1. zoompad said:

    It wasn’t the mid 70’s that Pindown started, because I was at Chadswell Assessment Centre when I was 14 years old in the summer, I was born in August 1958, I think I was put there before my 14th birthday which would have been in 1972, (my Social Service records and a Police Statement of when I tried to run away from being abused have been falsified to try to cover up how long I was in “care” for) I know where I spent my 14th birthday, it was on an adult mixed sex ward of St Geroges Psychiatric Hospital, Stafford, they’ve falsified my records to try to cover up how long I was in “care” because they broke the law by not letting me go to school, I had been attending a very good school before I was taken priisoner, Stafford Girl’s High School, where the current Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy was also attending at that time.

    So Pindown was going on in 1972 at least, but probably earlier than that I should think, as the box of horrible uniforms in the cupboard by the stairs looked grubby and well worn, I remember that much!

  2. zoompad said:

    I know it was summer because I remember not being cold wearing that horrible uniform, and the uniform was quite short, like a sort of tunic made out of stripy stretchy materiel, with a thin belt made of the same stuff, and if it had been winter I would have been very cold wearing it, and I wasn’t.

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