Did the British Government fund pro-paedophile propaganda?

Tom Watson recently revealed that the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a group that wanted the age of consent lowered to 4 years old, were directly funded by the Home Office. (The Mirror 21/11/13)

PIE published propaganda material seeking to ‘normalise’ sex with children, and placed it in locations including public libraries and the Citizens Advice Bureau. (Daily Express 03/09/83)

The booklet shown below, ‘Paedophilia: Some Questions and Answers’ was published by PIE in 1978 and may have been paid for by the British Government. It peddles a huge number of lies about child sexual abuse starting on the very first page…“paedophiles are often a force for social good”.

Why would any government fund a sick publication like this?

And why haven’t any other British newspapers picked up on the huge story that the British Government directly funded the Paedophile Information Exchange?

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  1. zoompad said:

    It makes me want to cry and scream reading this. How could this have been covered up?

  2. http://www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com The silent witnesses here lies the truth. The name for the charity is so true children will always be screaming for help but with the cover up over the hundreds of years when will any one take notice of the silent witnesses. Answering the help line I hear it all of the time of the cover up of the Paedophiles and yes at the top.

  3. pippakin said:

    Paedophiles worked their way into powerful places and traditionally no one wanted to believe anything can be as bad as ‘they’ say, they being the victims who its almost always said are exaggerating. Unlike the religious and I’m not taking sides politicians operate in a much more open sphere. If there was a ring connected to Westminster its leaders would have to have been very high up indeed.

    There were one or two characters, senior politicians, who left very visible politics having decided to pursue variations of political/diplomatic careers usually in Europe..

    There’s no real explanation and may never be its all hidden away perhaps some think they’ve got rid of the root. I don’t believe that but I do believe and it is good news! That its become much harder for paedophiles to be hidden in plain sight, and that is thanks to the hard work and courage of the victims.

  4. one day I hope in 2014 a documentry will be made and boy will the s– hit the fan

    • Richard. said:

      Yes Maggie, I know the pain this can cause to a Grandfather like me, who lost his ganddaughter at the age of 11 years to one such pedophile her step-father. An he got away with this murder.

  5. paul said:

    it seems our country, or maybe the whole of the western world is run by paedophiles and psychopaths. `

  6. yvette jonsson said:

    It is paedophile propaganda and it is horrible ! , how far up does this go ?

  7. Richard. said:

    There is a massif cover here in Jersey where I live, the resent child abuse scandal. A piece of childs scull that was found by Lenny Harper, was sent to Kew Gardens for examination…Why Kew Gardens? Of course, my email to Kew was ignored! When Senator Syvret was in the Royal square with the protestors, Jersey band turned up to drown out the protestors.

  8. Surely not a great surprise, especially during a period when Edward Heath was taking boys in care, selected for him by Jimmy Saville on overnight trips on his yacht. It is alleged that Heath, ousted as an East German spy, was blackmailed over his paedophile activities into joining the Common Market on Germany’s terms, which are detrimental to British interests. http://www.whale.to/c/ted_heath.html

    Then we have Kengate to consider:


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