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    20 Minutes – March 5, 2013
    Pedophilia: The Case of Karrek Fri court

    JUSTICE – Accused of rape of minors, Leonid Kamenev, founder of the “school boat” appear from Tuesday in Paris …

    Latest news: The trial will be public. The Advocate General has requested the lifting of Tuesday morning behind closed doors and no party objected …

    One bar to another. Thirty years after the facts, the trial of the “Boat School” will open Tuesday at the Assize Court of Paris minors. The founder of the alternative school and three former crew members will appear for rape of several children in the 80s and 90s. Aboard including Karrek Ven, a fishing vessel, young children were brought to sail the seas At World’s End, called, according to the association “a liberating experience”.

    Leonid Kamenev, 76, a former psychotherapist for children, the source of voyages sail training, was imprisoned for two months in Martinique after the filing of an initial complaint in 1994. Released, he had then taken the sails, entrenched in international waters before finally being arrested in Caracas (Venezuela) in 2008. extradited to France a few months later, he was indicted for rape and sexual assaults on minors under 15 years.

    Lengthy procedure

    Thirty young people complained and said they had been sexually abused during trips that sometimes could last several years. But only ten plaintiffs were selected for the trial which opens Tuesday because of limitation. lengths procedures cost 245,000 euros to the State, convicted of “denial of justice” in February 2012.

    “There is still a little angry. But the victims have gone to something else. This is not the trial of the State, nor the time, nor justice. But the rape of children 11, 12 or 13 years. They expect nothing other than this trial be held,” said Mr. Eric Morain, counsel for the plaintiffs contacted by 20 Minutes.

    The plaintiffs want to raise the closed-door

    All the victims were minors at the time, as one of the accused, the trial will open in camera. But according to Mr. Morain, Advocate General will request a public hearing. “The plaintiffs are favorable. Even the accused was a minor should not oppose it. It will be the court to decide but behind closed doors the yacht should not find the assizes,” suggests Mr. Morain.

    For its part, Leonid Kamenev is confessed in 2008. Since then he retracted his statement and now claims to have said “what was expected of him” to get out of detention where he spent “19 months and half”, has he told AFP.

    20 Minutes – October 2, 2011
    Pedophilia: five members of the School boat referred to Juvenile Assize

    The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the hearing before the Court of Assizes of minors founder of the association L’Ecole boat and four others suspected of aggravated rape on a boat in the school years 1980 told AFP judicial source.

    Those indicted animated boat-school offering educational cruises adolescents. Leonid Kamenev was extradited from Venezuela in 2008 to be indicted and imprisoned in France. Thirty young people who participated in these cruises have reported sexual abuse committed between 1979 and 1992.

    Approximately 400 children stayed on two boats schools of the association between 1969 and 2002. Adventures adolescents “Karrek Ven” had been on a public channel broadcasts in the 1980s.

    Appeal for victims of the school boat

    You’ve heard of “Boat School”, these epics sometimes several years, youth groups accompanied by one or two adults. Leonid Kamenev, the founder of this “school” escaped an impressive number of convictions, to finally be left in peace. Other instructors were charged with dozens of victims.

    Today we are launching an appeal for witnesses to find the victims of these people. For now, it seems that this continues. Moreover, the structure “Ecole boat” still exists, as well as the “Society of Friends and Sailors Karrek Ven.”

    There were three boats, the “Karrek Ven”, the “Paladin” and “Bilbo”.

    The idea was to encourage children to “build out of their parents,” to make “autonomous” etc..

    Follow the timeline.

    1969: start of school by boat. Kameneff embarks some young

    1980: official start of the school boat

    1982: Kamenev was worried by the Justice in Coral case, a living which they said he harbored pedophile orgies where the elite of PS and “leftist intellectuals” would often visited on weekends. 340 persons were involved in the case before being bleached by one of the accusers, who was himself in prison.

    1994: First complaint by a young, while the ship is in port in Martinique. Kamenev then briefly arrested in December.

    February 1995: the file is canceled due to a procedural defect, Kamenev is released. From there it is in international waters to avoid being arrested again. It does call into countries where no legal agreement exists with France. At this time, 500 young people have already sailed with the school by boat.

    1999 – 2001: new wave of complaints across France. According to the JDD May 9, 2008, “The record is successively educated at Bordeaux, Lille and Fort-de-France in 2001. Nothing happens.” Ten educators are challenged by victims.

    2006: survey restarts after Paris was mired in Fort de France.

    May 2007: international arrest warrant against Kamenev and Bernard Poggi [1] , the second boat.

    January 31, 2008: Kamenev was arrested in Caracas and indicted for rape and sexual assaults on children under 15 years. Kamenev was finally extradited from Venezuela , where he squatted in international waters before being arrested in Caracas.

    2008: 12 victims of 27 victims are not prescribed to plaintiff. Judge Nathalie Dutartre, which investigated the case, tell the Post that “We must not make overload because things are quite complicated. This could upset the authorities. ”

    September 2009: Kamenev was released under judicial supervision. We are told it is old and good at this age may well release. Indeed, 75 years in 2012, he managed to escape justice for at least 30 years, as Papon, who was at least vaguely tried it.

    2011: 11 plaintiffs attack the state , which showed all the bad will be to investigate and condemn Kamenev and pedophiles Ecole boat. However, at that time there were already a hundred victims just for Kameneff.

    May 2011: Kamenev and four others are returned to the foundation .

    February 2012: the state is ordered to pay 245,000 euros for putting so many years to “investigate”. And condemn Kamenev, whose trial has not yet been announced.

    A victim of these pedophiles explained to Paris on December 9, 2010: “What is happening on the “Karrek Fri”? In fact, it started well before shipping. Before taking the sea, you had to attend a course on a barge on the Seine river to see if we were able to community life. There was collective sauna session to discover our bodies. At sea, some officials engaged in fondling, rape. We were encouraged to have sex with adults or us. One who refused was sidelined. It was a vicious trap. How to work this trap? Everything was done to have the feeling of belonging to a privileged community. But there was a setback. Leonid Kamenev is a brilliant manipulator. He used this liberation ideology of the child to satisfy his deviant. Justice has my logbook where I told that we suffered. I stuck the pages so that anyone coming to read.”

    In the same journal May 18, 2008 , we are told that “Many young crew told investigators ‘sneak on board atmosphere’ where the rule was ‘forced nudity’, not to mention ‘forced sexual intercourse’ between the young themselves and adults aboard the old tuna. Restored at great expense by a Breton association in 2005 ‘A ​​true pedophile fascism’ vessel, recalls Ronald Lason, who witnessed outrageous scenes and former crew aboard this ship.” Ronald Lason was shipped on Fri Karrek in 1980, when he was 13 years old. Somewhat disinterested in school, he was sent there by his parents, who had sailed with Kameneff before.

    The man explained to the newspaper that “There was clearly a highly edge pedophile atmosphere. It was even fascism for freedom Leonid Kamenev was only hers. The children had no choice but to suffer its assaults. It was a constant pressure. It was established on board a rule advocated total sexual freedom between adults and children. He refused to make any difference. But at the time, this common nudity shocked no one. The report was not even conceivable, because it was a kind of guru dear to some sixty-huitards free sexuality. One can only too easily imagine what happened during thirty years aboard the sailboat with children.” To be well seen, children should give in to Kamenev, and walking barefoot as he needed.

    Moreover, reading the doctrine of the school boat and the account given by his followers, it is understandable that some number of children were returned pronto to “maladjustment to life on board,” as they say. One can imagine what was due this “inadequacy”. In 1992, Ronald Lason reviews Kamenev once: “He told me he wanted to turn the boat and remove all cabins to make a single double bed on board where all would sleep together. I realized he had not changed.”

    Finally, you should know that this nickname libertarian spirit, but in reality was to eliminate the concept of consent of minors when an old pervert wants to rape, is still in vogue, although today they say differently.

    If, in 1985, he could be a “journalist”, Catherine Baker, to defend the merits of sexual abuse at the Coral (and elsewhere), no one would dare say today that “I do not doubt, I, Claudius Sigala and his friends have really wanted to prevent psychotic children nameless horror of institutions to which they are condemned. Why? Because they were upset by upsetting beings. Love flowing Coral, not blessed love educators “these poor creatures who are in need of affection,” but love.

    Caresses? Sexuality. Is that not the slightest difference? Sigala and quite right to say that the usual “reserve” of children’s specialists is rape. Whether to protect children, it is not against love, but against the lack of love that should arise, the non-desire, denial of affection are on this planet as much harm as the rape. And yet it is true that rape is an unspeakable torture.”

    What is impressive in this article is that Baker is not trying at all to deny the reality of sexual abuse: it’s normal for her, and it is very well. No, Coral Baker summarizes the case to a divergence of views between those who say “We love children, so we respect them” (read: pedophiles) and those who say, or rather that Baker told “Like the children, so you do not respect them.” However, no defender of children will say that a pedophile “loves” children. A pedophile is an egocentric, narcissistic, that is completely mocks the kid he wants to abuse.

    Baker also confesses his “recognition” for “Leo Kamenev,” while advocating a “love” more ambiguous on its vessels. She writes: “I am not surprised that so-called alternative schools have given taking all kinds of agitations journalistico-police in the heads. I am at least grateful to Leonid Kamenev School boat to have removed from the mouth of the infamous crispy gossips their secrets and miserable. He wants, these anti-school skiffs he has launched, tenderness, desire, love as well with adults who have embarked on this adventure with the children: “While these reports are not possible, we will remain a mixture of colony liberal holiday, new school and Construction healthy youth.” He writes that children had because of his modesty, they were “overwhelmed” and “bandaged without shame.” He tells how he had himself to learn to live sexuality less enclosed, enclosing least, it has not always been true, he has, for example, rejected the offering of a child by a stupid spoiled unable even a friendly smile, and he regrets because his “idiot” had hurt the child. At another torturing beetles, their hard crab pincers, he said too late: “We should have love together […]. But there thy prohibited. There my restraint. There is the law.”

    We make this appeal to all the victims of the Ecole boat, the crime or offense is prescribed or not.

    It’s time to connect all the information possible to, hopefully, stop this pedophile network. For most of the culprits are still at large.

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