Kincora: Yet more proof that the British Government covered up child abuse

Comment from the source of Tom Watson’s PMQ about the recently released state files on Kincora.
Belfast Telegraph 27/12/2013

BBC News 27/12/2013

Surely now questions will be asked as a matter of urgency both inside The House and by all MSM outlets

Abuse has taken place in dozens and dozens of children ‘s homes in the last 50 years 
Why would the Attorney General, The Lord Chancellor and the Minister of State hold a meeting to discuss abuse in a children’s home unless the obvious had taken place
What use is it releasing papers 30 years on if we only get half the story
It cannot be argued in the current environment that  “it is in the public interest” to keep the truth buried this time round
The public have the right to know now
The Government  note in the file re guilty men in high places and the Police being prevented from pursuing their enquiries must be challenged NOW
Interesting that the Home Secretary in 1982 was excluded from that meeting of heavyweights    –  surely relevant role for Home Secretary at that forum

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