Peter Righton and the National Children’s Bureau

After Peter Righton’s home was raided in 1992, Social Work Today printed this short report.

SWT040692It’s a strange article in that it fails to mention Righton’s long association with Social Work Today and the dozens of columns that he wrote for the magazine. Then there is the reference to ‘young men’ instead of ‘boys’, which leads the reader to assume that Righton was being persecuted for possessing videos of adult males. And the magazine seems keen to downplay the connection between the National Children’s Bureau and Righton as being “18 years ago”, and publicises the fact that the NCB were “considering” a complaint to the Press Council.

In April 1992, just two months before the article was published, John Rea Price was appointed as Director of the National Children’s Bureau, having recently resigned as Director of Islington Social Services after 20 years in post. In October 1992, not long after his departure, the Islington Children’s Homes scandal was exposed by the Evening Standard.

CC4491In 1979, John Rea Price and Peter Righton sat on the same steering committee to establish a course for training staff to work with disturbed young people. Righton went on to become governor of New Barns school working with disturbed young people, and Islington Council were one of the local authorities to place children there. New Barns school was the subject of a major child abuse investigation after Righton’s arrest.


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