that many readers of this blog assume that its author is an obsessive paedophile sharing a collection of clippings of a sort known to be collected by paedophiles?

  2. Pelias said:

    @ Mad-Eyed Mordi.
    If Cave didn’t know what Righton was accused of he should have found out before ranting the way he did. He only had to read the national papers at the time and find that Righton was in possession of so much hard-core child porn that it was obvious that he was running a business. It consisted of hundreds of photographs and videos of children (usually taken from care-homes) being raped, molested and in some cases tortured. Some victims were abducted or drugged. Films were made in child brothels and imported very profitably. There were papers proving Righton ran a paedophile network right across the Continent.
    Your insulting comments about this website are beneath contempt.

  3. Pelias said:

    I have checked and there was an article about Righton’s case in the Daily Express on May 28th 1992, and many similar articles in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and other national newspapers at that time. They made it quite clear that this was not about a few still photographs of “young men” in the nude. Obscene videos featuring sexual abuse of very young boys and girls were found accidentally by customs and this led police to search Righton’s home. Cave must have known – it was a big scandal at the time.
    Most of these homosexual paedophiles are in cahoots with each other. Cave sounds a really nasty piece of work and he was probably a PIE member.

  4. Pelias said:

    Please can this website publicize the following petition against unnecessary sexualisation of young children in schools. It’s written in French but the same thing is happening in England.
    Children 3-11 don’t need this kind of thing! It’s encouraging paedophiles.

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