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  1. In a post i read about this horrible case ..it said that the two criminals responsible for this crime went and bought a video camera to video the crime.. it seems they got the idea from a colleague who had shared a prison cell with sidney cooke..
    Thus backing up a number of suggestions that the sidney cooke murders were all.snuff films and videos
    Another thing that fits this is
    1 Ian gabb after released from wandsworth befriended and formed relationship with a leonard walkley said to be book keeper and connected to dr who appreciation soceity
    Odd as on needleblog there id reference to dr who themed shop and paedo owner as well as the abused young actor at elm guest house who had acted in dr who series.
    Ian gabb who shared a cell with the cooke gang was convinced walkley was paedo into snuff videos,, why did he think that and the idea of snuff videos itself had it come from spending prison time with the cooke gang ?
    add to the fact that that there were lots of stories about a jason swift snuff video in amsterdam
    But who had shot it ?
    and who had ordered it and who had edited it ?
    russell tricker knew the cooke gang via alan brent baby sitting gang

    Sidney cooke was somehow connected to elm guest house
    He had been seen at fun fairs on barnes common
    Lennie smith a cooke gang member had lived with david thornton the telegraph guy
    Who used to write for capital gay that supported the kaisirs and thornton had been a visitor to elm guest house
    Thus linking cooke to elm guest house and amsterdam
    And add russell tricker connection to.amsterdam as well..,

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