1. Despite taking part in House of Lords’ business when police raided Janner’s home and office in December 2013, Janner was able to claim immunity from police questions due to galloping Alzheimers.

    Why did the police take so long to interview Lord Janner? Leicestershire police are endemically corrupt. From Inspector Monks to the previous Acting Chief Constable to DS McDonald and others there appears to be a mafia type control via Masonic networks and other men’s clubs.

    Despite the fact that Leicestershire police have referred cases to the IPCC I have no confidence in either the IPCC or police. There aren’t just a few rotten apples. The whole basket is a seething mess of cankerous rotten fruit. Bent coppers promote bent coppers until the whole system is beyond reparation. To give Greville Janner the opportunity to claim Alzheimers in order to avoid police questions is simply shameful.

    That there is organised child abuse by the powerful is not in doubt. More recently the powers that be are attempting to muddy the water by highlighting child abuse by the less powerful – deflecting enquiries against politicians, lawyers and judges.

    Rochdale is just a snowflake on this hulking iceberg of shame. Cyril Smith and Jimmy Saville could not have operated alone. But we are being asked to believe they were just a couple of rogues operating alone.

    Pull the other one and take enquiries of police corruption out of the hands of bent coppers and the IPCC.

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