1. zoompad said:

    Thank you so much for finding and posting this.

    I expect I am one of the abuse victims that has been called a liar, because my case was suddenly dropped by the police, and they didnt even have the courtesy to come round and tell me.

    It’s hard for us, because we dont have anyone to help us, just ourselves, and they all gang up to cover everything up.

    The maddest part about it, is I didn’t even want to sue anyone for any compensation anyway, all I ever wanted was to be allowed to reclaim my knackered up life, because my career chances were wrecked, and I just wanted that, and to have the same proper access to GP services ect as other non Pindown victims, because what they did in my case is put a newspaper cutting that libelled me calling me LOLITA in my medical records, and that ensured that I would be treated like vermin for years. I just wanted them to put right the wrong they had done, so I could have my life, but they wouldn’t let me have that, would they?

  2. zoompad said:

    I put about him on my own blog, but theres so many names, so many of them, I get all jumbled up with all these men, its so very very very confusing, its like a sea of names.

  3. zoompad said:
  4. murunbuch said:

    Feel free to leave as many comments as you like, there is very little information on Pindown in the public domain and it seems to have been overshadowed by other children’s homes scandals so it’s important to get it out there. Let me know if you’ve got any other news reports on Pindown that aren’t on the net.

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