Captain Birdseye pervert is jailed (22.02.94)

Daily Mirror, 22nd February 1994


  1. Troyhand said:

    I transcribed this from snippets from “My Name is Today: Children in News, Volume 4”: Butterflies, 1996 which speaks of the Azimuth Trust, Fraser and Johnson within an article about care home abuse.

    Paedophiles Infiltrate Care Homes [Page 32-3]
    The Pioneer, Lucknow, January 10, 1996
    Alasdair Palmer

    [C:2] The largest police investigation undertaken in Britain into the sexual abuse of children has led to allegations of paedophiles infiltrating four care homes for children in the north west of England. There have been more than 50 arrests, which have so far resulted in four convictions. The police are investigating whether paedophiles were able to use positions of responsibility to sexually abuse children in their care, often over a period of years.

    The inquiry suggests they may have been able to target and then infiltrate care homes under local authority control and regularly inspected by the social services. None of the abuse under investigation was uncovered by the regulatory agencies responsible for monitoring. At first, complaints made by children of sexual abuse were dismissed after investigation. It is notoriously difficult to establish who is telling the truth in such cases, particularly where they involve young children, often from disturbed backgrounds.

    The police began a new inquiry when one of the children came forward last year. Detectives then discovered more than 70 complaints.

    James Stewart’s mother believes that her son was one of those abused. “The man who abused my son destroyed his life. He destroyed him and a number of other boys in the most systematic, perverted way imaginable. All he got was a four year sentence. He will probably be out in two years. My son is gone forever.” The anger in Nollen Dean’s voice is palpable.

    Her son, James, killed himself in 1988. She has no doubt who was responsible for his death. It was the man who was supposed to look after James when he was sent to a care home operating under the authority of the local council. Last July, the individual, who cannot be named for fear of prejudicing further trails of others who worked at the home, was convicted of seven counts of sexual assault against children in his care. He was not charged with any offences.

    [C:3] James Stewart was sent home in 1980 at the age of 13 after persistent truancy. He ran away after two months. He came home and told his mother that terrible things were happening, but could not bring himself to explain what they were.

    “He just used to wash himself all the time. He kept on taking baths and showers. We teased him about it,” said Dean, who was sufficiently concerned to call the police. James told detectives he had been physically attacked, regularly woken in the night and sexually assaulted. The police were reassured by the staff, who explained that James was a disturbed child. They dropped the case in the absence of further evidence.

    Staff at the home were emphatic that it was in James’s best interest to return as soon as possible to their care. Local social services backed the judgement. James was dragged from his mother’s arms. “I can still hear him crying “Mum, mum, help me. Don’t let them take me back. Please. I tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t listen”. Once back in the school, James was kept in a locked room. In there, at night, the sexual abuse began all over again.

    Dean nearly went out of her mind. “No one would believe what James said. They just kept telling me what a good school it was, and how caring the staff were.” Eventually, Dean managed to have James moved from the school. He drifted into petty crime, ending in prison, where he killed himself. The police have identified abusers in three other care homes. But after all the usual checks and inspections, they have failed to arrest them.

    An Education officer was convicted last year on 30 counts of indecent assault and other offences against children in his care. His most recent offence was in 1994. If the allegation are true, more than 50 paedophiles abused scores of children over a period of years in homes that were supposed to protect them.

    Alex Mortimer (his name has been changed at his mother’s request) was 10 when his mother answered an advertisement for sailing holidays for young boys organised by the Azimuth Trust, a children’s charity, based in Cornwall. The holiday promised adventure and excitement, while encouraging individual responsibility and initiative. “It seemed just what Alex needed”, his mother said. She discovered that one of the three Directors of the [P:33; C:1] Azimuth Trust was Roderick Fraser, a distinguished child psychologist.

    Mortimer says Fraser conducted interviews with the boys to discover if they were suitable for the sailing trips. He said her son was an ideal candidate. She was further reassured to discover that a married couple – Michael and Liz Johnson – would be in charge. Alex went on the trip in summer 1990 and again in 1991. He was sexually abused more than 20 times by Michael Johnson.

    Johnson, a powerful personality, had indoctrinated Alex into “not telling”. The abuse was detected only when another one of his victims talked. Johnson pleaded guilty to six counts of incidents of 9 assault. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment in 1994 and is likely to be released soon. The General Medical Council asked Fraser to promise not to practice with children. Mortimer is horrified by the GMC’s attitude. “That man picked my son for that trip, knowing his fate. He saw my son in bed with Johnson. And he is supposed to be a fit member of the medical register?”

    SOURCE LINKS OF TRANSCRIPTION,+who%22&dq=%22night+and+sexually+assaulted.+The+police+were+reassured+by+the+staff,+who%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=CbLpUoyICtSqsQSKpIHwAw&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAA,+particularly+where+they+involve+young+children,+often+from+disturbed+backgrounds%22&dq=%22such+cases,+particularly+where+they+involve+young+children,+often+from+disturbed+backgrounds%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=57bpUuT3DoK3sASC_4DwAw&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAA's+voice+is+palpable%22&tbm=bks,+while+encouraging+individual+responsibility+anc+initiative%22&dq=%22promisee+adventure+and+excitement,+while+encouraging+individual+responsibility+anc+initiative%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ENHpUt64DNSlsQSGi4CwDQ&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA,+while+encouraging+individual+responsibility+anc+initiative%22&dq=%22promisee+adventure+and+excitement,+while+encouraging+individual+responsibility+anc+initiative%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ENHpUt64DNSlsQSGi4CwDQ&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA

    [Pages 33],%22+she+said%22&dq=%22arrest+a+12-year-old+boy+for+raping+a+three-year-old+girl,%22+she+said%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=XbjpUo71IebJsQTbn4LgAQ&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAA

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