Cameron and Clegg: Speaking with one voice to cover up child abuse

Dear Mr.Cameron and Mr.Clegg,

Thank you for your virtually identical replies to my Open Letter to Mr. Cameron and as you obviously speak with one voice I will reply to both of you.

I beg to differ with you both that the issues I raise are a matter for the Home Office.
They are issues for Government and Parliament.

I did anticipate that the response I would receive would be dismissive and derisory.

Perhaps I expected more than a 5 line response to a letter of several thousand words but I knew that it was naive of me to think that politicians would stick to their promises and honour their soundbites.

On what basis is the Home Office best placed to respond to the issues I raise.

Are you both saying that the Home Office will set up the same investigative process that was immediately set up by Parliament to look in to the behaviour of the BBC in the wake of the Savile revelations,remembering Mr. Cameron’s statements in October 2012 that ” collusion should never happen again” and ” that ALL institutions should look inwards and examine their role in past collusion and cover ups “.

Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue of why Mrs. Thatcher invited Savile to Chequers for 11 years and demanded his knighthood in the face of allegedly strong opposition from her advisers.
Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue of why Peter Morrison was knighted and allowed to achieve high office in his party despite a former Minister stating that it was well known in Government circles that he was a perderast.

Are you saying that the Home Office will address the role of the security services and allegedly fellow MP’s in blocking Police investigations in to Cyril Smith’s paedophile career.

Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue that Morrison, Smith and Savile were knighted many years after many key people in authority allegedly knew they were paedophiles.

Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue of  the statement by Chief Whip Tim Fortescue that paedophile activity by an MP was recorded in the Dirt Book and used for political leverage in the lobby rather than a referral to the Police.It is ironic now that you both feel that such issues need to be passed to the Home Office rather than address them at the highest level of Government and Parliament.
You will know that as well as my ” Open Letter ”  I wrote to you both and Ed Milliband asking you all to ” forget your political roles and act as fathers of young children, decent citizens and show the moral courage to stop the cover-ups and allow all abusers to face justice regardless of their privileged position in society “.
You have made it very clear to me how little regard you have for a person like myself whose only motivation is to ensure that the wrongs of the past are addressed by the most powerful institutions in our society, as there is now no doubt that a small minority of people within those institutions both individually and collectively have abused the most vulnerable children in our society.
Yours respectfully,
_____________ (the source of Tom Watson’s PMQ)
  1. Principle5000 said:

    A Shocking State of Affairs the Amount of Child Abuse that has Gone on.

    Evidence of a Sick Society

    I would Ban All the Evil Filth known as ” Sex Education ” for Children

    It is Perverted and Disgusting

  2. cathyfox said:

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    a matter for the home office? they have covered up child abuse for 40 years. The paedophile Information Exchange used to be run from there. The politicians are corrupted, as are the police, the secret services and the mainstream press

  3. liz davies said:

    The Home Office National Group on Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People is chaired by Damian Green MP. It was setup in July with various key partners but I am not sure who the individuals are who are involved. They have published two documents including one on the functioning of the MASH( Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs). I am not aware of the involvement of survivor groups in this Naional Group. I am not sure how I , or others with an interest, might even contribute to the work of this group in any way. Perhaps someone can clarify some of these matters for me?

  4. liz davies said:

    NAPAC are not members of the National Group. Their contribution as survivors should be central to the work of this group. I will write to the Chair and ask for them to be invited to join the group.

  5. We will be facing the Home Office’s lawyers in a hearing on 5 December. Melissa Laird was deported whilst her child is kept for adoption.

    So we’ll be able to help them join the dots between #childsnatchuk and #paedobritain – now and in the past…

    BRAVO for your most remarkable initiatives and publications once again!!!

    We’ve got “Children Placed in Foster Care” as a petition in the House of Commons, but nobody has responded yet: The Petitions Committee said that the Justice and Education Committees would, besides Government and Minister Ed Timpson, presumably…

    Nobody is accountable, nobody is responsible. Anarchy in full swing. It’s been suggested that the UK should maybe lose her seat in the UN! After all, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is in permanent breach!

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