Children’s doctor on 27 sex charges (05.05.73)

Daily Mail, 5th May 1973


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    Post subject: Q & A with Andrew Birkin #7
    Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 8:39 am

    I don’t believe that any reading The Little White Bird in full can sensibly conclude that this amounts to the Confessions of a Paedophile. Unless perhaps he’s a paedophile himself. Such was the case with Dr Morris Fraser, who first went into print with accusations of paedophila back in 1976 in a book called “The Death of Narcissus” (published by the reputable Secker & Warburg). The dust-jacket blurb states the following:

    “Dr Morris Fraser, psychiatrist, sets out to study those adults who are attracted to young children, who suffer the sexual disorder known as paedophilia of which so little is known, so little understood. Dr Fraser sees the creative artist as the uniquely qualified spokesman for any psychiatric abnormality of which he may be victim. By quoting from stories such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter Pan” and “Turn of the Screw”, Dr Fraser pinpoints the paedophilic symptoms, sadly confirmed by the childhoods of his subjects, who include not only Lewis Carroll, J M Barrie and Henry James, but also Hugh Walpole, George MacDonald, Thomas Mann and Charles Kingsley.”

    I read the chapter on Barrie, and found it littered with factual errors, not merely clumsy (Frohman going down on the Titanic instead of the Lusitania) but also charged with the sense that many of these errors have arisen for a blatant disregard for the truth…

    …I asked Dr Fraser this over lunch. We’d agreed to meet after I’d written to him with my criticisms. We’d barely finished our prawn cocktails when it slowly began to dawn on me. He’d dedicated the book “For Nasreen”. Who’s Nasreen? His analyst. “Is this book by any chance all about you?” It transpired that Dr Fraser had been deported from the United States a few years earlier. Drugs? Dr Fraser shook his head and stared at his prawns. Yes, you’ve guessed…. Having sex with an underaged boy in Griffith Park!

    Andrew [Birkin] and his niece, Charlotte Gainsbourg

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    [Warning Pro-paedo literature link]

    Pan, Number 6


    I have just read your review of my book The Death of Narcissus; it falls into the small category of book reviews that make fascinating reading in their own right, and I congratulate you. Much of what I had to say was imperfectly expressed; there was some need for allegory and indirection, but you are one of the few people who have really grasped what I was trying to convey.

    You cannot of course expect me to agree that any of the book is “sad nonsense”; the word sick as applied to
    paedophiles is yours, not mine. My text does, I admit, read as if I am saying that man-boy relationships are inevitably harmful, and I could perhaps have expressed that passage differently. I was simply writing about potential for harm, and this most certainly exists and is very great, whether you care to recognize it or not. Clearly you object to a psychiatrist having to do with paedophiles at all — but if you read the last chapter more carefully you will see that I was not writing about altering the central interest, the love of boys, as I don’t think this can be done — but about helping to avoid the damage that may flow from it, and this avoidance is to an extent possible. Further I can’t, like you, see paedophilia as a mere variant within the normal range of sexual preferences; it is not just sex, but narcissism; there is in it an obsession, a yearning, that far exceeds what a heterosexual feels for a woman. A change in the law would not make as much difference as you think; a lot of the pain would still be there.

    In fairness, I think our divergence arises from the fact that we meet very different kinds of people; the associates in your venture must either have ‘come out’ or at least reached some kind of accomodation with their preferences. Not entirely by choice, I have to meet some of the others. Nevertheless, I congratulate you on the high standard of your publication and wish you well.

    Morris Fraser, MD MRCPsych, DPM

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  4. Troyhand said:
    Arizona Republic – 4 May 1973
    Child-psychiatrist, 7 others charged in sex abuse of 15 hoys

    Associated Press RIVERHEAD. N.Y. — British child-psychiatrist Morris Fraser, 39, and seven other men were indicted here yesterday on 27 counts of conspiracy, sodomy and sexual abuse involving 15 boys.

    Fraser, who appeared on the widely acclaimed NBC television documentary, Suffer the Little Children, concerning the effects of war on the children of Northern Ireland, pleaded innocent to the charges in arraignment before Suffoik County Judge Pierre Lundberg.

    Three other men also pleaded innocent, a fifth was in custody in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the remaining three men are at large, police said.

    The Suffolk County grand jury indictment charged the men with befriending the alleged victims, some under 11 years of age, then committing sex acts with them at a home in West Islip, N.Y., between January 1970 and December 1971.

    The indictment specified one count of conspiracy, 19 counts of sodomy and 7 counts of sexual abuse against each defendant.

    Authorities said one of those indicted, Hal Oelke, 48, of Manhattan, was a former fund raiser for Big Brothers of New York, but left the post several years ago. The organization works with troubled youths.

    Another defendant, George Brehm, 50, of Floral Park, N.Y., was accused of making a house available for the alleged sex activities — a summer home since resold.

    Both Brehm and Oelke pleaded innocent to the charges as did a fourth defendant, George Rossman, 53, married and a father of three from New Haven, Conn.

    Brehm currently is being held in Auburn State Prison after conviction on similar charges last year.

    Sam Fierro, chief of the Suffolk County rackets bureau, said Fraser returned here “willingly and at his own expense” from the British Isles, where he is associated with the Royal Belfast hospital for Exceptional Children in Belfast.

    He was released on his own recognizance after the arraignment to return to Belfast, pending trial at a date not yet set.

    Oelke and Rossman were released on $2,000 bail each.

  5. Troyhand said:
    Daily Review (Newspaper) – May 4, 1973, Hayward, California
    Boys recruited for sex parties

    HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (UPI) A psychiatrist specializing in treating emotionally disturbed children, a Protestant minister and six other men were charged Thursday with taking homosexual liberties with about 15 teen-age boys.

    Saverio Fierro, the chief of the Suffolk County district attorney’s rackets bureau, said sex parties involving boys ranging in age from “under 11 to 15” took place from January, 1970 to December, 1971 in the home and on the yacht of one of the defendants, George Brehm, 50, of West Islip, N.Y.

    Asked how the boys were recruited to the sex parties, Fierro said: “We believe that several of these men may have fraudulently identified themselves as members of Big Brother.” The Big Brother movement provides male companionship for boys whose fathers are dead or who come from broken homes.

    Fierro said one of the suspects, Hal Oelke, 48, of New York, was a public relations man who was a one-time employee of the Big Brother movement. Also charged were Dr. Morris Fraser of Belfast, Northern Ireland, a psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of emotionally disturbed children, and a Protestant minister, the Rev. George Rossman, 53, of New Haven, Conn.

    Another defendant was awaiting extradition proceedings in Puerto Rico and three others were fugitives. Their names were not released.

    Fierro said Fraser, who is on the staff of the Royal Belfast Hospital, flew to the United States and voluntarily surrendered. Fierro said Rossman is on the staff of the Yale University Divinity School and is director of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center in New Haven.

    Each of the suspects was charged with 27 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and conspiracy. They pleaded innocent to the charges at their arraignment in Suffolk County Court. Brehm was serving a one-to-10 year term in Auburn State Prison on similar charges in Nassau County. The other three suspects were released.

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    Daily Spectator – 5 June 1972 [Page 14]

    Football Committee Member Indicted on Sodomy Charges

    George W. Brehm, a member of the Columbia Football Advisory Committee, was arrested May 22 and charged with 41 counts ranging from sodomy to sexual abuse. The Floral Park, L.I. resident was considered by Nassau County investigators as the head of an international homosexual ring which preyed on young boys, some of whom lived in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

    Nassau District Attorney William Cahn said that the alleged operation lured youngsters between the ages of eight and fourteen with expensive clothes and gifts to participate in “deviant’ sexual acts.” The boys were also used to recruit more boys for the same purpose.

    Brehm received his bachelor degree from the College in 1949 and graduated from the business school the following year. He then worked as a business executive for a number of large companies, and in 1963 he founded George W. Brehm Associates, a supplier of school equipment.

    Aside from his activities on the football committee, the father of three children has spent a number of years as class chairman of the Columbia College Fund and has served as president of the Long Island Alumni Association.

    Each sport at Columbia has its own advisory committee, whose main function is keeping open lines of communication between the athletic department and interested alumni across the country. In the case of football, the advisory committee is vital because a large portion of the recruiting effort is carried out by alumni.

    When the news of Brehm’s arrest was announced, the Columbia athletic. department (understandably) broke out in a collective cold sweat. Since that time, however, it has been determined that Brehm did not combine his recruiting activities for Columbia with those for his alleged operation. In addition, there has yet been no evidence that the indictment has affected the decision of any athlete to attend Columbia. Fortunately for the athletic department, Brehm did little actual recruiting himself.

    Brehm faces up to fifty years in prison if convicted on just two counts of first-degree sodomy. He has been released from custody on $10,000 bail.

  7. Troyhand said:
    Tucson Daily Citizen – 26 January 1974
    A porn king’s self-portrait: ‘I’m a square’
    By Carole Agus Newsday

    NEW YORK Like a bored waiter reciting “mashed, baked or hashed browns” for the millionth time, “Big Jim” Kokich describes the magazine selection in the back room of the 441 Bargain Books shop in Huntington, Long Island. “You got your lesbian, your flagellation, your bondage,” he says, barely looking at the feverish action on the covers of the 100 or so magazines. “Then you got your high heels, your domination and your leather.”

    Big Jim has paperbacks also, exploring such themes as incest, homosexuality, bestiality and even necrophilia. He gets them from the man who owns the store and is also reportedly one of the largest sex-book distributors in the country, Robert Brown.

    ****Sam Fierro, the assistant district attorney who heads Suffolk County’s Rackets Bureau****, sounds triumphant after getting “one of the longest indictments” in this Long Island county’s history. It involves 207 counts of obscenity lodged against a man said to be running “a multimillion-dollar national and international operation.”

    Asst. Dist. Atty. Ira Simon says the man is “one of the largest distributors of pornography in the nation and the largest distributor of male (homosexual) magazines.” The man facing those 207 counts is Robert Brown.

    ****In a landscaped, one-story fieldstone building beside railroad tracks, a white-haired businessman sits at his imported Danish desk covered with picture magazines like “Boys, Boys, Boys,” “Pick Up” and “Intercourse.” ****

    His son, Rory, 32, enters carrying a plain brown paper bag and closes the door behind him. Rory looks into the bag, Books smiling at its contents.

    “Here,” he says, “are some sandwiches mommy made.” The white-haired businessman looks appreciatively at the meatloaf sandwiches and sighs’ sentimentally. “My wife’s the best cook in the world,”

    Robert Brown says. “Why do I do it? My mother has asked me that question, my father has asked me that question, my brothers have asked me that question — I don’t have any sisters. I’m in this business because the police don’t want me to be in it,” Brown says.

    For 27 years, Brown bought and sold books, opening shops, buying a warehouse. Then, with all his savings, he moved his family from the $54-a-month apartment in the Bronx to what city-bred Brown called a “private house” in Queens.

    It wasn’t until 1965 that Brown entered his “blue” period in books, and his golden period in sales, by marketing sex material.

    “Why?” he asks. “At a certain point I decided to carry them. I’m not doing anything illegal: I stay within the law as I understand the law. I was brought up to be a truthful man. I was brought up that nobody starved if they worked hard. I’m a fighter.”

    From a Manhattan bookstore and nearby warehouse, Brown built his Overstock Book Co. Inc. into an international publishing company with about 150 wholesale and retail outlets.

    In the Long Island towns of Commack, Smithtown, Huntington and Flushing, and Dade County (Miami), Fla., he opened his own retail stores, selling such titles as “Touch Me, Pay Me,” “Kiss It Again, Sam,” “Buttocks Bazaar” and “Strange Perversions Of Rough Men.”

    ****In his own stores, and at scores of other outlets across the country and in Scandinavia****, the most specialized sexual tastes are served. In Suffolk, N.Y., Brown’s three stores feature conventional bookstore fare in front but a door labeled “Adults Only” leads to the back rooms.

    “Our customers are not sleazy bums with raincoats and no pants,” Brown said, “but doctors, lawyers and judges.” After gross sales of more than $1 million in 1969, Brown moved to a $52,000 home and settled down to live out the American dream.

    “Do you know what it’s like to live in terror?” Brown demanded of a visitor to headquarters, pointing to a picture window. “This window was broken twice, and there were two bullet holes in my front window. Kids run all over my roof. They’re animals; they’re the Ku Klux Klan!”

    He doesn’t call the police, who have arrested him, his sons and his employees more than 200 times. They take him before judges, which he estimated costs him about $60,000 a year in legal fees. Brown said he has been arrested seven times; Rory, five. Brown endures his arrests with righteous outrage, seeing himself as the violated, not the violator.

    His life, he said, is spent in unjust persecution, “but nobody gets upset,” he said bitterly, his voice rising. “To them I’m just a smut peddler, a millionaire Jew smut peddler.

    “I’m a square, in a lot of respects I’m a square,” he says. “I wouldn’t sell to children. I’m doing something that to me is just as normal as selling a textbook. I get arrested anyway. (Asst. Dist. Atty.) Simon. doesn’t care and I won’t get out of this business because Simon wants to make a good name for himself. Kids do not buy my books. They are already doing what’s in them.”

    Among his worries in the sex-book business is keeping the books not just legal, but trendy. Styles change as quickly for the unclothed as for the clothed. The pubic hair that was avant garde last year has been replaced by shaven bodies. Likewise dated are “single-girl spread shots,” which have given way to couples in foreplay and simulated sex.

    The family business which Brown runs with sons Rory and Barry, 25, also sells textbooks, comic books and paperback best sellers. That may be just as well because, in addition to continuing arrests, the sex-book end of the business has been threatened by the permissiveness which allowed magazines like Penthouse, Oui, Gallery and Playboy to become visually much more explicit and to cut into Overstock’s market.

    But the latest threat, the possibility of stricter laws or, what’s worse, different laws in each state — a likely result of a 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision — could make national marketing impossible for Brown. “This industry is in its death gasps,” he said.

    But Rory sees frontiers to conquer. He would like the business to expand into articles for fetishists: vibrators, high heels and specialty costumes.

    “You’ve got to get into rubber,” he told his father across the sex-book generation gap. “Never,” Brown said to his towering son.

    “He’s “a prude,” Rory said, loud enough for his father to overhear. “He was brought up square in another generation. He’s an unbelievable prude.”

  8. Troyhand said:
    The Journal (Odgensburg, NY) – 4 May 1973
    Eight Charged In International Homosexual Ring On Long Island

    RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (AP) – Eight men, including a British child psychologist and a Canadian college instructor, are under indictment in connection with the operation on Long Island of an “international homosexual ring” using 15 boys between the ages of 10 and 15.

    Each of the eight was charged Thursday with 19 counts of sodomy, 7 counts of sexual abuse and one of conspiracy. Four pleaded innocent, one was arrested in Puerto Rico and three others are at large.

    Suffolk County Asst. Dist. Atty. Sam Fierro, in charge of the rackets bureau, said one defendant, George Brehm, 50, of Floral Park, N.Y., purchased a house in West Islip, N.Y. Several boys from the area were befriended, lured there with bribes and sexually abused, Fierro said.

    He said the ring, which even had a regular news letter, met at least 19 times between January, 1970 and December, 1971 at the house, which has since been resold.

    Brehm had pleaded guilty to participating in a similar ring in Nassau County and is serving a one-to-9-year sentence at Auburn State Prison. Another man indicted Thursday, George Rossman, 53, is free in $21,000 bond from the Nassau County case.

    Rossman is the dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center of New Haven, Conn. and the married father of three.

    Fierro said an investigation was continuing to determine if some of those indicted used the name of the Big Brothers of New York illegally to trick parents into releasing the boys. The organization helps provide troubled youths with fatherly companionship.

    Another defendant, Hal Oekle, 49, of Manhattan, was a fund-raiser for the organization several years ago, but a spokesman for the organization said Oekle had had “no direct contact” with the boys aided by the organization.

    The indictment also named Morris Fraser, 39, a child psychologist associated with the Royal Belfast Hospital for Exceptional Children in Northern Ireland.

    He appeared on the NBC television documentary “Suffer the Little Children,” which covered the effects of the strife in Northern Ireland on its children.

    Fraser, Brehm, Oekle and Rossman entered pleas of innocent before Suffolk County Judge Pierre Lundberg, who held Oekle and Rossman in $2,000 bail, remanded Brehm to Auburn Prison and freed Fraser on his own recognizance pending trial, for which a date was not set.

    The defendant arrested in San Juan, Puerto Rico was identified only as Charles Slavin, a salesman, who was accused of bringing a 10-year-old boy from the island to the Long Island house before the boy was returned to Puerto Rico.

    Slavin refused to waive extradition and was freed on $10,000 bond pending an extradition hearing.

    Still at large and believed to be in Europe were: Leslie McGraw, an English instructor at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Angelo Rivezzo, 42, a Queens chemist; and Ron Ramos, 25, of Puerto Rico.

    • cassandracogno said:

      Excellent find. No date set for the trial in article above. Wonder whether there ever was a trial after all? Meanwhile George Parker Rossman gradually morphs into the name Parker Grossman as his unwillingness to let the Ecumenical Education Center drop off his CV suggests, during which he is busy getting on with writing a novel and also a book on pederasts during the year following his arrest and doing a PHD or pretending to do a PHD following the trial or non-trial. An interest in caring for the terminally ill from someone also interested in trafficking and abusing young boys is very reminiscent of Savile’s range of ‘interests’ – any lingering pederastic pre-occupations with the dying should be a big red flag by now. If we were listening that is.

      • cassandracogno said:

        Although there is always the possibility of writing books and doing PHDs behind bars presumably but Fraser’s freedom in parallel also suggests otherwise really doesn’t it?

  9. Troyhand said:

    [Same type of arrest six months later on American West Coast]
    Waterloo Courier – October 28, 1973
    Actress’s Son Facing Perversion Charge

    LOS ANGELES (AP) Eight men, including the son of actress Loretta Young, have been arraigned in Superior Court on charges of procuring boys ages 6 to 17 to appear in pornographic movies and photographs.

    The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Friday that 14 persons in all were indicted by the county grand jury in secret indictments handed down Thursday.

    Among those named were Miss Young’s son, Christopher Paul Lewis; William Byars, an heir to the Humble oil fortune; a Boy Scout master and a former YMCA counselor.

    Lewis and seven other defendants appeared before, Judge James G. Kelts, Friday afternoon and pleaded innocent. They were ordered to return Nov. 2 for further proceedings. Bail was set at $1,000 to $3,000.

    Byars, 37, reportedly is in Morocco. He is charged on two counts of lewd conduct and two of sex perversion.

    Lewis, a 29-year-old Beverly Hills film producer, is charged with four counts of sex perversion and two counts of lewd conduct with children.

    The indictments were the result of a three-month investigation that began in August when officers received a film from an informant depicting homosexual acts among young boys.

    A police spokesman said most of the boys were runaways or came from troubled homes. Frequently they were passed from adult to adult, sometimes in other parts of the country, he added.

    In all, nine indictments detailing 90 counts were handed down against the defendants.

    Police identified the former YMCA counselor indicted as Walter Gene Morton, 28. of Los Angeles. The scout master was identified as Richard George, 36, an employee of Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.

  10. Troyhand said:
    Santa Cruz Sentinel – 28 October 1973
    Actress’s Son Booked In Porno Film Case

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – Eight men, including the son of actress Loretta Young, have been arraigned in Superior Court in charges of procuring boys ages 6 to 17 to appear in pornographic movies and photographs.

    The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Friday that 14 persons in all were indicted by the county Grand Jury in secret indictments handed down Thursday.

    Among those named were Miss Young’s son. Christopher Paul Lewis; William Byars, an heir to the Humble oil fortune; a Boy Scout master and a former YMCA counselor.

    Lewis and seven other defendants appeared before, Judge James G. Kolts, Friday afternoon and pleaded innocent. They were ordered to return Nov. 2 for further proceedings. Bail was set at $1,000 to $3,000.

    Byars, 37, reportedly is in Morocco and authorities said they had no indication when he would return to Los Angeles to face charges. He is charged on two counts of lewd conduct and two of sex perversion.

    Lewis, a 29-year-old Beverly Hills film producer, is charged with four counts of sex perversion and two counts of lewd conduct with children.

    The indictments were the result of a three-month investigation which began in August when officers received a film from an informant depicting homosexual acts among young boys.

    Police Lt. Les Zabel said although ****one of the men indicted was from Texas and a confiscated film shows boys playing nude on a beach believed to be near Corpus Christi, Tex.,**** “there definitely is no reason to believe any connection exists between people in this case and ****the mass homosexual murders of young boys discovered in Dallas last August****.”

    Texas authorities uncovered 27 bodies near Houston in what they said was a homosexual murder ring that preyed on runaways.

  11. Troyhand said:,4820433
    Lodi News-Sentinel – 27 October 1973
    Producer of sex films jailed

    LOS ANGELES (UPI) – Fourteen men, including the son of actress Loretta Young and an oil heir, were under indictment Friday on charges involving homosexual films of young boys.

    The men were charged with a total of 91 separate acts of sex perversion and lewd conduct against children.

    Authorities said an investigation began in August when an informant supplied one of the so-called “chicken” films of hard-core pornography.

    Deputy District Attorney James W. Grodin said there was no link between the movie production ring and the mass homosexual murders in Houston, Tex., the same month.

    Charged with four counts of sex perversion and two lewd acts with children was Christopher Paul Lewis, 29, Beverly Hills, identified as a film producer and son of Miss Young.

    William Byars, 37, identified as an heir to the Humble Oils millions, was charged with two counts of lewd conduct and two of sex perversion.

    Lewis was arraigned Friday, Byars was believed to be in Europe producing a film about young boys traveling in the Soviet Union, investigators said.

    Others named in the indictments returned secretly Thursday were Walter Gene Morton, 28, a former YMCA counselor; Richard George, 36, reportedly a Boy Scoutmaster; and Francisco Jose De Soto, 43, a recently resigned high school teacher.

    • JT said:

      Yes, I was a student at Notre dame high school I was abused by Mr. DeSoto he tried to get me to go with him that summer I stayed to play sports he got arrested and never returned I never told anybody and still suffer from this.

  12. Troyhand said:
    Independent Press-Telegram – 27 October 1973
    Star’s son faces sex charge

    Fourteen men have bean charged with sex offenses in connection with allegedly pornographic films involving young children, authorities said Friday.

    Among the 14, they said, were Christopher Paul Lewis, 29, a Beverly Hills film producer and the son of actress Loretta Young; and William Byars, 37, of Hollywood, identified by authorities as an heir to the Humble Oil Co. fortune.

    Authorities said the defendants were named in nine separate secret indictments handed down Thursday but held for release until Friday.

    “This whole thing involves the procurement of young boys for the making of pornographic movies and still photographs,” said Deputy Dist. Atty. James Grodin, who presented the case to the grand jury. He said the children in the films ranged in age from 6 to 17.

    Lewis is charged with six counts of sex perversion and Byars with four. Lewis was arraigned Friday before Superior Court Judge James G. Kolts. Byars is believed to be in Europe, making a film.

    Also named in the indictment were Walter Gene Morton, 28, of 10901 Blix St., North Hollywood. Morton is a former YMCA counselor currently involved with youth programs in the South Bay area.

    ****A fourth defendant, Richard George, 36, of 2315 Gates Ave., Redondo Beach, also is charged with multiple sex perversion acts. George is a Boy Scout leader who works as a systems analyst at Warner Brothers Studio.****

    The indictment additionally listed Francisco Jose de Soto, 43, a recently-resigned teacher at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks.

  13. Troyhand said:
    The Van Nuys News – 16 December 1973
    Former YMCA Counselor Acquitted of Deviant Count

    Walter Gene Morton, a former YMCA counselor accused of sex charges involving young boys, has been acquitted in Superior Court.

    Morton 28, of North Hollywood, indicted with 14 other men by the county grand jury, was acquitted of three counts of sex perversion.

    Schedule Sentencing
    A jury of seven men and five women returned the verdict in the courtroom of Superior Court Judge William Caldecott after a one-day deliberation.

    One of the defendants, Jim Braskins of Riverside, has pleaded guilty to sex perversion and is scheduled for sentencing Jan. 14, and another defendant, Mel Reynolds 38, Cudahy, has pleaded guilty to two counts of child molesting, one count of solicitation to commit perjury and one count of offering to bribe a witness. Reynolds will be sentenced Jan. 5.

    The 11 remaining defendants, including Christopher Paul Lewis 29, a Beverly Hills film producer and son of screen actress Loretta Young, and an heir to the Humble Oil fortune, William Byars, 37, of Hollywood, are awaiting trial in the case.

    Investigators said the case came, to light last Aug. 3 when an informant turned over a pornographic “chicken” film (movie involving young boys).

    Sold Movies
    Dep. Dist. Atty. James W. Grodin said police confiscated numerous sex magazines and some 2000 films. Grodin, who is prosecuting the case, said the movies sold for $50 each and the magazines $5 and $10.

    Authorities said the victims, ranging in ages from 6 to 17, allegedly were solicited at known Hollywood and South Bay homosexual hangouts.

    Grodin said that, the youths, many of them runaways, and children from broken homes, often were passed from one adult to another.

  14. Troyhand said:

    Brehm had pleaded guilty to participating in a similar ring in Nassau County and is serving a one-to-9-year sentence at Auburn State Prison.*** Another man indicted Thursday, George Rossman, 53, is free in $21,000 bond from the Nassau County case.***

    Rossman is the dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center of New Haven, Conn. and the married father of three.
    [See The Journal (Odgensburg, NY) – 4 May 1973
    “Eight Charged In International Homosexual Ring On Long Island” above]

    Fierro said Fraser, who is on the staff of the Royal Belfast Hospital, flew to the United States and voluntarily surrendered. Fierro said ****Rossman is on the staff of the Yale University Divinity School and is director of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center in New Haven.***
    [See Daily Review (Newspaper) – May 4, 1973, Hayward, California
    “Boys recruited for sex parties” above]

    [George Grossman, 53 on 4 May 1973, was protected as much as Morris Fraser was…]
    Parker Funeral Service & Crematory
    22 N 10th Street
    Columbia, Missouri 65201

    Parker George Rossman
    (***May 20, 1919*** – October 18, 2013)

    Parker Rossman passed away quietly on October 18, 2013 at the age of 94. He spent his life working towards world peace and solving global scale problems through his work as an educator, a clergyman, and a futurist.

    Educated at the University of Oklahoma, the University of Chicago, and ***Yale***, he worked with the Christian Youth Movement following WWII, was a freedom rider, and traveled the world, often on World Council of Churches fact finding missions.

    He lived in Geneva, Switzerland where he worked for the World Council of Churches and in Beirut, Lebanon where he worked with the Greek Orthodox Youth Movement.

    He is the author of more than a dozen books including “Hospice” (1979), “Computers: Bridges to the Future” (1985), ***a children’s book, “Pirate Slave,” *** and two books on the future of the university: “The Emerging Worldwide Electronic University” (1992) and his online book “The Future of Higher (Lifelong) Education” (2002).

    An early adopter of technology, he was frequently a keynote speaker on using computers and the internet at international conferences especially in the area of providing worldwide education to the developing world.

    He is predeceased by his wife Jean and his son Terry. He is survived by his daughters Kristen and Mary- Michelle, and by six grandchildren and a great-grandson.

    A service of memory will be held at the Epple Chapel at Lenoir Woods at 11 am on Monday, October 21st.

    [See below why I believe this is the same man…]

  15. Troyhand said:
    Challenges and Opportunities: From Now to 2001
    edited by Howard F. Didsbury, Jr.

    [Page 98]
    Parker Rossman and Takeshi Utsumi

    ***Parker Rossman is the former dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center, Yale University.*** Takeshi Utsumi is the president of Global Information Services (GIS), Inc., Flushing, New York.

  16. Troyhand said:;+of+Family+Survival+(Pilgrim+Press,+1984),+and+with%22&dq=%22Terminally+III+(Association+Press);+of+Family+Survival+(Pilgrim+Press,+1984),+and+with%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=4EGAU_ytDum0sQS4qoCQBg&ved=0CDUQ6AEwAA
    Military chaplains’ review, Volume 142
    Chaplains, U.S. Army, 1984

    [Page 37]
    Parker Rossman, former Dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center at Yale is author of Hospice: Creating New Models of Care for the Terminally III (Association Press); of Family Survival (Pilgrim Press, 1984), and with Professor G. Noyce of Yale is completing a book for Judson Press on building support networks to enable the helping professions to be more caring.

  17. Troyhand said:
    Listening, Volume 16 – 1981

    [Page 204]
    PARKER ROSSMAN is an ordained minister for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and former Associate Professor of Religion in Higher Education at Yale University. He is currently a member of the Yale University chaplaincy staff and from 1966-72 was Dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center at Yale and director of “Theology and Imagination” conferences on the use of arts and technology in the church. Among his many books is Hospice: Creating New Models of Care for the Terminally III (New York: Fawcett, 1979). He has contributed several articles to Christian Century and other journals dealing with the new technology and the churches, particularly in the area of communications.

  18. Troyhand said:,+and+some+400+clergy%22&dq=%22lecturers+will+be+drawn+from+Yale+and+surrounding+institutions,+and+some+400+clergy%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=KUSAU5LwLITRsQSmh4DoAg&ved=0CDMQ6AEwAA
    Presbyterian Survey: 1968, Volume 58
    Presbyterian Church in the U.S

    [Page 43]
    Preachers Continue Education at Yale
    (RNS) An ecumenical center for the continuing education of clergymen has been launched. The Ecumenical Continuing Education Center at Yale, Inc., whose board of directors will include Roman Catholic and Orthodox members, will offer non- degree, non-credit “conferences” on such areas as ministry and renewal, theology, sexuality, and religion in higher education.

    Resources and lecturers will be drawn from Yale and surrounding institutions, and some 400 clergy are expected to participate in 1968-69. The program grew out of a seven- year-old effort of the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ). Dr. Parker Rossman, director of the Disciples center, will be executive director of the new venture.

    [Spies trained to be preachers in the hellpit of Skull-and-Bones-land. Rockerfeller-funded. Paedo-approved.

    So George Parker Grossman (real name) went under the pseudonym Parker Rossman. That’s how he was able to stay at Yale.]

  19. Troyhand said:,+and+the+discourse%22&dq=%22it+is+members+of+PIE+who+now+are+mercilessly+exposed+in+the+Sunday+tabloids,+and+the+discourse%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=y0yAU9u1EYPQsQTWxIG4Aw&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA
    Gay Left – Issues 3-10
    Gay Left Collective, 1976

    [Page 79]
    Parker Rossman.
    Temple Smith. £6.95.
    Reviewed by ***Philip Derbyshire***

    Homosexuality seems to have lost its standing as absolute threat to the fabric of the family and society, at least if it remains confined within the ghetto and as a predeliction, however unfortunate, of adults. But the Demonology of the Right has found a new focus in the furore around paedophilia and the question of child sexuality. Whereas in 1962 the Daily Mirror could run sensationist articles on ‘How to Spot a Queer’, it is members of PIE who now are mercilessly exposed in the Sunday tabloids, and the discourse of moral turpitude, irredeemable corruption and evil weaves around the figure of the paedophile.

    Unsurprisingly, in our society, where ‘moral’ issues are being fought out, science is rarely far away, and into the textual void around paedophilia, comes Parker Rossman’s book, calling for objectivity and understanding where the Moral Reamers call for blood. But it is in this seemingly unbiased attitude that Rossman manages a more insidious exercise of power: he creates a new sexual delinquent, the paedophile, and then sets to work with typologies, taxonomies, discriminations, causal accounts . . . in fact the whole arsenal of positive science, through which sexuality is analysed, regulated and controlled.

    In the face of his own evidence, which remains enthralling and intrinsically fascinating. Rossman manages to hive off the paedophilic experience to the margins of sexuality. It becomes the prerogative of the paedophile/paederast despite the fact that few of the men interviewed only have sex with boys: there is no examination of the ways in which self-image and self-identity are acquired, nor how the rigid framework of ‘natural’ sexual categories restrict the possibilities of bodily pleasure.

    Nor can Rossman get very far with more general reflections on sexuality and on the meaning of paedophilia when he ignores ab initio women and female sexuality. Far from being a simple delimiting of a domain of research, Rossman’s exclusion of women from his account distorts in a sexist way the ways in which sexuality and sensuality are experienced between adults and children. He seems unable to think the connections between the affective intensity within the family and between mothers and children, and the existence of the paedophile as a category: parents and paedophiles have a more than contingent relationship in the present emotional economy of adult child relations.

    Instead the paedophile remains a sexual outlaw, to be known, helped, saved from temptation proscribed, all as Rossman’s erratic judgements dictate, but never a voice that might radically modulate the discourse that tyrannises our thinking on sexuality. And so the book, potentially so important, becomes merely an example of how not to write about sex, and with value only as innoculation against the plague of texts to come, as paedophilia and the sexuality of children and young people become central issues in the struggle for sexual liberation.

  20. Troyhand said:

    [Links to see verify above transcription of George Grossman / Parker Rossman’s paedo book review by Philip Derbyshire, probable PIE member and pseudonym],+irredeemable+corruption+and+evil%22&dq=%22discourse+of+moral+turpitude,+irredeemable+corruption+and+evil%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=6EeAU8i-B8WisAT60YAQ&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA,+irredeemable+corruption+and+evil+weaves+around+the+figure+of+the+paedophile%22&dq=%22turpitude,+irredeemable+corruption+and+evil+weaves+around+the+figure+of+the+paedophile%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=U0iAU9fKEKnhsAS3v4CwCA&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA,+taxonomies,+discriminations,+causal+accounts%22&dq=%22work+with+typologies,+taxonomies,+discriminations,+causal+accounts%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=QEmAU8acG9StsATWrYHoCA&ved=0CDYQ6AEwAA,+nor+how+the+rigid%22&dq=%22ways+in+which+self-image+and+self-identity+are+acquired,+nor+how+the+rigid%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=KEqAU-zaD-issQS_lIHICg&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA

  21. Troyhand said:
    Diary Of A Gay Priest: The Tightrope Walker
    By Rev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson

    [Page 115]
    28 April 1987.
    I flew to Boston to take part in the ‘Ministry in much visited churches’ conference arranged by Peter Delaney, vicar of All Hallows by the Tower and Bob Golledge, the large and noisy rector of the Old North Church in Boston..

    30 April 1987
    Goeffrey Dickens, Tory MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth tells the Evening Standard that he an d members of Childwatch visited the LGCM office and ‘found it to be absolutely full of explicit literature on gay and lesbian love and paedophilia.’ He ‘felt physically sick,’ and said homosexuals should not be ordained because they would be incapable of keeping their hands off the choirboys. Sometimes ago LGCM stopped stocking The Joy of Gay Sex so presumably he is referring to the Terrence Higgins Trust safe sex leaflets. Another book he saw was Parker Rossman’s book which is an academic study of pederasty.

  22. Troyhand said:

    Homosexualities – Page 457
    Stephen O. Murray, ‎University of Chicago Press – 2002 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
    ***Drake, Jonathan [Parker Rossman]. 1966. “‘Le Vice’ in Turkey.” International Journal of Greek Love 1 : 13-27.***
    Reprinted in Asian Homosexuality, ed. W. Dynes and S. Donaldson, 27-41, NY: Garland, 1992. DuBois, Cora. 1944. The People …

    [Another pseudonym… Jonathan Drake. Page is missing from from googlebooks preview.]

    Bottom of viewable Page 456 lists last reference name as

    “Drake, Christopher. 1991. “Mirroring Saikaku.” Monumenta Nipponica 46: 513-41.”

    Then “Pages 457 to 496 are not shown in this preview.”

    Drake, Jonathan [Parker Rossman] would appear at top of 457 in this book.

  23. Troyhand said:

    [This disgusting interview with a paedophile talks to a major predator who knows the people involved with PIE/NAMBLA and talks about all the connections with the international paedophile ring],+which+in+fact%22&dq=%22published+a+book+on+boy+prostitution+entitled+Boys+for+Sale,+which+in+fact%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=h1uAU6OlA_HesAT1loDgAw&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAA
    Midwest Gay Academic Journal, Volume 1, Issues 1-3
    Gay Academic Union, 1977

    [Page 11]

    TSAG: I’m in Lansing, Michigan, with D.W. Nichols, author of Toward A Perspective for Boy-Lovers (1976), as well as a number of articles that have appeared in Better Life Monthly and a boy-star review column that was featured regularly in Hermes. How did you become interested in boy-love?

    NICHOLS: I became interested in it because I’m a boy-lover myself, obviously. From 1967 through 1970, I was with Book Explorers, Inc., in New York City, and its offspring enterprises, and these companies were publishers of boy-love material. Naturally, many BLs [Boy-lovers] would write us or come into the office and discuss their problems and interests; sometimes they would bring their boyfriends along. I thus met numerous people with this particular interest and so became more knowledgeable about the subject than I otherwise would have.

    T: How did you first become interested?

    N: I’ve been interested in it since my teens though in those early days I didn’t distinguish boy-love from homosexuality, not realizing there was a difference, as only scant informative literature on the theme was available until J.Z. Eglinton’s Greek Love (N.Y.: Oliver Layton) came out in 1964.

    That comprehensive work made me fully aware of the many facets of this significant subject.

    T: How old are you?

    N: I am forty-two, approximately the same age as Eglinton, by the way. We know each other. T: How many boy- lovers do you know? N: In varying degrees of acquaintance, I suppose around five hundred.

    T: Really?

    N: Oh, yes. A large number of them are the same ones George Parker Rossman has met. He’s the author of Sexual Experience Betwen Men and Boys (New York: Association Press, 1976). We know many of the same people because he used our mailing list to contact these individuals.

    T: Did Book Explorers go defunct?

    N: Yes, it was for financial reasons that it went under. There just weren’t enough BLs to support the high quality publishing projects we were involved in. I don’t know if you are familiar with any of the books we did. T: Yes, Boys Will Be Boys.

    N: Yes, and The Boy: A Photographic Essay, and Boyhood Magazine. Technically speaking, the two books were published by Book Adventures, which is the enterprise Book Explorers evolved out of. As a project of one of the offspring companies, we also published a book on boy prostitution entitled Boys for Sale, which in fact was co-authored by Rossman, then using the pen-name, Jonathan Drake. (Rossman’s contribution was largely in supplying the information for the book.) Anyway, as you probably know, Robin Lloyd has relied on this work in his own book (For Money or Love, 1976).

    T: Did any of your pictures appear in these publications?

    N: No. I’m an amateur photographer now. I had no camera experience at all at that time.

    T: I believe there is a new enterprise in New York which specializes in the boy-love theme. They published Casimir Dukahz’s second work, Vice Versa (1976).
    Page 11

    [Page 12]
    N: You are referring to the Coltsfoot Press [ 507. Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017]. They are of are offering my book as well, though they didn’t publish it. Incidentally, Dukahz and I are good friends.

    *[Coltsfoot Press bought out John Stamford’s Spartacus magazine which put in ads for Elm Guest House]

    T: Is he an American?

    N: Oh yes; he lives in the Bronx, is a bachelor .. and is busy writing still. Well, are you interested in discussing what has been going on this past year?

    T: Definitely.

    N: There certainly has been enough, and it hasn’t been all good, as everybody agrees.

    T: The repression is pretty horrifying.

    N: Yes. Let’s first take the issues. As I see it, there are two major ones involved. One of them, of course, is the ‘kid-porn’ expose, spearheaded by Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber of the Odyssey Institute in New York City. And secondly, there is the Protect America’s Children Crusade (or Save Our Children Crusade, as it used to be called), its central figure being, of course, Anita Bryant. A new group now exists in response to the times, calling itself The Interfaith Committee Against Child Molestation [P.O. Box 20, Glendale, Ca. 91209].

    It cannot be ignored, especially because its leader is the charismatic rightwing Biblical scholar, William Steuart McBirnie. This organization actually offers a ‘Community Action Kit’ which includes a copy of McBirnie’s book, The New Predators, and the group is also responsible for a distorted TV documentary on the theme. (The Interfaith Committee is also presently campaigning against commercialized blasphemy.) Anyway, these issues have had an extremely serious impact on the boy-love situation as well as homosexuality in generaL

    T: I agree.

    N: But there have been contributing factors involved as well, for example, the Oakland County [Mi.] child murders, which is very unfortunate, but these killings have resulted in lectures, TV editorials and films, as well as handbooks and McDonalds restaurant placemats, roadsigns, buttons and warnings on shirts, all designed to scare young people away from strangers.

    Naturally all this makes it difficult for any boy- lover to get to meet young people, as well as to develop any kind of positive relationship with them. Interestingly enough, the so-called trash-bag murders out in California do not seem to have had too much of an effect. Though this took place in England, another contributing factor is the PIE boomerang. PIE stands for Paedophile Information Exchange [1 Elgin Ave., London W9], which is composed of some 250 adults who are erotically interested in boys and/or girls and who, among other things, have attempted to seek the abolition of age of consent laws. However However, PIE’s efforts have been met with virulent hostility from the middle and especially lower classes, and this is also typical of the anti-pederastic attitudes here in America.

    These are some of the issues and relevant factors but equally important are the resulting harassments and arrests which, to mention a few, have included teachers, counselors, scout leaders, a priest, a millionaire and a part-time handyman who allegedly ran a ‘sex-school’ on the side. One of the teachers involved was the first unmarried adult ever to have legally adopted a youngster in the state of Michigan. Under the circumstances, this person will also be the last I fear, at least here.

    *[The people described above were with the North Fox Island Francis Shelden/Frank Torey sex ring. Frank Torey wrote for Spartacus.]

    T: Was the boy gay?

    N: I have no idea.

    T: Did you know any of these people?

    N: No, I didn’t. But in addition to these individuals who have gotten into trouble, there are the various so-called ‘sex-rings’, a term the mass media love to use. I’m only going to briefly mention them at this point. One of the most important of course, is what I shall refer here to as the Chicago group. This involved two projects.

    First, there was the BL newsletter, Hermes, and the other separate enterprise was the Delta Project, which evidently was a call-boy service. I think that the person who organized the Delta Project did have high ideals, but the newspaper reports made it sound like something quite otherwise. Rusty Wake, the editor of Hermes, and others were arrested in conjunction with the Chicago Tribune expose on child pornography the week of May 15 last year.

    T: The Ann Arbor News [May 16, 1977] said that Hermes was published from a prison.

    N: Well, the AP got the two projects confused. The error was absent in the more detailed Chicago Tribune reports. Regardless, newspapers tend to be careless in cases of this kind – they know that blatant sensationalism sells more papers than a strict adherence to the facts.
    Page 12

    [Page 13]
    T: Was Mr. Wake sent to prison?

    N: No. For practical reasons, he did plead guilty to charges of producing and distributing obscene material, and in turn was given two years’ probation and fined $500.00. I personally think he was getting a little tired of running the project anyway.

    T: What happened to the people who ran the Delta Project?

    N: I don’t know. Now, in addition to the first ‘sex-ring’ just mentioned, there are eight others of which probably the most notorious is the Boys Farm affair down in Tennessee. One Rev. Claudius Vermilye, Jr., who operated a home for from four to five troubled boys, was later convicted of having persuaded some of the youths to engage in sexual activities, which he photographed for distribution to interested adults.

    Then there’s the New Orleans Boy Scouts group which was allegedly formed specifically for sexual purposes. I doubt that very much, but that’s what the newspapers say. And right here in Michigan, there has been the Brother Paul’s Children Mission. It was a nature camp for boys which was ‘exposed’ as a front for CP [child pornography] and boy-prostitution, with charges of tax-dodging also laid against it.

    *[He’s talking about Francis Shelden/Frank Torey’s North Fox Island, Michigan sex ring, the millionaire mentioned above]

    T: Did you know any of the people involved?

    N: I didn’t know any of them. However, I had seen a brochure put out by Brother Paul’s about a year earlier. It was a 4-page description of the camp, with an application form, and which was sent to me by a correspondent. After reading the pamphlet, I was convinced this outfit was virtually inviting disaster.

    T: Why did you think that?

    N: Well, the way the brochure was worded. The place was described as a naturistic camp for boys; it implied they would be going around in the nude, things like that. So I just knew they were going to get in trouble.

    There have been other ‘rings’ which have been uncovered, such as the one in the Boston area. Here we have another situation where boys were provided for men for sexual purposes. One of the reasons I think so much attention has been paid to this scandal is that two staff members of the exclusive Fessenden School were involved. None of the students were implicated, but the affair was much publicized as the school is famous nation-wide and many noted persons have graduated from there.

    [That’s enough copying and pasting of text from me. I can’t read any more of this bile. The rest is probably just more bullshit rationalizations.]

  24. Troyhand said:

    [Links to verify above interview],+which+in+fact%22&dq=%22published+a+book+on+boy+prostitution+entitled+Boys+for+Sale,+which+in+fact%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=h1uAU6OlA_HesAT1loDgAw&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAA;+he+lives+in+the%22&dq=%22T:+Is+he+an+American?+N:+Oh+yes;+he+lives+in+the%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=iWOAU421I9PmsASmzIGgBA&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA,+but+these+killings+have+resulted+in+lectures%22&dq=Crusade+%22which+is+very+unfortunate,+but+these+killings+have+resulted+in+lectures%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=AmeAU4LcCovNsQTbz4CYBA&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA,+calling+itself+The+Interfaith%22&dq=%22exists+in+response+to+the+times,+calling+itself+The+Interfaith%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=lGeAU6evNqrIsASAzIGgBw&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA'rings'+which+have+been+uncovered,+such+as+the%22&dq=%22There+have+been+other+'rings'+which+have+been+uncovered,+such+as+the%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Hm6AU7GuEPe-sQTNmIGgCg&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA,+but+the+affair+was+much+publicized+as+the+school+is%22&dq=%22None+of+the+students+were+implicated,+but+the+affair+was+much+publicized+as+the+school+is%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=q26AU_nBBKrLsQT1soKABw&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA,+which+he+photographed+for+distribution+to+interested+adults%22&dq=%22engage+in+sexual+activities,+which+he+photographed+for+distribution+to+interested+adults%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=62yAU_PLO_S1sASdnICIBg&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA,+there+has+been+the+Brother+Paul's+Children%22&dq=%22And+right+here+in+Michigan,+there+has+been+the+Brother+Paul's+Children%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=TW2AU5qtB_LQsQTcwoD4CA&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA

  25. Troyhand said:

    When I was reading these articles, I kept seeing George Rossman’s name as George Grossman. He’s a gross man to me, so my subconscious decided to express.

    Anyway, I copied and pasted the text with the correct name at least. 🙂

  26. Troyhand said:
    ****Penn State University Archives**** – Horowitz Archive
    Letter to Mr. George Parker Rossman, February 16, 1973, page 1 of 1

    February 16, 1973

    Mr George Parker Rossman
    671 Orange Street, Apt. 10
    New Haven, Connecticut 06511

    Dear Mr. Rossman:

    Thank you for your letter of January 18. Mary S. Strong did mention that your article on “Reformatory Sex” was done for different purposes; nonetheless, its quality is such that we are happy you are considering the possibility of revising it for us for consideration in a future issue of the magazine. I am certain too, that you will be pleased to note that the advance tear sheets have just appeared for the March issue containing your piece on “The Pederasts,” and I am sending a copy in this pre-publication form for your records.

    I agree wholeheartedly that what you should do is write a book on reformatories. I can hardly imagine a more felicitous choice to do such a work. I know too that Transaction Books would be interested in its publication. The problem with ourselves is perhaps the same as with most people in the world – we are richer in ideas than we are in dollars – even the devalued dollar.

    I might be able to help you get a New York commercial publisher to cough up some money for this project. Let me speak to a few of my associates, and I will certainly get back to you or have some of the editors write to you directly. In the meantime, thanks for your materials, the seriousness with which you took up some of the questions raised in my previous letter. All of this I am turning over to Mary S. Strong, and she undoubtedly will be in touch with you concerning the status of your article and where we go from here.

    As ever,

    Irving Louis Horowitz

    cc: Mary S. Strong


  27. Troyhand said:

    In August 2006 the Historical Collections and Labor Archives (HCLA) division of the Special Collections Library of the Pennsylvania State University acquired the corporate archives of Transaction Publishers, a gift of Dr. Irving Louis Horowitz, chairman of the board of Transaction Publishers and the Hannah Arendt Distinguished University Professor (Emeritus), Department of Sociology, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

    The Penn State University Libraries, in partnership with Irving L. Horowitz / Transaction Publishers, arranged, described, preserved, and cataloged the Archives. The Archives are arranged in three series: Transaction Publishers Archives, Irving L. Horowitz Academic Papers, and C. Wright Mills – the series links above lead to more contextual information about them.

  28. Troyhand said:

    “we also published a book on boy prostitution entitled Boys for Sale, which in fact was co-authored by Rossman, then using the pen-name, ***Jonathan Drake***. (Rossman’s contribution was largely in supplying the information for the book.)”
    The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake

    The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake is a 1959 American black-and-white horror film written by Orville H. Hampton and directed by Edward L. Cahn, one of a series of films they made in the late 1950s for producer Robert E. Kent on contract for distribution by United Artists.

    It was made as a part of a package with Invisible Invaders.

    ***Jonathan Drake (Eduard Franz), a university professor specializing in the occult***, is summoned to the home of his brother, Kenneth Drake (Paul Cavanagh), when a family curse threatens Kenneth’s life. Jonathan Drake arrives too late to save his brother from a violent death and subsequent decapitation before his burial. The curse is the work of Dr. Emil Zurich (Henry Daniell), a Swiss agent who was a member of Jonathan Drake’s ancestor’s exploration party two hundred years previously. Zurich was captured, thus forcing Captain Drake to lead a rescue party into the jungle. Drake’s party massacres the tribe (save for the tribal witch doctor Zutai (Paul Wexler)), only to find that Zurich has been beheaded. Zutai is assisting the miraculously resurrected Zurich in his pursuit for revenge and supernatural destiny against Captain Drake’s male descendants. Zurich and Zutai lay their plans to murder and behead Jonathan Drake, which will end the curse on the Drake family.

    FILMLAND EVENTS: MGM Purchases New Novel of ***Chamales*** Los Angeles Times 30 Dec 1958

  29. Troyhand said:

    The International Journal of Greek Love was a scholary journal published between January 1965 and November 1966, covering literary, historical, sociological, psychological, and related studies centered around the phenomenon of Greek love, defined as the love between a man and an adolescent boy.

    Despite its small circulation, the journal managed to have a considerable impact on gay and lesbian scholarship and opened the road for other important militant or scholarly publications.

    The best researched articles are those that have been most quoted. ***Jonathan Drake’s article on boy prostitution in Turkey remains one of the most cited sources for homosexuality in this country***, while Hammond’s article on Paidikion, an anonymous 570 page pederasty manuscript ostensibly written by Kenneth Searight c. 1917, and Marion Bradley’s survey of lesbian “Greek Love”, are two other contributions that have been discussed.

  30. Troyhand said:
    Freeport Journal-Standard (Illinois) – 6 March 1943

    The Rev. George Parker Rossman, pastor of the Christian church, will preach on the sermon topic, “Signs of the Times” at 11 a. m. Sunday.

  31. Troyhand said:

    “PARKER ROSSMAN is an ordained minister for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and ***former Associate Professor of Religion in Higher Education at Yale University. He is currently a member of the Yale University chaplaincy staff and from 1966-72 was Dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center at Yale***

    President George W. Bush : Yale Graduate 1964 to 1968 [Skull and Bones]

    Secretary of State John Kerry: Yale Graduate 1962 to 1966 [Skull and Bones]

  32. Troyhand said:

    [Murun. The fact that this arrest happened in California a week after Morris Fraser’s ring was arrested in New York makes me think it’s connected.],3798302
    Beaver County Times – 14 May 1973
    Mafia Is Linked To Pornography Ring

    SANTA ANA, Calif. (UPI) – A patrolman looking for a bathroom while making his rounds wandered into a warehouse full of pornographic magazines, resulting in indictments linking the Mafia to a multimillion dollar national pornography ring.

    The story emerged Monday as authorities in New York and California began carrying out arrests of nine men indicted by the Orange County Grand Jury on charges of conspiracy to sell pornography.

    One of those taken into custody, authorities said, was Anthony Zappi, 48, son of Ettore Zappi, described by federal investigaotors as an important chieftain in ***the Mafia family of Carlo Gambino***.

    The younger Zappi was taken into custody in Nassau County, N.Y., officials said, and held for extradition.

    A major Mafia figure has been indicted but not yet arrested, official sources said.

    Seven Los Angeles and Orange county men also were indicted.

    The investigation leading to the indictments was begun when a patrolman in Los Alamitos, looking for a bathroom while making his rounds, wandered into a warehouse and discovered thousands of magazines described as hard core pornography worth $1.5 million.

    Testimony before the grand jury indicated the material was secreted there during a crackdown on pornography in neighboring Los Angeles County.

    A key witness was Arthur “Wolf” Pellon, who said he was a driver and “debt-collector” for the warehouse group, known as Suki Inc. and Pojo Inc.

    Pellon, who testified before both the local and a federal grand jury, said that because he talked he had been shot at three times recently, in New York City, Los Angeles and Albuquerque, N.M.

    He said that since the gunmen’s “aim was way off – they were shooting above my head,” he interpreted the shooting as a warning to keep quiet.

    Pellon told the grand jury he apparently also feel out of favor with his employers because it was he who suggested moving the pornography stock to Los Alamitos, where the policeman happened across it.
    Pepperdine Law Review – Volume 3
    Preying on Playgrounds: The Sexploitation of Children in Pornography and Prostitution

    [Page 814]

    Additionally, the Commission concluded that the Gambino Mafia family and other organized
    mobsters have extensive interests in child pornography enterprises. {28}

    {28}: TIME, Youth for Sale on the Streets, Nov. 28, 1977, at 23 (hereinafter cited as Youth for Sale).
    Gambino Family

    Florida Representatives
    Capiregime (Captains)

    Born on the 4th of July in 1904, Ettore ‘Terry’ Zappi was a close cousin to don Carlo Gambino. Zappi came up through the ranks with Gambino and was duly rewarded a crew of his own when cousin Carlo became boss of the syndicate in 1957.

    Zappi dabbled in the mainstays of cosa nostra, loansharking and bookmaking, but was best remembered for his role in crime family’s pornography racket. Facilitators of peep shows, porn films and strip joints found few financial backers. Zappi and Co. were happy to provide.
    Long Beach Independent – 26 July 1973
    Smut case publisher arraigned

    A publishing company accused of printing pornographic magazines, and five of its employees were arraigned Wednesday in Santa Ana Superior Court on 50 felony counts charged by the Orange County Grand Jury.

    Three other men, including a reputed Mafia figure, were not present for the arraignment before Judge James Walsworth, who ordered them to appear Monday.

    The court said it will rule Monday on motions to suppress evidence, and to strike some of the multiple charges set out by the grand jury in its indictment, the third true bill returned since police seized scores of sex oriented magazines in a Los Alamitos warehouse March 2.

    The court told the defendants and their counsel to be ready for trial Monday. Accused were: Suki Inc., Thomas Sinopoli of Los Angeles, its president; William Bittner, also known as William “Willie” Haimowitz, of Los Angeles, its vice president; Samuel Haimowitz of Los Angeles, secretary-treasurer of the firm; Ronald Foreman of Studio City; and James Butler of San Fernando, both distributors.

    Ettore Zappi, 68, an alleged Mafia figure, residing at Massappequa, Long Island, N.Y., said to be a confidant and neighbor of Mafia kingpin Carlos Gambino, was not present in the court although he had been named in the new indictment. His son, Anthony Zappi, and Peter Sinopoli of Los Angeles, also were absent.

    Their arraignments were considered to have been held Wednesday in absentia, and their counsel told the court that they would be ready for trial Monday.

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