1. zoompad said:

    The worst of it is, we’ve been reabused, they’ve libelled us, they called us names, they called me LOLITA, they were allowed to scrawl a headline in big black letters THEY WERE NO ANGELS, they persecuted me in the Secret Family Courts for 7 years, one of the judges was Judge John Shand, the Pindown judge, THEY ALL KNEW I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH, they persecuted me so much I ended up seriously ill in hospital (pneumonia) they wore down my health, they sent me to a Probation Officer (Joanna Simpson Blake) for abusive “therapy”, they sent me to where I was abused as a child knowing full well it would trigger panic attacks, THEY WERE GOADING ME TO COMMIT SUICIDE, THEY WANTED ME TO KILL MYSELF!

    They can’t deny they did these things, because theres too big a paper trail. Its all documented evidence, plus recordings.

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