Former UNICEF chief denies role in ring (28.01.88)

New Straits Times (Malaysia), 28th January 1988

BRUSSELS, Wed. – A former chief of the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund in Belgium (Unicef) denied in court yesterday his involvement in a child sex ring and said he had been unaware of a colleague’s child-pornography activities.

“I was never aware of this …,” said Jacques Verbeeck, 63, when asked in court if had known a fellow Unicef employee was developing pornographic photographs of children.

Verbeeck, director of the Belgian agency until his arrest last June, went on trial on Monday with 13 others charged with indecency and incitement to debauchery against children.

The accused, who include Michel Felu, 46, a former Unicef volunteer worker, are said to have taken part in a child sex ring, which involved pornographic photographs of children being developed at Unicef’s Brussels office.

Other defendants include parents accused of purveying their children for sexual purposes.

A group called Cries, the Centre for Research and Information on Children and Sexuality, is alleged to have provided a front for the child-abuse ring.

Felu has been accused of using the basement of Unicef’s Brussels office to develop pornographic photographs of children which were then sold.

Challenged over Felu’s testimony that Verbeeck had known he was producing these photographs, the former Unicef chief said:

“I was never aware of this and I am surprised Felu has said anything to the contrary.”

Verbeeck said he had learnt in 1986 that Felu had been prosecuted several times for paedophilia, but that he had given him steady employment to help him rehabilitate.

Verbeeck, who said he was opposed to paedophilia, said when it became clear Felu was engaged in suspicious activities he had immediately asked for him to be dismissed.

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    The Sydney Morning Herald – Mar 12, 1987
    Animal acts

    Belgian police said yesterday thye had cracked a major child sex ring which developed pornographic photographs of children in the basement of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). According to Reuter, the police said they arrested Michel Felu, 45, a member of a Belgian paedophile organisation, following a raid on the UNICEF office.

    Felu, a volunteer with UNICEF was using the basement of the building to develop the pictures of children aged between 12 and 16. The pictures were then sold. A special unit of Belgian police uncovered the network following a raid on a house in the smart Brussels suburb of Ixelles, a popular reidential area with the city’s large diplomatic community. Nine people including Felu have been arrested.

    An organisation calling itself The Centre for research and Sexuality, which operated from the address, was a front for assisting adults to have sex with children.

    Translated from French
    Le Soir – October 28, 1988 [Page 6]
    Court of Appeal of Brussels
    The former director of Unicef is acquitted but the maximum is inflicted on those of CRIES

    In its ruling Thursday, the Court of Appeal of Brussels reformed the criminal judgment rendered by the trial of pedophilia in March: relief on one side, with the acquittal of the former director of the Belgian Committee for UNICEF Jos Verbeeck and the suspension of sentence given to a mother; consternation of the others, with increased penalties for facilitators of CRIES, the “Centre for Research and Information on Childhood and Sexuality” considered a conspiracy.

    This scandal rented children, we had revealed in March 1987 after the arrest of a number of people including an employee of the Belgian office of UNICEF in Brussels and following in June with the indictment and arrest of Director of the Belgian UNICEF in Brussels, had led to the opening of the trial in January.

    On 7 March, the 55th Criminal Chamber of Brussels chaired by Ms Voorspoels sentenced to heavy prison almost all defendants involved in the case, except for the former director of the Belgian Committee for UNICEF in Brussels, Jos Verbeeck, who was sentenced to two years probation under preventive detention.

    Jean-Claude Weber, then held in France for similar crimes, was sentenced to a maximum of ten years. Philippe Carpentier, head of CRIES, the organization of which the court had said it was not an instrument of child prostitution, was sentenced to nine years. Michel Felu, formerly convicted for pedophilia, the man who took advantage of the solicitude of Jos Verbeeck organizing photo shoots porn in the basement of the Unicef-Brussels received eight years, as well as Claude Drieghe the director of the group. Also, Christian Jacque and Pierre Delporte had been sentenced to six years, Michel Decré which organized special evenings with them received five years,and Dr. Michel Mesureur got four years.

    For the other defendants, the court was less severe: three years suspended for two boy-scouts erring and repentant, one year for others including a photographer who had taken the precaution of not choosing to “models” adolescents unless over sixteen, thirty months suspension for a mom, acquittal for two others, sending a father to a psychiatrist (the man was later convicted).

    The Court of Appeal has therefore to pay the former director of UNICEF-Brussels Jos Verbeeck, 64. In its reasoning, the Court held that the accusations Felu against Jos Verbeeck and had caused his indictment is not sufficiently credible. Felu had since retracted his statements. Other evidence also involving Jos Verbeeck came from people who did not know Felu activities. As to the protection provided by Jos Verbeeck to Felu, for the purpose of re-socialization, Jos Verbeeck had explained they were passing acquaintenances at UNICEF before the scandal broke.

    With a 10 year maximum allowed, the Court of Appeal has imposed a nine-year sentence on Philippe Carpentier, head of CRIES from four years. Sentences were handed for eight years in the first instance against Michel Felu and Claude Drieghe has also been increased to ten years maximum. The six-year sentence imposed on Christian Jacque is extended to eight years, Michel Decré sees his from five to seven years.

    Confirmation of the seven-year sentence imposed in misdemeanor against a father who put his children at the disposal of Felu, against compensation, but the court did not order his immediate arrest. The wife of this man, sentenced to 30 months suspended sentence at first instance, enjoys the supension of delivery.

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    Donde Vamos

    February 6, 2013

    Pedophile network CRIES (in local UNICEF): What are they now?

    For addressing these pedophile networks that do not exist, we have already seen quickly the Dutroux case, the Var, those of Zandvoort, the English pedophile network, the “Outreau affair” … Today we will talk more about CRIES (for “Centre for Research and Information on Children and Sexuality”), a small group of pedophiles who amused themselves by making pedophiles films, particularly in the local UNICEF office in Brussels. The sentences were a minimum, and, of course, a bunch of defendants reoffended.

    The CRIES, what is it?

    The center was founded by Philippe Carpentier, a former translator at the court in Brussels, in the early 80s. At that time not so long ago when pedophiles claimed themselves as gays for “sexual freedom”, ignored that their partners were minors. Moreover, these paedo movements, in short, also wanted to lower the age of consent.

    Carpentier was a former lover of the pastor Doucé, the pedo who disappeared at the hands of the French RG in June 1990, probably because he knew almost everyone in pedophile circuits at the time.

    The CRIES was therefore a center for lobbying for the cause of paedophilia, eg trivializing the sexual act with a child who, according to them, thrive in sex with old perverts. In their language, it gives “a relationship made ​​of tenderness and sensuality which can be fulfilling for young people, whatever their age or sex, a highly positive experience, if it is lived in freedom, free from any form of coercion but also free from taboos and guilt that our society places too often on sexuality.” These guys take their fantasies for reality, and they are completely crazy: “If children fascinate us today is that we want to recover from them all the wealth of experiences of childhood, beyond our own youth.” Of course, they will say they are only responding to the advances of kids, and that if things go wrong (for them or the child), it is because the environment does not understand this “love” with children.

    All these smokescreen theories were in the CRIES review titled “Hope”. But CRIES, was mainly a distribution network for child pornography, shooting movies, photos, and for underage prostitution.

    They found 4,000 child porn pictures at various searches, but only 25 victims aged 5-16 years. Most were there with the consent of their parents, but not all. And even if we should be condemning the parents instead, as we will see, to be consistent. The case was tried in magistrate in March 1988, that is to say, as if they were misdemeanors, instead of being considered that the foundation child rape were the crimes.

    We also found 800 client names, some like the Swiss Beat Meyer, and Jean-Marc Houdmont were interviewed but many have never been disturbed, also Jean-François Makhlouf, who held a home for street children in Kathmandu. 17 people have finally appeared in 1988, before the Criminal Court, as it was felt that it was “only” indecent assault and offenses against morals on children. In other words, none of the dozen pedophiles involved would never have touched any child, although some were already recidivists.

    The media business

    17 people were tried at first. A dozen children pedophiles who traded pictures and some parents.

    Parents who have lent their children to paedos with a rare indulgence, they are deficient or belonging to the wealthy classes. And finally had no convictions.

    At trial Carpentier took 9 years sentence, Weber 10 year,s Drieghe and Felu 8 years, 6 years for Delporte, Mesureur got 4 years, but Verbeek the boss of UNICEF had taken only two years of probation, which did not prevent the daily Le Soir to qualify this sentence as “heavy”. On appeal, Verbeek was acquitted altogether. Carpentier had no chance, he picked up another year and died in prison. Drieghe and Felu took two more years, and Jacque Decré too.

    According to André Rogge, a detective hired by the Brussels commissioner, Yves Zimmer, to investigate the CRIES, the case should not continue, because Zimmer was told that some customers are very senior. Moreover, it seems that Jean-Paul Dumont, involved in the Belgian elite pedophile network, and has to his credit several murders of children, was the lawyer for some of the accused including Georges Dessy, who had finally been sent to the court.

    Claude Drieghe, who was presented as a film producer, is a recidivist. According to the indictment, the first trial in 1988, and the prosecution is always a minimum, he was accused of indecent assault (with violence or threats) to two children under 16 years of age and indecent assault on three others. It took eight years in the first instance, 10 on appeal and was released after five years.

    Olivier Ralet took a year and stay only two months of preventive suspension. It happened between the cracks because the only young people with whom we could prove a relationship were 18 years old at the relationships that have been proven. So he did not take his suspension for defilement, for photos.

    Jean Claude Weber took 10 years to trial for indecent assault with violence or threats of a minor under 16 and over 16 years (7 official victims). At the time of trial, he was already in prison in Montpellier, where he took 6 years. He was extradited and took nine years in 1991 for the case of CRIES. He also was a repeat offender he had been sentenced in March 1982 by the Court of Appeal of Brussels, to four years in prison for indecent assault with violence. However, the court had described him in 1988 as “perverse” and “social danger”.

    It was Weber, who was a member of the Movement for the Liberation of pedophiles, who had given Carpentier the idea of ​​creating the magazine Hope, and he left him to take care of CRIES since he was in prison. Then he went to become the “artistic director” of CRIES .

    Marc Van den Bossche took advantage of his Scouting activities for having sex with two brothers aged 14 and 16 years that their father entrusted to him regularly. But strangely, the court held that they were “able to manifest their consent.” So, they considered it was not rape. Vanden Bossche even received a pardon in 1993, and which probably helped him to become a nurse. And what prevented the justice you take this into account for future files, we’ll see, will not fail to occur.

    Christian Jacque called a “sadistic” pedophile, has “encouraged” his son and other children into “debauchery”. He was found with images showing the raping kids, but strangely, it was not held against him for rape. He was the “right arm” of Carpentier CRIES, and had been convicted in 1985 for pedophilia, by the criminal court. He took six years in prison in the first instance and on appeal 8 years.

    Michel Felu took 8 and 10 years on appeal-maximum correctional and was a recidivist (he had been interned without trial and released). According to the indictment, “the linchpin of child trade seems in this case to be Michel Felu who is with all parties, on all trips, mostly in the company of the accused Michel Decré.” Why wasn’t the molestation to be held against him? The judges added “The CRIES appears in the light of the elements of the procedure actually to be a cover for a prostitution circuit of young children.” Why didn’t the sentencing of procuring be placed against the defendants?

    Anyway, at least it was Felu who created the children photobooks, disseminated through the CRIES network, but the network Spartacus or the pastor who said Doucé belong to the Grand Lodge of France (but was canceled in 1982), all have interconnections. The paedo had only to choose their victim, and it seems that they could be provided trips to them speaking to Felu.

    Pierre Delporte took 6 and 8 years, he was also recurrent. But after his release, he continued to bring boys to the family home to rape them. He has been described as intelligent, violent and perverse.

    Jacques Delbouille, gravedigger at a communal cemetery, was impersonating public writer and father, took a year but has only five days of preventive sentence. In fact, he had only been convicted of rebellion and detention for an undeclared weapon. Which is anyway very little.

    Michel Decré, lawyer and translator who worked for the Department of Justice, Vait took seven years on appeal. I must say he was accused of having organized orgies, during which children were therefore not violated because the Justice ruled that again, it was just molesting and attacks of assault with violence, including children under 10 years.

    The trafficker Bernard Vanmeerbeek took three years of probation. He was considered not to be part of the CRIES clique. However, as with most of the accused in this case, he resumed his dirt.

    The mother of a victim, Vivian H., was acquitted because “the facts alleged against the defendant H. must be considered in terms of the concern that inhabits some with affluent backgrounds to appear ‘hip”. Yet she rented her two children to the network organisation.

    Marie Paule H., mother of a young girl she left to be raped by Mesureur (who lived with her) while in years because she was in love with Mesureur, and would see nothing, took only three years of probation and an acquittal. However, from the 11 years of his son in 1983, she confided him mevery weekend to Mesureur when she knew very well what was happening. She even put her eldest son with Mesureur to be returned to live at his home in 1985, because it believed that the problems came from the son.

    In fact, it seems that the basic network is comprised of a quartet: Carpentier, founder of CRIES, Jozef Verbeek boss of UNICEF Belgium, which provided children to Felu and Weber, who had a good address book.

    Verbeek almost got caught (2 years of probation in the first instance acquitted on appeal) because he had the bad idea to hire a certain Michel Felu, already convicted pedophile as a handyman. The version that gave justice is that Felu which squatted the basement of the local UNICEF had set up a studio for outright pornography, and the kids came and went in the studio for years without Verbeek being aware of anything.

    Evenings and weekends between 1982 and 1986, children came and went in the cellar of UNICEF felt fawn. Moreover, employees had asked for an explanation why Felu was left 24 hours in the basement, why nobody ever cleaned while in principle it was his mission (to such an extent that a second person was hired to do the work Felu did not), etc.. Verbeek has never responded. He “was deaf to any remark that could call into question the presence of Felu in UNICEF” reads yet. Yet Felu was well hired for reintegration out of pure humanism, said Verbeek investigators.

    Verbeek had continued to contradict and give false explanations about his links with Felu and so with all the others. The strategy paid off as he had been acquitted on appeal.

    During the searches at UNICEF headquarters, data were deleted from computers used in CRIES. There was indeed a program providing access to a database of all child victims of the network, which one of the victims had access from Felu. Felu confirmed such a file existed, but Carpentier had meanwhile said there were no children listing. We also know that Verbeek ordered a major cleaning of the basement after a search which was supposed to have helped pick everything.

    As witnesses, they were subjected to pressure from their employers, including new heads of UNICEF Belgium, so that the court, instead of pushing for investigation on collusion between the defendants and those who were pressuring, has just decided to stop questioning.

    The investigation should continue to France, as the Belgian side investigations have revealed that Maurice Balland [1] , who led the French branch of CRIES, wanted to update the list of child victims of the network. We also know that a number of French customers were in the listings of CRIES and even some moved to Brussels to rape children offered by paedo-related studio UNICEF. Thus, “the merits of one of the boys had, through meetings conducted within the activities of the CRIES exceeded the border and decided a pedophile of French nationality to come twice to Belgium to meet him and finally spend a night with him at home and with the consent of the interested parents of the child,” it is written in the indictment at the trial of CRIES. This child and his sister were close to Michel Felu and it magnified that they wanted this for years.

    But Belgium has never seen fit to send the file to other countries.

    We speak of them again

    Michel Mesureur, former member of CRIES, doctor of “psychiatry” and pedophile friend of Carpentier, was caught in 1997 for possession of child pornography (he took a year of reprieve), then he found again in the dock in 2008, 20 years later. Mesureur has a great mercy of justice: the time of CRIES already, he had only two years in prison, half of his sentence, and was even pardoned later.

    In 2006, the FBI had discovered a site called “little boy”, on which the Belgian was using his credit card. With others, Mesureur was placed under arrest in June 2006. … He took 1 year of prison!

    Claude Drieghe is considered a victim of the case on Boywiki (and Hope), a “soft” pedophile portal which is chiefly concerned with propaganda. He had been convicted in 1982 for similar offenses and released conditionally in April 1985. Directly to his release, he began to recruit teens to make films, and organizing rehearsals that ended in orgies. Sentenced to 10 years for the case of CRIES, he fled to Thailand from his parole after five years in jail in 1987 [2]. And he went straight to Pattaya with his friend Michel Rosoor. Pattaya is a city that looks like a giant brothel for old fans of fresh meat, a paradise for pedophiles.

    In 2009, he was defended by two senior Belgian lawyers when he was accused of keeping brothels with minors in Thailand. Forty victims were identified. He held these brothels with his pedo friend Michel Rosoor and was expelled in 2002 when the Thai authorities discovered this activity and the case was sent to the Belgian justice. Drieghe has also received great kindness of justice in 2011, he was sentenced to six years of prison for prostituting dozens of children in his Thai brothels, but had taken only five years on appeal and was acquitted in cessation! In the end, he was almost never been in prison, despite three proceedings for the same facts.

    The so-called Michel Rosoor is very interesting. He was quoted in the folder CRIES by Weber who said he sent videos, but has never been questioned in this case. He fled before being arrested for appearing at brothels in Brussels.

    Before that, when CRIES case, the cops learn that Rosoor held a trade of exotic fish [3] which allowed to transit quantities of cassettes to pedophiles. In the 70s and 80s, Rosoor was probably protected, since it was he who provided the children for sex in the Brussels region.

    In 1997 he was summoned before the court in Draguignan for a network of Asian and Romanian children and distribution of child pornography traffic with six other defendants. Documents found three years earlier with the priest Var, focused on the creation of an orphanage in Romania, as well as cassettes with torture and barbarity against children, on which Rosoor is identified. The main accused, some will declare Chabanne knew Michel Rosoor as “a rich Belgian pedophile residing in Pattaya in Thailand, which regularly informs fans of children on the possibilities of child-sex tourism in Asia and sends pictures of minors”. In addition, a close associate said the pedo Rosoor boasted of being familiar with Dutroux.

    In fact, according to a witness interviewed in February 1997 as part of the Dutroux affair, Rosoor was then a “notorious pedophile in Thailand,” and was in contact with Dutroux. According to this witness, Rosoor sent children in Norway under the guise of adoption. In addition, after the PV, Rosoor “said he fears nothing in Belgium because he is supported.” Strangely, in the summary of all PV, the Pourbaix agent who interviewed the witness said he had “no connection with Marc Dutroux” .

    But he is not at his trial.

    Olivier Ralet was sentenced to one year probation for the CRIES and was acquitted. During the Dutroux investigation, a search was conducted at his home in Brussels. In it was found “many artistic photos of naked children” from 8 to 16 years, most of whom attended Decroly school and with the parents agreement, at least most of the time. Ralet became known in this school because there were school pictures. Heard in August 1996, he exclaimed to be completely innocent in the matter of CRIES. He explains: “a certain Philippe Carpentier who created the CRIES asked me in 1983 to get ahold of Michel Decré who wanted to see pictures of my exhibition [of naked children] that I had at the university in 1978. As it was an unhealthy character that I put at the door of my house, when he was arrested in connection with the case of CRIES, he made ​​a statement that he thought I ‘was pedophile.” The photos taken during the case of CRIES were again captured in 1998, simply because justice had found it!

    Jean-Claude Weber, who was warned in 1991 that it would start if he was not “neat,” had indeed begun again: in 2007 he was sentenced to 10 years in Brussels in prison for a 10 year operation available to the government (internally) for “rape of a child under 15 and indecent assault with violence and threats by 10 men for major justice.”

    Marc Vanden Bossche, now between nursing time, had taken that the same route since CRIES. In 1998, was found on his computer 10 million child pornography files. Again, this is not the Belgian justice we owe, of course. This is the Brazilian police, who requested his extradition in 2010 (denied) for raping 13 boys, and that from 2002 to 2006. Vanden Bossche had also raped five children in Poland after 2006, and another five in Belgium in the 80s and 90s: Vanden Bossche has been placed under investigation for child pornography because with another pedophile he had won the confidence of the parents in the neighborhood and took the opportunity to make images. For this, he had only two years of probation because again, they avoided talking about rape. Leniency towards him was certainly just because he has lists of active pedophiles.

    Jacques Delbouille, the gravedigger, redid again in 2001 when he got ripped for a trafficking child porn pictures with Michel Decré, who also sentenced in the case CRIES, and two stooges, Jacques Becker and Dany Deversenne. Found in Delbouille with his buddies were 15 cubic meters of child pornography material, although he had time to evacuate part of it. Besides, he had arranged caches to put the most “hard” images. In any case, the justice said she had served, but he and Decré were released in preventive custody. At this time, Delbouille had entered politics, and was a candidate in municipal Ecolo. Delbouille was also close to Bernard Weinstein, Dutroux’s friend who knew a lot about the kidnapping and eventual murder with buttered slices of Rohypnol by Michelle Martin. But Delbouille was at Ecolo after having started the Belgian Christian League, a group of fascists cathos established in 1992 and dissolved in 2000 for which Delbouille himself was a “counsel”. Delbouille is guardian of the moral order, what a dream!

    Delbouille also boasts of a small dissident church Hinschiste movement, a sectarian group based in the south of France, where he asked for the church tax liens.

    Bernard Vanmeerbeek had 3 years of probation in the case of CRIES. And now in 1999, it takes 10 year fixed this time for raping four boys aged 10 and 11. Coming to Felu as he befriended the parents to take the kids on weekends and during holidays. He violated boys and took pictures of BDSM. He was also suspected in the disappearance of Nathalie Geijsbregts in February 1991.

    We also speak about Jean-Marc Houdmont, the “filmmaker”/ recycled trader of exotic fish, which had been questioned in connection with the investigation into the CRIES because his name appeared in the network address book. He was also involved in the case of the missing Elisabeth Brichets [4], because he lived next door to her and was already known for his pedophile activities. Houdmont is one of the many witnesses who had the good sense to die before testifying in the Dutroux affair, in this case a car accident in February 1997. While indeed, he phoned the cops the night before to make revelations. As there was no evidence of braking, it was concluded as suicide. The father of Houdmont, one of Dutroux friends, lived at the same time in the same village in Congo. Houdmont was suspected of trafficking pedo porn images, such as those found in his cottage which burned down in 1990.

    Swiss Beat Meier was also on the list of the CRIES customers, and for this he was arrested in Dover in 1987. This is a British pedophile who had many relations, as Warwick Spinks, another English pedo who trafficked kids in England, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, and who had even killed a few. Meier had been caught for bringing a little 12 year-old English boy into Switzerland to be raped and tortured. The scene was filmed, and the cops fell over.


    In conclusion, we note that eight of the accused for the CRIES recurred, and also that much had already history. We also note that the network CRIES was clearly connected with other networks just as harmful, such as Doucé for example. With impunity, these guys after release continued their activities, met other paedos connected to other networks, and were also protected, etc.. These nebulous networks intersected to the greatest misfortune of children who were used as raw material in this thriving industry.

    [1] pedophile priest, became an activist, says Boy Wiki . He was the right arm of Doucé pastor at Christ the Liberator Centre. He accompanied youth groups abroad, while having an ongoing liaison with a young boy. Also in contact with parents to capture young that attract. You can also read that “From 1976 to 1978, he accepted the role of vice president of the National Association for the Creation of Children Republics, created by three educators pederasts to promote the establishment of learning communities according to libertarian principles of Janusz Korczac and the Summerhill school. ” He was first arrested in 1981 for possession of child pornography images and for violating several minors. Boys Wiki adds that the judge who handled the case “did not want to overwhelm him,” and he handed Balland to be released directly under certain conditions it seems.

    [2] And no question of him to 10 years for breaking his parole: there’s justice!

    [3] Another pedophile, Jean-Marc Houdmont, was also in the business of exotic fish. About Nihoul, he had a box of fish wholesaler that allowed for travel between Antwerp and Brussels.

    [4] Finally, it is Fourniret they blamed for the murder of Elizabeth Brichets. Then another friend of Dutroux, a Michael Diakostavrianos, a cars dealer, also lived next door to her home.

  3. Owen said:

    Fondation Princesse de Croy / Werkgroep Morkhoven / Droit Fondamental summary of CRIES-UNICEF affair (in French):
    “Zandvoort au colloque international du 21 octobre 2000 – Les réseaux pédo-criminels en Belgique avant l’affaire Dutroux”; scroll down to sub-heading “En 1986 : l’Affaire du CRIES”

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