The Peter Righton case: Recommendations that were ignored by Department of Health

This document below was written by the retired child protection expert who was the source of Tom Watson’s October 2012 PMQ about “a powerful political paedophile ring”.

It was written during the 1993 investigation into Peter Righton, a child care expert who was part of a network of paedophiles that had infiltrated children’s homes and schools across the UK. Sir William Utting, acting on behalf of the Department of Health, requested a report on the Righton case from the Director of Hereford & Worcester Social Services Department.

The report should have found its way to the Secretary of State for Health, Virginia Bottomley.

The document reproduced here: ‘A Personal Viewpoint’, gives recommendations for what should have happened to expose the national paedophile network that Righton was part of.

Instead, the  investigation was shut down, Righton died a free man, and most of his fellow abusers were never exposed and brought to justice.


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