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  1. Michael Martews said:

    The anger has been rising in Australia for many decades and govt ministers go on doing nothing whilst our adult victims suffer terribly and more babies and children keep being sexually abusedevery day!!!
    Govts and Ministers have also known about widespread organised Paedophile and Satanic ritual abuse networks going back at least to 1950s and yet remain silent allowing these networks to operate freely and continue to grow rapidly
    What has happened to ASCA ( adult survivors of child abuse) This survivors group was set by victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA and was working hard as unpaid volunteers to help victims and lobby Govts to deal with the huge SRA problem in Australia!!! Somehow this great organisation was taken over by others and given Government funding and know operates in a grand pretence and is although funded by govt totally failing to continue the extremely important work of dealing with the “root” problems of Child Abuse, which is SRA interconnected multigenerational Satanist Religion networks!!
    macpc.org.au lukesarmy.com/content/pedeop heineraffair.info/

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